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India is fastest growing market for E- Commerce and M-Commerce business all over the world. With its growing internet users and being at the second position after China, for internets users in world, E-commerce and M-Commerce business and allied services are rapidly increasing. With its increase mobile users, the country is witnessing rapid growth of online sales for all household and domestic products. Similarly, buying drugs/medicines online is the latest trend amongst the Indian patients and consumers. With this increasing trend of buying medicines online, number of online pharmacies also increase. Today’s generation turns to internet and social media for almost everything in their lives, health topics would be no surprise. However, there are certain trends which are acting as driving force to make Digital Marketing for Pharma companies a must-have. With these current trends, many of the pharmaceuticals companies are using social media as a platform to connect digitally with the consumers. Many of them are using twitter, Facebook to connect with the consumers directly and many of them are using YouTube to create awareness about the pharma products.

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