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The study is conducted to assess social-emotional competence among the Indian and Ethiopian undergraduates, and explore if cross-cultural difference in social-competence exists between the two countries. A total of 400 (200 each) participants, with equal number of 100 for male and female were selected through multi-stage sampling procedure from Punjabi University (India), and Wollega University and Ambo University (Ethiopia). The participants were tested with Social Skills Inventory (SSI: Riggio & Carney, 2003), which consists of two super-dimensions, i.e. emotional intelligence and social intelligence each having three sub-dimensions: emotional expressivity, emotional sensitivity, emotional control, and social expressivity, social sensitivity and social control respectively. Significant mean differences in social-emotional competence were observed between the Indian sample and Ethiopian sample, and male and female samples of the two countries. The Indian sample was greater in Social-emotional competence than the Ethiopian sample. Similarly, male and female participants from the Indian sample were greater in social-emotional skill than that of the Ethiopian sample, except for emotional sensitivity with the female participants, where the mean difference was non-significant. Further explorations are recommended to consolidate or refute the result of the present study.

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