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In a global scenario Banking System fully converted in to the Digitalization and to make the possible transaction with the Glob it is necessary to became digital in Indian Banking industry. The Digitalization starts from 1985 in Indian banking sector using recommendation of the Dr. C. Rangarajan Committee. From the last decade Digitalization and use of Computer system in banking services has been increased and private sector as well as public sector banks are now using digital and paperless banking system to serve the services to the customer.  In other hand the customer should also aware about the digitalization and paperless services to make effective utilization of services. Indian Digital literacy rate is very low therefore some problems are found about the implementation of the digitalization and paperless tools of banks. The purpose of the research is to know the problem regarding the paperless banking and Digital banking system and measures the problems in India. The research paper is based on Secondary Data as well as discussion has been made to know the problems regarding the paperless services.

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