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Published: Jan 2, 2020

Managerial Prerequisites Of Regional Rural Banks In India To Identify And Utilize Different Influential Inputs By Pursuing The Best Practiced Resource Regenerating Process.

1-9 Sujit Das

Youth Civic Engagement and Poverty Reduction – A Psychoanalytical Study

10-21 Vilas Balgaonkar

Perception on Field Work Practicum among the Post Graduate Students at North Karnataka

22-30 Naveenkumar G Tippa , Sangeetha R Mane

Sir Siddappa Kambli A Multifaceted Personality

31-37 Ramesh Kamble , Dhavaleshwar C U

Mediating Heritage Notes on History and Photographic Spaces of Travancore

38-51 Sujith Kumar Parayil

A study to assess the effect of planned teaching on knowledge and practice of primary school teachers regarding the prevention of varicose veins in selected schools in Mumbai.

52-57 Shobha Gaikwad

A transformation of women’s clothing from the Medieval to the Modern era-The corsets

58-60 Roweena Belinda

Comparative Study of Aquatic Micro Flora of Upper Lake and Shahpura Lake, Bhopal

61-66 Sandeep Carpenter

Location, Identity and Culture in Manto’s Short Stories

67-73 S.S. Vaidwan , Ajay Kumar Jangir

Impact of Automation & Robotization on Productivity of Textile Industry in Punjab

74-85 Tajinder Singh Bedi, Jyotsana Khandelwal

Unfolding the invisible issues in the plays of Mahesh Dattani: An analysis

86-90 Riyaz. Mohammad, P Krishna Teja

Application of sericulture waste by the farmers to ameliorate crop yield

91-95 S.V. Ghonmode

Resistance and Reconstruction in Buchi Emecheta’s Second Class Citizen

96-101 P. Eswaran, Dr. P. Santhi

Resistance and Reconstruction in Buchi Emecheta’s Second Class Citizen

102-108 P. Eswaran, P. Santhi

Voice of the Voiceless: A Revelation in Anita Diamant’s The Red Tent

109-113 S.Fransta Darshana , Alby Grace

Adaptive Cost-Sensitive Online Gradient Descent (ACOG) with Swallow Swarm Optimization (SSO) for Online Classification

114-123 N. Kamalraj

Blood Sample Segmentation for Malaria Parasite Extraction

124-127 Gaurav Phulwari, Mithilesh Kumar Singh , Isha Swalaka, Rajesh Kumar Bathija

Function of DBMS in sustaining Information Technology in Education Sector

128-133 Tejas H. Thakkar , Mehul S. Patel

Protection of Software- Patent or Copyright?

134-143 Sourabh Batar, Radhey Shyam Jha, Nidhi Tyagi, Vipin Jain, Abhinav Chaudhary

A Study on the Role of Social Media in Attracting Customers

144-160 Jeet Singh

The Role Of Personal Competencies To Reinforce Emotional Intelligence: An Empirical Study

161-172 Meera Jyothirmai K, Satish Kumar R, Sowdamini T

Indigenous People of Niyamgiri and Foucault’s Heterotopia

173-180 Shruti Das

Study of Academic Stress In Relation To Self Confidence of College Students

181-188 Charanjit Kaur

Etymology of the Term Textile Industry Language As A Means Of Specialties

189-193 Dildora Yuldasheva Maxmudjanovna

Cross-cultural predicament in the age of globalization: Bharati Mukherjee’s concept of diaspora

194-198 Rajib Bhaumik

Entrepreneurship in the Internet Era: How should Classroom Assessment Support Entrepreneurial Education in Schools

199-208 Prasoon C. P, Vasumathi T

Key Areas of Cooperation in Indo-Iran Relations after Cold War Period

209-215 Deepak Kumar

Review of English Language Teaching In India-A Study.

216-220 Shafia Saleem , Muzafar Ahmad Pandit

Impact of Family Planning Programme in Kurunthencode Block of Kanyakumari District

221-227 C. Mathimitha, M. Thirumathi, A. Asok

A Study on Influence of compensation packages on employees’ performance and retention with reference to private sectors in Hyderabad city

228-234 Srikrishna Gade , Lavanya. K

Role of Management Education in Supporting Sustainable Development Goals: Case Based Research

235-250 Renu Bhargava

Perception about Actuaries and their profession in Indian Insurance Sector - A Study

251-262 Raghavendra KS, Dr. Bheemanagouda

An Appraisal to the Foreign Direct Investment in Insurance Sector in India- A Legal Study

263-273 Bhupen Saikia

Economic and Social Disturbance in China: Causes and Effects

274-277 Raghuveer Singh

Economic Viability of Cotton Crops in India

278-280 Raghuveer Singh

Changes in Women’s Status: A Sociological Study Of Rural Haryana

281-286 Mr Vimlesh

Impact of Education and Women’s Employment on Changing Socio-Economic Status of Women: A Sociological Study of Rural Haryana

287-292 Mr Vimlesh

Role of Youth Dormitory with Special Reference to Dhumkuria: A Social Institution and Cultural Heritage of Oraon Tribe

293-299 Nisha Kumari , Abhishek Kumar

Exploring Folklore of Karbi Tribe in Northeast India

300-314 Anjana Engtipi, Vulli Dhanaraju

Quality Of Life of College Youths in Chhattisgarh Plain

315-322 Anuradha Guha Thakurata

Do the Machines Understand Real Human Emotions: A Theoretical Perspective?

