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21st century’s environment is highly influenced by deliberated visuals through digital media. Film has become one of the core contents, as an entertainment filler of electronic and new media. Since it constitutes of the younger people, as a high part of the film-going audience, film has been proliferating through new media to younger people who are celebrated as ‘Digital Natives’. Film encompasses ideological visual devices by the construction of the ‘Film language’. The digital natives are often exposed to the powerful ideological visuals. Media literacy is essential to interpret the ideological visuals. The awareness of the ‘Film language’ paves the way to the Media literacy on films. The selected film for research is ‘ELIPATHAAYAM’ directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan. This study focuses to explore the need of Media literacy on ‘Film language’ for the ‘digital natives’. Teachers can disseminate the awareness of ‘Film language’ to the digital natives to be a Media literate in the digital environment.

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