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Vol. 67 No. 9 (2019): GRCF Dubai International Conference on “Sustainability and Innovation in Higher Education, Engineering Technology, Science, Management and Humanities”

Name of Conference:

GRCF Dubai International Conference on Sustainability And Innovation in Higher Education, Engineering Technology, Science, Management and Humanities

Theme: Sustainable Business Growth, Challenges, Measures and Solutions in Global Scenario

Organized by: Global Research Conference Forum, Pune, India

Held on: 23 and 24 November 2019

Venue :
Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St, Opp Burjuman Center, Bur Dubai (UAE). 

Our Principal Academic Partners:

D Y Patil Institute of Management. & Entrepreneur Development,

Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune

Editorial Board Members:

  1. Dr. Prakash Divakaran    (MBA, M.Phil, PhD)
  2. Dr. Prakash Karmadkar   (MMS, PhD)
  3. Dr. Ratikanta Ray   (MBA, MCom, LLB, M.Phil, PhD)
  4. Prof. N.P Gandhi   (Msc, MSW, PGPM, Mps, Mphil)

Month of Publication:  December 2019

Published: Dec 20, 2019

Leveraging Management And Scalable E Solutions On Water Resources To Build Sustainable Growth In India.

1-7 Aashima Franklin

Decentralized Block Chain Data Storage Using Artificial Intelligence

8-13 Ajit Karunakaran, Prakash Divakaran

Significance Of Micro-Finance In Enhancement Of Rural Women Empowerment By Initiating Retail Hub

14-22 Anita G. Kadapatti

Formulating And Analysis Of Mathematical Modeling In Intracellular Signaling Pathways.

23-30 Antony P.V,

Alpha Analysis Of Cloud Security Enhancement Using Machine Learning Approach

31-37 Archana Panda, . Syed Umar

A Study On Investors Perception Towards The Stock Market Investment In India With Reference To Private Sector Salaried Employees In Pune City.

38-50 R. M. Indi , Ratikanata Ray

Status Of Women: An Analyses On Factors Affecting Status Of Women At Domestic Level

51-62 Ziya. A. Pathan

Study of Product Costing through FACTON Software in Automotive Industry

63-75 Prakash H. Karmadkar, Gautam k Bengale

Critical Study on Contemporary Challenges and Opportunities of Retail Banking in Context of Digitalization.

76-85 GizlaMakhija, Prakash Divakaran

“Implementation of cloud computing for institutions upgradation.”

86-91 Harsha Yogesh Khadke

Quality Of Services Analysis Of Cognitive Radio Spectrum Sensing For Moderate Network Nodes

92-99 Sharanabasava Inamadar,, Jadhavar Bhagawan Rajaram

Cognitive Radio Spectrum Sensing Using Machine Learning Approach


Critical Analysis Of Sustainable Healthcare System In India

108-119 Vidya Rajvardhan Indi

Perception of Differences between Traditional and Electronic Word of Mouth: Case of Czechia

120-129 Ing. Dušan Mladenović , Ing. Anida Krajina

Emerging Islamic Banking: Need and Scope in India

130-133 J. S. Kolhe

Pivotal Role Of Health Insurance In Indian Economy


Alarming Condition Of Water Pollution And Water Scarcity-Need Of Water Treatment Framework

137-145 Khadke Yogesh Padmakar, Prakash Divakaran

"A study of farmer suicide in Maharashtra problems and Measures

146-156 Lalita Babulal Malusare

“A study of Problem and Prospect of Paperless technology in Indian banking Industry”

157-165 Malusare Lalita Babulal

To Evaluate ERP Strategic Modeling For Implementation Of Effective Automation In Production Planning

166-174 Jain Manoj Dhirendra, Prakash Hemraj Karmadkar

Development Of New Alpha-Swot Analysis Framework With Consideration Of Swot And Value Chain For Sustainable Strategic Organizational Reform

175-181 Mathew Antony, .PrakashDivakaran, Prakash Hemraj Karmadkar

Portfolio Analysis Of Banking Sectors – Investment Scenario


Development Of Security Strategy For Cyber Security Enhancement With Svm Approach

190-195 N. LINGAREDDY, Syed Umer

A Study Of Quality Management In Indian Schools To Discourage Private Coaching Among Students

196-202 Neeta Srivastava, PrakashDivakaran

Role Of Indian Cyber Law And Mitigation Of Cyber Security Hacks

203-207 Nilesh Tulshiram Gole, Syed Umar

Do You Have The Skills To Manage Your Enterprise?

208-217 P. K. Joy, PrakashDivakaran

“Challenges And Apportunities Of Organisational Beheviour Before Leaders”

218-223 Pawan Kumar Poddar,, Shristy Poddar

Significance Portrait Of Value Chain For Petroleum Industry And Need Of New Channel Discovery

224-230 Pappu Damodaram, Prakash Divakaran

Study On Changing Consumer Buying Behaviour Towards Branded Retail Outlets

231-238 Penney.M.A,

A Study On Management Institutes Digital Marketing Strategy And Its Impact On Students Behaviour


Empirical Evaluation Of E-Banking Security To Curtail Down Cyber Crime Issues

245-252 Pravin Kulurkar, Syed Umar

The Impact Quality Revolution In Business Management Education India

253-259 Prakash H. Karmadkar, Priti Ramesh Burhade

Impact Of Online Selling On Pharmaceuticals Marketing In India

260-266 Prakash Hemraj Karmadkar, Suhas Uttam Gawas

Need Of Infrastructure Supply Chain Management For Sustainable Construction Practices

267-273 Thanneeru V K KoteswaraBabu, Prakash Divakaran

A Study on 21st Century Education: Challenges and Opportunity

274-282 Benu Prasad Sitaula

Identification of Factors and Purposed for Yoga and Meditation for Enhancement in Quality of Social Life

283-291 Chandrika. P. R, Jay Kiran

Concern of food safety in disaster management

292-298 Rupesh Bhavsar

Sustainable Learning in Higher Education. Developing Competencies for the Global Market Place.

299-308 Vijayalaxmi M Tirlapur

E-Commerce and Marketing strategies in Vidarbha Region

1613-1621 Joshi Abhijit Chandrashekhar

E-Commerce v/s Traditional Business: - A Review, Its Issues and Challenges

1895-1901 Miss Harsha N. Gangavane
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