323-335 J. Latha , R. Shenbagavalli

Concept and Factors that Effect on Rural vs. Urban Online Shopping

336-345 Manisha Dalal , Sapna Bansal

Gender Inequality and Domestic Violence: Related Laws and Policies

346-372 Ms. Anju

Agricultural Information Needs of Farmer: A Study with Special Reference to Selected Villages of Darrang District, Assam

373-379 Pranjal Deka

Defining Cultural Others: Construction of ‘Hindoo’ In British India

380-387 P. S. Manoj Kumar

Women in Prostitution and Socio-economic acceptability in India: A case study of Aligarh

388-400 Waseem Ahmed

Traditional health care practices including the use of local herbal medicines During Antenatal, Natal and Postnatal periods in Kashmir

401-405 Rumaisa Nabi , Mohd kamil

Oral Tradition and Oral Source to the Reconstruction of History of the Bodos

406-416 Oinam Ranjit Singh , Bidintha Narzary

Adaption of the Myth of Yayati: A Study of Girish Karnad’s Yayati (2008)

417-421 Sharad Khanderao Binnor

A Study on Customers’ Satisfaction Level of Mobile Network Users in Thanjavur District

422-426 M. Palani

Teaching Effectiveness of Elementary Teacher Educators Working In Govt. And Private Institution” A Comparative Study

427-447 Vivek Nath Tripathi , Vinesh Lata

Pedagogic Strategies for Improving the Speaking Skills of Learners of English from a CLT Perspective

Acquiring adequate proficiency in the spoken language is perceived as a significant achievement by most learners of English as a second language while it also remains the most formidable challenge for the learners. Hence teaching speaking demands special Cherian John

Redefining The Women’s Safety Initiatives

456-462 J. L. Kalyan, Manjugouda R Patil , Rinkle Blemita Lobo, Ruma U Kulkarni , Komal Sangal , Spoorti Patil

Judicial Approach Towards Resolution of Disputes Under The Industrial Disputes Act, 1947

463-474 Manjeet Kaur

Swachh bharat Abhiyan and it’s impact, A Socio -Political Study in India

475-479 Monika Mili

Brics: A New Global Power in the International Order

480-488 C.Vijiya kumar

A Study on Educational Status and School Related Abilities in Model High School, Osmania University, Hyderabad

489-499 G Durgesham , M. Kamraju

Customers Perception Of Mobile Banking Threat And Security Issues

500-509 Gayathri. S , Buvaneswari. PS

Social Media and its Role in Knowledge Sharing among Employees at Workplace

510-518 Savita Saini , Shivinder Phoolka

Historical Perspective of Modern Indian Story in English

519-524 V.G. Sadh

Customer Satisfaction towards Banking Services In Rural Areas of Karimnagar District- A Study on Selected Banks

525-534 Ramnaresh Molguri , Aravind Sarawat


534-545 Ramnaresh Molguri , Aravind Sarawat

A Research Paper On “Key Trends in Disruptions in Logistics Industry in India”

546-553 Mahesh Uday Mangaonkar

Leftist-Socialist Stance in Nayantara Sahgal’s Novel A Situation in New Delhi

554-563 Anzar Ahmed

A Historical Study of Women in India

564-578 Ugresh Kumar

Impact and Challenges of Social Exclusion on Kembattis of Coorg

579-593 Sunil. K

Status of Women in India Need for Sustainable Development

594-602 Basavaraj R.Bagade , Prakash S.Kattimani

Brand Management: - A tool for companies progress

603-613 Prerna Tikku , Kirti Prashar

Overview of online learning

614-621 Avantika Gupta, Somnath Maji

A Metaphysical Journey of LeRoi Jones to Amiri Baraka Mehraj-Ud-Din Rah

622-632 Mehraj Ud Din Rah , Sanjana Kumari

Problems of Primary Education in Manipur

633-640 SK. Jacinta , Rajkumar Suresh

"Effect of Parental Encouragement, Teaching Effectiveness and Self - Efficacy on Educational Aspirations of Government and Private Schools' Adolescents"

641-651 Shubhra Chaturvedi , Ms. Anshul

Quality Higher Education and Sustainable Development (Special Reference to State Of Uttarakhand)

652-660 Hema Pandey , D.C. Pant

Structural Reforms in Indian Industry

661-674 Vijay D. Joshi , Anupkumar Dhore

Information Seeking Study of the Respondents of Electronic Information Resources and Services in Engineering College Libraries in Ratnagiri & Sindhudurg Districts in Maharashtra State.

675-680 Kishor Manikrao Waghmare

Impact of Liberalization of the Life Insurance Sector in India

681-690 Aparna P. P, Archana Fulwari

Determination of Employee Retention in Oil & Gas sector of India.

691-706 Nikhil Rao Shelar , Gaurav V. Buch

CSR Practices – A Comparative Study of Automotive Companies of India and Canada

707-718 Phudang Ronghangpi , A. Bhowal

Corporate Social Responsibility Activities Initiated in India and Canada- A Comparative Study

719-748 Phudang Ronghangpi , Amalesh Bhowal

Depiction Of Febrile Subjectivity: Bharati Mukherjee’s World of Diasporic Imagination.

749-753 Rajib Bhaumik

Synthesis of NIS nanoparticles by electrochemical method: correlation for photodegradation kinetics of oxalic acid, formic acid, acetic acid and antibacterial study of synthesized NIS nanoparticles

754-774 Charan Kumar H.C, Shilpa Rajegowda, Sannaiah Ananda

A Study on Service Quality and satisfaction of passengers towards Rail transport, with special reference to Southern division of Indian Railways

775-786 Anil Chandran. S , Kalidas M.G

A Study on Parent’s Perception towards Post Office Saving Schemes –With Special Reference to Palayamkottai Region

787-794 A. Benazir

Bibliometric Review of Sustainability of Social Enterprises

795-800 Tanay Kurode , Meghana Bhilare

Teacher Effectiveness and Job Satisfaction of Secondary School Teachers of Kashmir Valley

801-812 Ishfaq Ahmad Bhat

Improving Police Efficiency

813-819 Manjugouda R Patil , C.F. Mulimani

“Industrial Dispute Resolution Portal – SAMADHAN.”

