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An institution or school climate has been demarcated as the "feel of an institution” or its “collective personality”. As one moves from institution to institution, it is interesting to note that one institution does feel different from another, which is chiefly the outcome of an institution climate. Researches suggest that the climate perceptions are accompanied with an assortment of imperative outcomes at the individual, group and institutional levels. The institutional environment or climate, therefore, is an important aspect of education. It contributes to the satisfaction of the pupil’s needs, the development of their attitude and to the quality of learning that takes place. Teacher educators under the supervision of their principal or head impart education to student-teachers in Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs). So, the teacher- educators, principal and student-teachers are responsible for creating the educational climate. The present study was carried out with the objectives of exploring perceptions of student-teachers pertaining to their institutional climate in government and private Teacher Education Institutions of Delhi and NCR. Descriptive survey method was being adopted for this study exclusively for the student-teachers in four each government (A, B, C, & D) and private (E, F, G & H) selected TEIs of Delhi and NCR region. Total Sample of 400 student-teachers was drawn using random sampling technique. Teacher Education Institution Climate Scale (TEICS) was constructed and standardized by the researcher was used. Overall mean scores of student-teachers in government and private TEIs on composite scale are 164.28 and 163.85 respectively infer to have moderate positive perception towards their institutional climate being found in their TEIs.

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