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The present research paper covers the behavior model for organizational efficiency, challenges and opportunities of organizational behavior.

Organisation have been setup to fulfill needs of the people. In todays competitive world, the organization have to be growth oriented This  is possible when productivity is absentee is am  and turnover has a negative impact on productivity. Employee who absents frequently cannot contribute towards productivity and growth of the organization. In the same manner ,employee turnover causes increase cost of production. Job satisfaction is a major factor to analyse performance of an individual towards his work. Satisfied workers are productive workers who contribute towards building an appropriate work culture in an organization. Organisations are composed of number of individuals working independently and collectively in teams, and number of such teams makes a department and number of such departments make an organization. It is a formal structure and all departments have to function in a coordinate manner to achieve the organizational objective. It is therefore important for all employees to process a positive attitude towards work. They need to function in congenial atmosphere and accompli she assigned goals. It is also important for managers to develop an appropriate work culture. Use of authority, delegation of certain powers to subordinates, division of labour, efficient communication, benchmarking, re-engineering, job re-design and empowerment are some of the important factors so that an organization can function as well-oiled machine. This is not only applicable to manufacturing organizations but also to service social and educational.

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