820-829 Sachin Panchabhai

Demographic Factors and Financial Inclusion – An Empirical Study of Household in Tumkur District

830-840 N. Sakthivel , Rakesh Nadig H S

Gamifying English Language Teaching Classroom

841-846 Bhagyalekshmi R

An Eco-Feminist Reading of Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things

847-854 Shamla K.M.

Rural Marketing and Associated Aspects in Indian Perspectives

855-865 Navneet Raj

A Metaphysical Journey of LeRoi Jones to Amiri Baraka Mehraj-Ud-Din Rah

866-877 Mehraj Ud Din Rah, Sanjana Kumari

Traditional health care practices including the use of local herbal medicines During Antenatal, Natal and Postnatal periods in Kashmir

878-883 Rumaisa Nabi, Mohd kamil

Longitudinal Dispersion Characteristics of Wainganga River and Natural Streams, India

884-892 Dr. Ravindra Sudam Bhagat

Spatial Manifestation of Urban Growth

893-899 Dr. Nitin Vinayak Gaikwad

Status of Women in India

900-902 Dr.Priti Gupta

A study of financial help available to women entrepreneur in Mumbai region

903-909 Dr Rakhee Bhattacharya

She who reads is the one who leads.

910-917 Siddhi Shah

Leveraging ICT for Intellectual Growth and For Women Empowerment

918-925 Vijayalaxmi S Suvarna

Effect of Psycho-Social Environment on Women Empowerment

926-931 Ms. Tripti Mathur

Solo Female Travel Empowers Women

932-937 Shubhada Kanchan

Embedded Misogyny: Objectification of Women in Indian Society

938-942 Sadiqa Beg

Exploring the relationship between Work Environment and Job Satisfaction

943-956 Dr. Meghna Basu Thakur, Saara Ansari, Pallavi Bidkar

A Study on Issues and Challenges Faced By Girls in Joining Sports and Proposed Solutions

957-962 Ms. Sherilyn Kevin, Ms. Poonam Jain

Examining the association between Work Climate and Job Satisfaction

963-979 Dr. Meghna Basu Thakur, Rida Sheikh, Priya Kewalramani

Girl’s Education and Female Literacy Rate of India – A comparative Study

980-993 Ms Rituparna Choudhary

A Comparative Study on Women exploring Online Shopping versus the Male gender

994-1004 Dr. Rupal Shroff

An Equal Workplace for Women: A Myth or Reality in the Corporate Workplace.

1005-1016 Rakhee Pathak

Women Empowerment and Technolog

1017-1024 Prof.Amrrita. R.Bhateja, Deol M. Dhokai

Research Topic: Changing Role of Women in Politics: "Empowering Women in Politics"

1025-1036 Prof. Ketan V. Sutaria

A Study on The Extent Of Female Objectification in Modern Society with Special Reference to Media

1037-1041 Dr. Rajesh Mankani

A Correlational study between Personality, Job Stress and Job Performance across Individualistic and Collectivistic Cultures.

1042-1056 Dr. Meghna Basu Thakur, Priya Kewalramani, Rida Sheikh

An Empirical Study on Investment Prefrence of Working Women in Mumbai City

1057-1070 Dr. Poonam Kakkad, Ms. Dimple Joshi

To Study Law’s and Women’s Rights

1071-1077 Mr. Nirav R. Goda

A Study on troubles and demanding situations of women Empowerment

1078-1081 Mr. Nirav R. Goda

Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction.

1082-1093 Dr. Meghna Basu Thakur, Muskan Lakhani, Rida Maniar

Evaluation of Gender Equality at work place: With Reference to Women working in BPO Sector

1094-1103 Dr.Neeta Jain, Dr.Manju Dingra

Socio-economic Status of Women: A case study from Mumbai Chawl Areas

1104-1111 Ms. JAYEETA DATTA

Study on Investment Pattern and Awareness among Working Women With Reference To Thane District of Mumbai

1112-1121 Mrs. Simran R Kalyani

A study of Genderwise Preference for online shopping in the city of Mumbai with reference to Amazon & Flipkart

1122-1131 Ms. Devaki Shetty, Dr. Saraswathi Moorthy

Women Customer’s Satisfaction with Reference to E-Banking Services

1132-1145 Mrs. James Shoba Kamala, Dr.Elizabeth Mathews

Study of Financial Independence of women domestic workers in the city of Mumbai (Goregaon)

1146-1155 Mrs. Ranjeet Kaur Patel

Objectification is not ok

1156-1159 Mehak Shailesh Shetty

Role of Joint Family in Building Gender Stereotype

1160-1165 Mrs. Joya Vrushal Chaudhari

Women Education in India: An Investigation

1166-1171 Manohar Baburao Bhagirath

Job Involvement and Employee Motivation

1172-1193 Dr.Meghna Basu Thakur, Elvin Kothiya, Laxmi Bera

Study of the Women empowerment through Sukanaya Samiriddhi Yojana and its preference by parents in Mumbai suburban area.

1194-1205 Mrs.Manju Singhania, Dr. PRITI AGGARWAL

A Study of Financial Planning for Retirement among Salaried Women in Mumbai.

1206-1217 Prof. Maya Hande

Gender Socialisation within Family: A Sociological study of Women Drivers in Mumbai.

