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The article makes a humble endeavor in finding out the utilitarian parts of Panchayati Raj Institutions, particularly in the outcome of the 73rd Constitutional Amendment. After a short survey of the historical backdrop of nearby self-government in the pre-and post-Independence India, an endeavor is made to make sense of the present arrangement of the panchayat administration in India. The operational parts of the three-level structure of panchayats are carried out alongside the obstacles that hamper their viable working. Criticisms from over the territory of Karnataka have been contemplated while proposing the restorative measures. Negligible recognizable proof of the elements of panchayats doesn't infer anything significant without the viable back-up of money related decentralization. The strength of upper stations still drifts over and is a danger to the comprehensive cooperation of denied areas of the general public. There is no uncertainty that to set up" great administration" in a nation, decentralization of intensity is a ground-breaking weapon 

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