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The study of human resource management practices has been a vital area in administration and organizational performance from the last several years. Human resource management is associated with all fields relevant to managerial tasks and skills e.g. staff selecting, appraisal performance/promotion opportunity, work security which is helpful to enhance employees’ capacity. Human resource management carries out important activities for the productive success of the countries. The researcher is examining how HRM Practices affect performance of the employees. Performance is nothing but an effort exhibited in order to achieve the desired goal or output. The best performance is the right mixture of one’s own potential, skills, knowledge, and expertise but sometimes it is negatively affected by certain other factors also. Right HRM Practices can attempt to make changes in the performance level of the employees. Though HRM Practices have been attracting a great deal of attention among practitioners and academic researchers. Studies in the area of HRM Practices and Performance of the Employee’s is still in an immature state. This study aims to understand the influence of HRM Practices to predict performance of the employees with special reference to selected commercial bank employees in Kerala. The questionnaire-based survey technique was used for the study and the responses were collected from 350 bank officers. The validated and purified scale items were analysed using confirmatory factor analysis, correlation and regression analysis. It was found that the right HRM Practices have the ability to predict the presence of improved performance of the employees. The Performance of the employees is significantly affected by the presence of the right HRM Practices and a better performance can be achieved with the enhanced HRM Practices.

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