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“Teaching is the only profession which teaches other profession”, so it is the core profession which plays a vital role in the society. A country will develop only when educated, competitive and skilful manpower is supplied to the market. If it fails then it’s a failure of the country as well. Because, though a country is resourceful if manpower failed to utilise it, then its failure of it’s more important that the type of manpower is supplied to the market every year. There plays an important role of the teacher. Because they are the one who teach, correct, or mould the behaviour of young manpower. So it is a responsible profession. Teacher should understand the requirement of the country and make his/her students a competitive, skilful and responsible citizen. If it has to be happening, then a teacher must itself a competitive, skilful, flexible and up to date. It is possible only when a teacher adopt professional development. So this paper is all about the impact of professional development programme on teachers and attitude of teacher towards professional development programmes.

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