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Role of education and especially female training in the advancement procedure is all around recorded. Financial experts of the old style time frame have additionally featured this affiliation, which is comparably reconfirmed right now. Other than the social and monetary advantages of training, female education is viewed as a wager in improving the wellbeing and essential kid care. Higher proficiency rates show lower neediness proportions among various pieces of the world. India has likewise indicated a gigantic increment in its proficiency rates since freedom; however it also holds the biggest convergence of destitute individuals on the planet. Expanding proficiency is viewed as a harbinger for financial improvement. This has been hypothesized to be tried through the instance of India. Locale level examination of female education and its spatial correspondence with resource less populace of India in 2011 is learned. The current paper endeavors to decide the spatial examples of female literacy rate and economic development in India. Higher female proficiency rate regions are noted for lower extents of poor populaces

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