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Training endeavours to build up the identity of an individual and after that sets him up for enrolment in a general public. Training is the change of conduct of a person for a solid social alteration in a general public. Instructor assumes an indispensable part in spreading training and working up a sound society. He likewise assumes essential part in the subjective, scholarly, enthusiastic and social advancement of youngsters. The educator manages understudies to learn reaction for particular movement and to fortify his regular fulfilment. Educators stress may affect instructors as people, on the schools in which they work and on the understudies they instruct. The present study is trying to assess the stress among secondary school teachers (educators) in relation to their emotional intelligence with reference to their category i.e. general and reserved category. The study was done on the sample of 200 secondary school teachers of Pauri Garhwal selected through random sampling technique. The data on stress and emotional intelligence was collected by using Teacher stress scale developed by Dr. Karuna Shankar Mishra & Poonam and Emotional Intelligence Inventory developed by S.K. Mangal respectively.  The major finding reveals that significant difference in Emotional intelligence between reserved category and General Category secondary school teachers and the same about stress of the secondary school teachers. Further it was also found that there is a significant impact of emotional intelligence on the stress of the secondary school teachers. So the study definitely concludes that emotional intelligence is an important factor to manage stress in the teachers and hence their teaching-learning practices in their work field.  

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