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The idea of global governance is a process of cooperative leadership that brings together national governments, multilateral public agencies, and civil society to achieve commonly accepted goals. It provides strategic direction and then marshals collective energies to address global challenges (James Boughton & Colin Bradford, 2007)[i]. Globalisation has aggregated the pace of human learning and trying to reach its apex possible. Every geographical area, its culture, society, economy and political structure has created uniqueness of its kind which in turn is different from humans of other geographic regions. This uniqueness of its kind required for the highly developed societies of the modern world. Today, fast communications technology, internet and travelling capacity of humans have changed to such an extent that the whole world has become a tiny place to go around. It has affected migration all over the world and few places became the hub of such multi-diversified culture. Therefore this article aspires to look Immigration about Citizenship which is becoming the most sought after thing in this globalised world and no multilateral agreement exist on this at the level of Global Governance. It also tries to look the Localism v/s globalism which is standing in front of each other and creating latent conflict which is bringing discrimination of various types to citizens which have never been on a global level.


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