1218-1219 Manjusha Patwardhan

The relationship between Organizational Commitment and Job satisfaction

1220-1229 Dr. Meghna Basu Thakur, Jidnyasa Bhanudas Vetal, Lata Bhatt

Behavior towards Women Millennials in Profit and Non-Profit Organization - A Metropolitan City Perspective

1230-1233 Mr. Jay Rakesh Shah, Mrs. Reshma Desai

An Investigation of Menstrual Hygiene Awareness amongst youngsters

1234-1240 Jueelee Patil

Opinion of High school teachers towards women,s education

1241-1247 Kasturi S Pesala , Hemamalini H

Relationship between Work-Life Balance and Job Satisfaction

1248-1264 Dr. Meghna Basu Thakur, Hetvi Shah, Nikita Bhat

A Study on Right of Self Defense for Women - Step towards Empowerment of Women

1265-1272 Dr. Chhaya. Shah, Ms. Janvi Bhatia

“HEALTH STATUS OF RURAL WOMEN”- a Case Study from Badlapur to Neral

1273-1280 Asst. Prof. Farida Khopoliwala

Women and Politics Representation of Women in Indian Political Realm


Contours of Feminism: An Understanding of Contemporary Gender Issues in India

1297-1303 Geeta Sahu

A Study of the Role Played By Financial Independence of Women and Digital Media in Empowerment of Women.

1304-1316 Dr.Sangeeta Makkad

Perception and Preference of Women for Health Insurance: A study conducted at Western suburbs of Mumbai

1317-1325 Dr.Megha Somani , Dr.Rashmi V.Shetty

“A study of Investment Behaviour of Females of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degree Colleges of Mumbai.”

1326-1331 Dr. Vimalkumar D.Mistry

The Significance of Eco-feminism in Environmental Philosophy: Critical Appraisal

1332-1338 Dr. Roshida Rodrigues

Crossing the Threshold for Self-identity: A Reading of Divakaruni's The Mistress of Spices

1339-1344 Dr. Sangita V. Kongre

“Women and Environment- Ecofeminism and Environmental Movements in India”

1345-1349 Dr. Rani Tyagi

An Awareness Study on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

1350-1354 Dr. Aparna Deshmukh,, Anjani Vishnubhatla, Dr. Aparna Deshmukh

In Search of an Identity: Indian Women Cricket

1355-1358 Dr Sonali Mandar Hajare

Preliminary Study - How Digital Inclusion Manifests Socio-Gender Equality?

1359-1367 Disha Roshan Bhakta, Nabila Mohsin Kazi

Focus On Gender Equality in Educational Curicullum at Undergraguate Level

1368-1381 CS Charul Y. Patel

A study on perception of undergraduate students towards the portrayal of female in TV advertisements with reference to Mumbai city.

1382-1390 Jyoti Nitin Pawar

Perpetuating Misogyny and Patriarchy on Social Media through Memes

1391-1398 Dr Anuya Warty

Are Modern women in India breaking a stereotype of being the Idol of Sacrifice?

1399-1409 Ms. Arti Ulhas Parab

Relationship between Job Stress and Work Productivity

1410-1425 Dr. Meghna Basu Thakur, Bhakti Chheda, Bhavi Doshi

Gender Diversity- Critical to Business Success

1426-1429 Ashish Trivedi

Sports, a Potent Force towards Empowering Women of India

1430-1442 Mr. Ashish J. Dhara

Female Labour Force Participation

1443-1462 Anushka Hait

Stereotyping- A barrier for Women Career

1463-1466 Ashish Trivedi

Microfinance in Sustainable Development of Fisherwomen: Evidences from Coastal Kerala

1467-1472 Ms. Asish Susan Mathews, Dr. Geeta Nair

Evaluation of Gender Equality at work place: With Reference to Women working in BPO Sector

1473-1482 Dr.Neeta Jain, Dr.Manju Dhingra

Representation and Stereo Typing of Gender In Select Stories From Grimm’s Fairy Tales

1483-1501 Swathi Ajaya kumar

Comparative Study of Cereals and Pulses Crops In Chhattisgarh State: Pattern and Requirements

1502-1514 Dr. Harjinder Pal Singh Saluja, Akash Wasnikar

Sense of Belongingness In Rabindranath Tagore’s The Postmaster

1515-1522 Dr. Kiran Mamgain

History of The Deccan In Ancient Period

1523-1525 Dr. Chandravadan M. Naik

Socio Economic Conditions and Consumption Expenditure Pattern of Selected Rural Consumer Households In Vilavancode Taluk

1526-1539 W.Sunitha, Dr.A. Anandhy

A Brief History of English Drama Up To Shakespeare

1540-1544 Mr. Mukesh Kumar

History of Urbanization and Present Status of Siliguri Town As A Nodal Centre of North Bengal In India

1545-1556 Dr. Sarbari Mukhopadhyay

A Comparative Study of Teaching Competency and Job Satisfaction among Teacher Educators of Uttar Pradseh.

1557-1565 Kaiful Islam, Nasrin

Cities within The City: Unauthorized Colonies of Delhi and Realm of Everyday Life

1566-1573 Bijendra Jha

People, Police and Forensics


Gender Inequality and Domestic Violence: Related Laws and Policies

1581-1613 Anju

Rising Multidisciplinary Investigate Transversely Database Management Systems

1614-1621 Mr. Amit Patel , Dr. Mehul Patel

Role of Big Data Analytics In Healthcare Applications

1622-1629 B. Manjulatha, Dr. Suresh Pabboju

Trend and Growth Performance of Area, Production and Productivity of Natural Rubber In India


Historical Significance of Trauma and Its Reflection In The Works of Mo Yan

1646-1656 Kalpana Chatterjee

Role of Indian National Army In Indian Freedom Movement

1657-1662 Sandeep Kumar

Contractual Stability In Professional Football

1663-1669 SANDEEP

A Study on Uniform Civil Code In India


Management and Analytics of Enterprise Resource Planning and E-Learning In Multi-Featured Aspects For Academia

1678-1686 Dr. Navneet Raj

A Review on Hybrid Li-Fi Iot Architecture

1687-1691 Mrs. Bartati Sarkar, Prof. Dr. Yashpal Singh

‘Lifi’ A Secure and Universal Interface To Iot Applications

1692-1696 Mrs Bartati Sarkar, Dr Yashpal Singh

Sound and Data Communication Via Li-Fi In Smart Class Room

1697-1703 Raghvendra Singh, Anand Sharma

Simulation and Analysis of Blast Resistant Strcture Design Using Matlab

1704-1719 Ambesh Ratnu, Prof. A.K. Gupta

A Study of Gender Differences In Motivations of Indian Professional Classical Dancers

1720-1734 Dr Rohini Thapar, Divya Jyoti

An Economic Study on Health Awareness With Special Reference To Meelanelitha Nallur Block.


