January 2020 

Published: Jan 30, 2020

Infrastructure Of Sivagangai Palace


Impact Of Professional Development Programmes On Teachers-A Study In And Around Mangalore

6-19 Sajan M

The Interface Between Professional Ethics And Reality Of The Cases: The Politics Of Domestic Violence Cases And The Style Of Functioning Of The Courts In The D.K. District

20-28 Sudha U, Rajaram Tolpady

The Emerging Trends of Juvenile Delinquency in India

29-35 Sandeep Kumar

A Study on the Role of Film Language in Media Literacy for Digital Natives

36-46 Subramanian N

Analysis of Alpha Thalassemia of Baiga tribe’s population by using PCR technique.

47-51 Mamta Saha, Neelam Tripathi , Prabhakar Bhandari

Historical Background and Socio-Cultural Aspects of Gujjar Community in Jammu and Kashmir: A Case Study.

52-63 Mohd Abdullah, Yasar Mehmood, Nazir Hussain

An Implementation of The Information -Adjusted Noise Model To The Indian Stock Market

64-72 Ms. Savita, Suresh Kumar Dhameja

A Growth Approach for Infrastructure Financing In India over Time Period

73-78 Gayathry Devi S , Reshmi R Prasad

Innovative Financial Products And Financial Inclusion

79-88 Ananduraj, R. Vasanthagopal

Exchange Traded Funds – Investment Opportunities and Sourcing Potential

89-97 Siva prasad R, Gabriel Simon Thattil

On A New Class Of Nano Generalized Closed Sets In Nano Topology

98-104 P. Anbarasi Rodrigo, I. Sahaya Dani

Management of Human Resources in Education

122-135 Nand Kishore Sharma

A Study Of Trends Of Complaints With Special Reference To Dehradun Banking Ombudsman

136-143 Trilochan Bhatt , C S Joshi

A Comparative Study On Springate And Zmijewski Bankruptcy Models In Selected Public Sector Units In India

144-154 Chintan Chavda , Yagnesh M. Dalvadi

Representation and Spectatorship: A Socio-Cultural Analysis of the Visual Narratives at Sāñcī Stupas

155-171 SHIVANEE

Global Governance, Globalisation and Immigration: Mapping Citizenship.


Effect of Diversification on Financial Performance of Selected Commercial Banks in India

186-204 Babita Lahkar

Again(-st) Interpreting Anita Desai’s In Custody

205-212 Dr. Kirtikumar Vitthani

Impact of Globalization on Indian Tribal Art and Culture: A Study of Shifting Paradigms in Tribal cultural Traditions and Practices

213-222 Oliva Roy

Comparison of Student Teachers’ Perception of Institutional Climate in Government and Private Teacher Education Institutions

223-233 Ishrat Naaz

Review on Code Generator with statistical Models

234-237 Ravinder Singh Gandhi, Tarun Kumar, Tushar Singhal, Vishal Migalani, Maya B S

Agricultural Efficiency Of Aurangabad District (1999-00 TO 2009-10)

238-241 Sandeep R. Pathrikar

Comparative analysis of NPA and Stock Performance of selected Public & Private Sector banks in India

242-254 Dr. Avadhoot Pol, Urmila Nikam

Hrm Practices As A Predictor Of The Performance Of Employees With Special Reference To Commercial Banks In The Kerala.

255-266 Renjith.K.P, Dr. Siby Zacharias

Study Of Teacher’s Values And Self-Concept On Teaching Competency Of High School Teachers: With Special Emphasis To Balaghat District, Madhyapradesh

267-281 Bhuvneshvri Thakre, Dr. Maumita Sengupta

Evaluation and Formulation of Floating Microspheres of Metronidazole Solid Dispersion

282-289 Dr. Sandip R Pawar , Dr Md Rageeb Md Usman, Dr. Bharat V.Jain

Evaluation and Formulation of Floating Microspheres of Clarithromycin Solid Dispersion

290-298 Dr. Sandip R Pawar , Dr. Bharat V.Jain, Mr Tanvir Y Shaikh

Evaluation and Formulation of Floating Microspheres of Lansoprazole Solid Dispersion

299-306 Dr. Sandip R Pawar , Dr. Bharat V.Jain, Dr. Md Rageeb Md Usman

Impact Of Literacy On Women To Enhance Their Socio And Economic Boundaries In Reference Of Meerut

307-317 Dr. Nagendra Kumar

A Journey Of Administrative Reforms In India: An Historical Perspective

318-333 Dr. Sultan Singh

A comparative study on Online Stores turnover and Retailers turnover with special reference to Electronic Gadgets in India

334-338 Dr. K. L. Rathi

A Study On Relationship Between Profile Characteristics And Training Needs Of Turmeric Growers

339-342 Shanmugaraja.P, V. Prabhudoss , M.Samuthra, S.Dineshkumar, S.Jawahar, T.Balakrishnan

Climate and Agriculture- Recent Trends and Challenges for Sustainability

343-351 Bandna Ranga

“Clean India Mission -Past, Present and Future”

352-358 Dr. Sanjeev.C.Shirpurkar

Efficacy Of Public Distribution System And Its Eminence In Sothern Districsts Of Tamil Nadu

359-368 kristujayanti

Comparative Study Of Contractual And Regular Primary Teachers For Their Emotional Maturity, Social Maturity And Professional Commitment Level

369-374 Renu Rani , Dr. Anu Balhara

Effect of Diversification on Financial Performance of Selected Commercial Banks in India

375-393 Babita Lahkar, Ratan Borman

Spillover Effect Hypothesis: An Investigation Of Information Technology Sector Stocks During The Satyam Scam Outbreak


Digital Payments: A Study On Post Demonetization Period

413-422 Dr. JOJOMON N A

Assessing Social and Emotional Competencies: A cross-cultural study of

423-434 Dr. Sukhminder Kaur, Thomas Ayana, Harmilan Kaur

A Study of Emotional Intelligence among Secondary-School-Teachers in relation to their Stress with reference to Category

435-446 Dr. Shiv Kumar Bhardwaj , Dr. Ambika Bhatt

A Comparative Study Between Mice Tourism Vs Luxry Tourism

447-454 Mrs. Archana Jain, Dr. Lokeshver Singh Jodhana

An Overview Paper On Real Estate As A Business

455-461 Dhaval Mukesh Lapasia, Dr. SR Kelkar

Comparative analysis of NPA and Stock Performance of selected Public & Private Sector banks in India

462-473 Dr. Avadhoot Pol, Urmila Nikam

A Survey on Insights of Big data Analytics in Healthcare Applications

474-483 P.S.Vijayalakshmi, Dr. Jaya kumar

The Influence Of Demographic Factors Indetermining Retail Investors’ Activity During Bonus Share Issues

484-494 Mishel Elizabeth Jacob