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This paper has focus in various aspects of Management of Human Resources in education. HRM is concerned with the human being in an institution. “The Management of Man” is a very important and challenging job because of the dynamics nature of the people. No two people are similar in mental abilities, tacticians, sentiments, and behaviours; they differ widely also as a group and are subject to many varied influences. HRM is very important in Education Sector because it is a component of Knowledge. It is a way to capable to do job and responsibilities assigned to become competent person. Continuous changes in technology, social and psychological understanding and structures have influence on both Human Resources and their Management. HRM is a management function that helps Institute’s Educational Administrator (Principal) to Recruit, Select, train and development of Faculty Members, Teachers and Staff for an institution. HRM is concerned with the people’s dimension in Educational institutions. Human Resource Management in education has effective changes in recent years. With the onset of Globalization and technology, the dynamics within the school and its expectations are rapidly changing. The varying needs of the schools include Developing and implanting differentiated professional development programmes for Teachers & Staff, Hiring and retaining qualified Teachers. The aim of this paper is to identify recent trends in Human Resource development in Education Sector and to review existing research with regard to these recent trends. As a result the following trends are identified: Decentralization and its impact, Staff Expectations, Changing Skill Requirements.

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