Reservation Agitations of Agrarians Castes In India; A Historical and Contemporary Analysis

1744-1750 NIKHIL KUMAR

Sco: An Analysis of Securitization Process of Separatism, Extremism and Terrorism

1751-1769 Ibrat Husain

Flip Education Strategies: An Innovative Paradigm Shift In The Approach of Teaching

1770-1779 Dr. Bhabagrahi Pradhan

Key Factors Influencing Smes To Use E-Marketing In Assam


Enriching The Field of Quality Management: Study of Contribution By Quality Gurus

1788-1795 Dr. Shailendra kumar Kale

Liberty of Expression As Advocateed By Githa Hariharan Intimes of Siege

1796-1812 Dr.Vikas Sharma

Poetics- The Study of Linguistic Techniques In Poetry and Literature: An Analysis

1813-1816 JASDEEP KAUR

Antecedents of ‘Word of Mouth Communication’: A Theoretical Review


A Philosophical Analysis of Tagore’s Debits and Credits (Dena Paona)

1824-1834 Salman Siddique

Competition Law Concerns In Intellectual Property Rights

1835-1849 Rahul Yadav

A Financial Analysis of Empowerment of Women Through Indulgent Insgh, Rajasthan

1850-1856 Dharmveer Yadav

Relationship Between Service Quality and Online Shopping Experience – Empirical Evidence with Structural Framework Modelling

1857-1871 Hemalatha J, Dr. Lalitha Balakrishnan

Marketing Strategy For One District One Product Plan With Special Reference To Uttar Pradesh

1872-1880 Apratim Chatterjee, Mrs.Unnati

The Influence of Perceived Hospital Ethical Climate on Nurse’s Organisational Citizenship Behaviours

1881-1887 Dr. Lalitha Balakrishnan, Ms. Ramya Raman

Global Economic Slowdown and Its Impact on India’s Trade With Saarc Countries

1888-1894 S. Saravanan

Impact of Micro-Credit Programme on The Members of The Self Help Groups In Tirunelveli District

1895-1900 Dr.D.Solomon Raj

Cost and Structure Analysis of Kathali Banana In Srivaikundam Taluk, Thoothukudi District

1901-1905 S.Asha, Dr.S.Henry Pandian

A Study on Consumer Awareness Towards Organic Food Products In Thoothukudi City

1906-1910 R.Siva Sundari, Dr. R. S. Thangeswari

Role of Shg For The Dvelopment of Women Entrepreneur With Special Reference To Madurai District

1911-1916 DR.T. ARIMOHAN

Problem of Handloom Weavers In Kanayakumari District

1917-1923 K.Ajitha, Dr.J.Vijin Shaji Kumar

“An Impact of Orientation of Employee Role and Behavior on Modes of Competence In Entrepreneurial Teams”

1924-1937 Dr. Urvesh Chaudhery , DR.Satish Gill

Social Media and Society

1938-1951 Rahul Chauhan

Water Crisis and Violation of Human Rights: A Special Reference To Women In Chhattisgarh

1952-1961 Dr. Md. Shamshad Ansari , Pooja Sharma

Variations In ‘Prices’: According To Ancient India Scholars

1962-1965 Priti Singh

Credit and Debit: From Ancient To Modern India

1966-1970 Priti Singh

A Study on Rural Consumer’s Satisfaction Towards Sbi Banks In Coimbatore District

1971-1984 Mrs. S. Chitra, Dr. A. Ramasethu

'Finance' In Ancient India, From The View of Modern Economics

1985-1987 Priti Singh

Customers’ Utilization on Various Facilities and Services of Private Sector Banks

1988-1994 Ms. M. Yamunadevi, Dr. M. ChithiraiSelvan

Possibilities For Selfrevival From Alcoholism Through Simplified Kundalini Yoga Practices

1995-2001 Dr.S. Maheswari

The Prospects of The Traditional Handloom Weaving Industry In Kerala: Cultural Interventions

2002-2014 Shajimon.I.J

Encouraging Start Ups: Issues and Challenges

2015-2021 Dr.S. Sudahkarbabu

Comparison of Brand Loyalty of Sportspersons and Non Sportspersons In Athletic Footwear-An Empirical Study of Sport Shoes In Punjab

2022-2048 Shivani Malhan, Dr.Parul Khanna , Dr.Bimal Anjum

Impact of Absenteeism on Employee Productivity With Special Reference To Manufacturing Companies of Nagpur Region

2049-2064 Dr. Rashmi Gupta

A Study on Relationship of Financial Health & Corporate Performance of Selected Indian Listed IT Companies

2065-2073 Prof. Amrita Tatia Karnawat, Dr. Ashutosh Gadekar

Prevention of Crime Against Children


People’s Participation In Rural Local Governance In India

2080-2087 Shujat Akhter Rafiqi

Hair As A Physical Evidence


Jawaharlal Nehru’s Role In Women Empowerment Through Education

2098-2110 Jyotasana

Spatial Distribution of Agricultural Mechanization and Its Effect on Livestock Husbandry In The Villages of Devi Patan Plain, Uttar Pradesh

2111-2122 Zafar Tabrez

Historical Background of Development of The Constitution of India:From The 17th Century To The 20th Centuries of India

