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The tradition of cleanliness has been the foundation of our culture since ancient times. Although cleanliness is a individual element but its widespread impact can be seen on society and nation. . It is responsibility of the present generation to Providing clean, beautiful and pleasant environment to the future generation. Environmental protection, clean and healthy society with a view to creating strong nation building and long- term changes in individual and collective behavior - Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is representing the people’s aspirations today. Under this mission,the target was  to declare the entire India as open defection free by 2 oct. 2019. Under these target total 10,28,67,271 toilets were constructed, 706 districts and 603175 villages declared open defection free by 2018-19. Similarly, we succeed in bringing 63.3% rural population of 36 states and UTs under this ambit. From 2 oct 2019, programs like Jal Shakti Abhiyan (J.S.A) and ban on the use of single-use plastic have been added to this mission. This mission is paving the way for system change for the present generation and systemic protection for future generation. In short, we can say that this mission has become a symbol of change in political culture, administrative culture, work culture, thought culture, that is, mass and elite culture.

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