2123-2131 Debobrat Doley

Feminism In Jokha Alharthi’s Celestial Bodies

2132-2136 Anusha Alex

Air Pollution Scenario of India: A Statewise Analysis

2137-2146 Manash Jyoti Pathak

Online Food Delivery Services: A Study on Demographic Attributes

2147-2165 Gurinder Singh

A Study of Financial Performance of Icici Bank:- Comparative Study with Other Private Banks

2166-2174 Dr.Mahendra pal singh yadav

A Study on Impact of Online Reviews on Consumer Purchase Behaviour In Vellore City

2175-2181 Anitha.S

Teachers’ Strategies of Preventing Absenteeism Among Students

2182-2191 Shweta Tripathi

Factors Affecting Employability and Employability Skills: A Literature Review

2192-2198 Swati Bansal, Monica Agarwal, Sandeep Kumar Gupta

Teaching Aptitude of Pre-Service Teachers

2199-2215 Dr.G.S. Patel

Law of Asylum and International Pronouncements

2216-2239 Kinjal Shah

Social Security Pensions- A Safety Net To Elders

2240-2248 SUNIL KUMAR.V

Gender Identity Disorders

2249-2252 J. D. Sonkhaskar, P. G. Loke

Meditation and Life of Gender

2253-2255 Amol V. Tisge

Legal Identity-The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2019

2256-2261 Prof.Sonal G. Bairagi

‘LGBTI Inclusion Index : A Mile Stone In Development Journey of Third Gender’

2262-2266 Dr.Ashlesha Kulkarni

Historical Background and Legal Status of Third Gender In Indian Society

2267-2275 Dr. Patil Abhijit Sushilkumar

Socio Economic Problems of The Third Gender In Pune City- A Generic Assessment

2276-2284 Dr. Rohini Bhoite, Ms. Nikita Dhawan, Ms. Arati Kamble, Ms.Monika Nighot

Family and Social Rejection Affect Mental Health of Third Gender

2285-2292 Dr. Gosavi Shubhangi R

The Girl Trapped In A Wrong Body : An Analysis of The Danish Girl By David Ebershoff

2293-2300 Dr. Sachin S. Rajole

The Third Gender : A Comprehensive Study of Problems and Prospects of Transgenders In India .

2301-2308 Dr. Sadhana V. Patil

Third Gender Discrimination In India

2309-2318 Dr. Salma Ab. Sattar

Legal Status of Third Gender In Our Society

2319-2326 Dr.Lodhi Kaniz Fatma Niyaz Ahmed

Social, Cultural and Legal implication of Protection of Transgender In India A Commentary on Transgender Person (Protection Of Rights) Act, 2019

2327-2337 Gopal V. Wamane

A Qualitative Analysis of India’s Third Gender People and Religion

2338-2344 Dr. Kamalakar Baburao Gaikwad

The Indian Third Gender- An Over View

2345-2348 Mrs. SangitaS.More

Review Paper on Problems of Transgender (Third Gender) and Social Work Intervention With Special Reference To Nashik City.

2349-2354 Ms. Manisha P. Shukla

Understanding The Legal Status of Trans Genders In India

2355-2362 Ms. Pratibha B. Pagar

Legal Status of Third Gender In Indian Society

2363-2370 Dr. Pravin Mansing Kamble

Poetic Expression of Third Gender Poets As A Tool For Gender Sensitization: A Study of Three Poems By Gender Queer Poets.

2371-2376 Smt. Ashwini Ashok Kadam

Historical Evolution and Legal Rights of Transgender In Indian Society

2377-2387 Dr. Sonawane Ashalata Deora

The Polemics of Gender In An Androcentric Society: Re-Defining Roles From The Perspectives of A Transwoman In Njanmarykutty

2388-2393 Smt.Susan Lawencia Jackson V.J

Inclusion of Third Gender In Teacher Education

2394-2400 Dr. Kavita Maruti Ghughuskar

A Philosophical Analysis of Gadamerian Account of Language

2401-2408 Naseem Bano

Impact of Sufism on India: A Study on Kashmir

2409-2418 Qadeer Ahmed

Alleviation of Rural Poverty Through Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

2419-2424 Shivesh

Why We Are Not Told About This Earlier: Embedded Academic and Information Literacies of Undergraduate Education Culturally Diverse Students In Auniversity Library Context

2425-2438 Suhasini Gazula, Dr. B.S. Swaroop Rani , Dr. K. Elavazhagan

Culturally Diverse Students Opinion Regarding Library Collection and Services In Academic Libraries In Auckland – A Study

2439-2453 Suhasini Gazula, Dr. B.S. Swaroop Raniand, Dr. K. Elavazhagan

А Study on Rеlаtionship Bеtwееn INR-USD Currеncy Pаttеrns and Its Impаct on Gold Pricеs

2454-2468 Bаlаji M, Ebenezer Sam K

Importance of Interdisciplinary Studies In Higher Education In The Area of Engineering, Science, Management and Humanities

2469-2471 Disha Verma

Study of Workplace Stress Among College Teachers (High Class Educator)

2472-2476 Zareen Baksh

Impact of Technology on Basketball

2477-2485 Neha Jain Surana, Dr. Reema Singh, Prof. Yadvendra Singh Shishodia, Prof. Rajesh Kumar

Analysing The Relevance of Social Work Intervention In Oncology Services: A Case Study

2486-2500 Shishir Sharma , Dr. Ashish Nag

Child Feeding Belief and Perceptions: Case Studies of Mothers

2501-2515 Ambreen Jamali

A Critical Review of Cultural Aspects In Chetan Bhagat’s 2 States

2516-2522 Sonia, Samir Khan

Cybercrimes In India: Knowledge and Awareness Among Advocates, Suggested Remedial Measures

2523-2529 Ishwar Navalagund, Dr.G.S. Venumadhava

“Importance of Education Technology In Teaching-Learning”

2530-2540 Mod Istyak Ali, Sarfaraz Equbal

A Voice In The Forest: An Eco-Critical Reading of C.K. Janu’s Autobiography

2541-2545 Aiswariya. G

A Study on Erratic Climate Changes and Problems Faced By Single Women In Maintaining Agriculture At Tirupur District – Tamilnadu

2546-2554 S. Roselin, Dr. P. Christuraj

“Myth Making As A Mode of Seeking Emancipation”;Study on The Deconstruction of Upper Class Religious Entities In The Myths of Dalits

2555-2561 Gayathri S. S.

Problems of Learners of Distance Education In North-East India With Special Reference To Assam

2562-2577 Dr. Bornali Deka

Displacement and Memory In Poems of Agha Shahid Ali

2578-2586 Dr. Harsha Viswanath

Changing Pattern of Elderly Care In Families In Trivandrum District

2587-2595 T. Binu, S. Karthikeyan

Crossing Borders and Bridging Gaps: Autobiographical and Literary Backgrounds Inv.S.Naipaul

2596-2603 Jayakrishnan. M, Dr. C. Shanmugasundaram

Cyber Crimes Against Female Undergraduate Students of Thiruvananthapuram City, Kerala

2604-2612 Jiji Johnson, Dr. B. Manickavasagam

Skill Based Education Through Open and Distance Learning System In Assam

2613-2624 Jayanta Doley

Colour As A Social Construct In Animation Movies

2625-2630 Krishnapriya K.L

Gender Equality: Women Empowerment In India

2631-2638 K. Agalya, Dr. B. Manickavasagam

A Study on The Impacts of Erratic Monsoon and Climate Changes Witch Affect Livelihood and Empowerment of Tribal Communities In Krishnagiri District- Tamilnadu

2639-2645 S.Mani Arputharaj, Dr.P. Christuraj

The Novel of Self-Discovery: A New Mode of Representation To Confront feminine Subjectivity

2646-2652 Molly.M.A.

Lifestyle Diseases of Working Women In Kerala With Special Reference To Trivandrum District

2653-2662 Maya Raveendran

The Neglected ‘Other’ Within The ‘Other’: Reading Sharankumar Limbale’s Akkarmashi

2663-2671 Dr. C. M. Manoj Kumar

Emerging Indian Urban Youth In The Novels of Chetan Bhagat

2672-2679 Priya. P
, Dr. Mathew. P. Joseph

Environmental Vulnerability Represented Inonv’s “A Requiem For Earth”

2680-2687 Jolly K. V.

Narrative Reflections of Globalization and Entrepreneurial Culture: A Reading of Aravindadiga’sthe White Tiger

2688-2695 Thomas VL, Dr. Sujarani Mathew

Hermeneutics of Subaltern Idam and Identity In Rajam Krishnan’s When The Kurinji Blooms

2696-2706 Dr. Soumy Syamchand

Determinants of Advertising Effectiveness on Facebook:A Conceptual Framework

2707-2722 Ragu PrasadhRajendran, C. Joe Arun

Measuring Financial Services of Banks* For Higher Education Students Reference To Tiruvannamalai District In Tamilnadu.


Cultural Oppression In Chinua Achebe’s No Longer At Ease

2732-2737 Dr. V Rejulin Jerin Kumar

Efficiency of Weavers In Kannanvilai Handloom Weaver’s Co-Operative Production and Sales Society Ltd In Kanyakumari District

2738-2745 K.Ajitha, Dr.J.Vijin Shaji Kumar

Construction of Social Identity in Mahasweta Devi’s Bayen

2746-2751 Dr. V Rejulin Jerin Kumar

A Short History of Human Rights (Ancient Period- Lpg Era)

2752-2759 Sourabh Batar, Dr.Nidhi Tyagi, Dr.R.S. Jha, Abhinav Chaudhary

Role of Banking Sector in Agricultural Development of India (A Comparative Study of Pre & Post Globalization Period)

2760-2767 Dr. Harjinder Pal Singh Saluja, Pratik Kumar Sharma

The Forensic Examination and Analysis of Glass Evidence.


Importance of Blood In Criminal Investigations


A Critical Study on Indian Banking and Financial System

2797-2807 Dr. Arun Kumar. T.T.

An Overview of Indian Marine Fisheries Sector

2808-2818 Manjushri. S, Dr. PALLAVI S KUSUGAL

Work Overload and Work Ethic on Organizational Commitment of Private Sectors Employees

2819-2826 Mr. S. Thirumalai, Dr.D. SAKTHIVEL, Dr.Jothi Jayakrishnan

Status of Women In India Need For Sustainable Development

2827-2836 Dr.BasavarajR. Bagade, Dr.PrakashS. Kattimani

Impact and Challenges of Social Exclusion on Kembattis of Coorg

2837-2852 SUNIL. K

Industrial Potentiality of Micro & Small-Scale Industries And Its Impact on Thesocio-Economic Status In Mirzapur District.

2853-2866 Rajeev Ranjan Yadav, Dr. R.K. Srivastri

Study of Psychological Well-Being In Relation To Transformational Leadership

2867-2875 Lav Kumar Singh, Rupam Kumari, Sabita Kumari

The Development and Training of Teachers For Remote Rural Schools In less Developed Countries

2876-2888 Dr. Gorisharma

Influence of Modern Technology on Work Life Balance of Teachers

2889-2905 Navjot Kaur , Dr. Pooja

Impact of Electricity Supply Shortage on Industrilisation In Mirzapur District, Uttar Pradesh.

2906-2918 Rajeev Ranjan Yadav

Efficacy of Life Skills Training on Optimism Among Tribal Youths

2919-2926 Keerti Parmar, Kalpana Jain

Discernment of Select Dimensions of Quality of Work Life in The Conundrum of Artificial Intelligence Era

2927-2938 U. Murugesh , P. S. Nagarajan

Internet Usage and Participation In Co-Curricular Activities Among Students at The Secondary Level of Working and Non-Working Mothers

2939-2961 Ms. Haleema Rahmath, Dr. S. Chamundeswari

Comic Adventures of The Protagonist In Henderson The Rain King By Saul Bellow


Generational Differences In Workplace Behaviour & Their Effective Management

2971-2982 Dr. M.P.

Analysis of Heavy Metals and Physico-Chemical Properties of Salvadora Persica Seed Oil

2983-2991 Chanchal Kumar Malav , Arun Kumar Arora

History of India (1605-1750)

2992-2994 Vipin Sehrawat, Vipin Sehrawat

Public Health System: A case study of Ara City, Bihar


Study of Heavy Metal Accumulation and Fatty Acid Composition of Salvadora oleoides Seed Oil

3004-3015 Chanchal Kumar Malav , Arun Kumar Arora

Discernment of Select Dimensions of Quality of Work Life in the Conundrum of Artificial Intelligence Era

3016-3027 U. Murugesh , P. S. Nagarajan

Inclusive Growth of A Nation Through Education (An Overview of Gender Equality through Education in India)

3028-3038 Ms. Riya Shalini

A Screenshot of Different Educational Schemes Launched By Government Foruniversalization of Elementary Education.

3039-3048 SATPAL, Dr.RAJ KUMAR

Mis- Selling - Hurdle on Path of The Growth of Indian Life Insurance Sector

3049-3057 Dr. N. Manikandan, Dr.V. Geetha, Dr.R. Kasi Raman

Managing Regional Imbalance in Indian Agriculture

3058-3064 Ashok Jogi , Dr. Ramesh Salian

The Dark Side of Abundance: A Propensity To Ethical Disengagement

3065-3075 Dr. Mamta Sharma

A Study on Banking Habits of Rural People After Demonetization With Special Reference To Trivandrum District

3076-3086 SHAMEEMA R

Job Satisfaction of Employees In State Bank of India In Thanjavur District-Tamilnadu

3087-3093 S.Sumathi, Dr. N. Rajamannar

Marketing Mix In Online Marketing In Kerala – A Study With Reference To Online Customers

3094-3103 Dr. SATHEESH BABU.A.T

An Analysis of Scheduled Caste Women In Coimbatore District, To Find Out The Scheduled Caste Social Welfare

3104-3120 Dr. Sr. S. Emelda Mary

Connectivity As The Core of India's Act East Policy : Developments In India's North Eastern Region.


Factors Influencing The Branding Strategies of Higher Education Institutions Affiliated To Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University –A Detailed Study

3135-3138 Dr.Shiney Chib, Astha Shukla

A Prospective Teacher’s Insight To Teach English Through Novel Reading

3139-3144 Mrs. Dalsy Prema


3145-3159 Harmanender Singh

Absenteeism of College Students: A Critical Study

3160-3165 Mr.Kuldeepsingh J. Rathod, ShaikhBushra Atique, PoguSweta Venkanna

A Study on “Consumer Buying Behavior Towards The Green Marketing Practices”

3166-3170 Rohit Sharma , Dr. Jyotsna Pahuja

A Historical Study of Women In India

3171-3186 Ugresh Kumar

Estimation of QoS in Wireless Sensor Network

3187-3191 Praveen Kumar Rai, Shashi Bhushan

Growth and Spatial Variations of Urban House Prices In Tamilnadu: A Micro Level Study

3192-3199 R. Magesan, C.A.Basheer Ahmed Khan

Occupational Healthhazards and Safety In Chemical Industry: A Review

3200-3206 S.Revathi, Dr.K.Rajesh kumar

Ode To Nightingale By John Keats:A Conflict Between Escapism and Realism

3207-3215 Dr. Kiran Mamgain

The Importance of Mental Health


Legal Status of The Third Gender In Our Society

3225-3232 Ms. Sunita Bachhav

Representation of The Third Gender In Indian Mythology With Special Reference To Ardhnarishwar, Shikhandi and Mohini

3233-3237 Sanyogita S. Kendale

Third Gender and Society With Reference To The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

3238-3242 Smt. Dipali S. Suryawanshi

A Study of Place (Distribution) Strategies For Effective Marketing of Small Scale Chemical Companies In Pune District

3243-3256 Dr. Dilip Nana Aher , Dr. Milind Audumber Kulkarni

Effectiveness of Inbound Marketing Strategies on Manufacturing Companies

3257-3264 Dr Bagirathi Iyer

An Empirical Study on Buying Behaviour of Fmcg Products In Rural Area

3265-3275 Dr.Madhulika Gupta

Reviewing The Role of Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin) In Community Health and Hygiene


Linking Leader-Member Exchange and Innovative Work Behaviour Through Faculty Engagement: Rethinking Management Education In The Era of VUCA World

3289-3306 Ritu Maheshwari, Meera Mathur

Post-Modernisation-Linear Perspective

3307-3312 Manju Bala, Dr. Amarjit Singh

Impact of Liquidity in Business on Profitability of Leading Home Appliances Manufacturing Companies in India

3313-3323 P Kasthuri

Evaluating The Success of Chick Flicks In Indian Cinema and Literature

3324-3336 Shravya Aradhyam

The Operational Performance of Tripura Gramin Bank: An Empirical Study

3337-3365 Puranjan Chakraborty, Dr. Ram Chandra Das



Impact of Effective Communication During Competencies Assessment In Development Centres

3373-3385 Prof. Shikha Sindhu, Ms. Richa Safaria, Dr. Mahesh Deshmukh

Role of Industrial Relation in Public Sector Companies: A Critical Review From Indian Perspective

3386-3396 Prerna Bhagalpurkar

Bhumidana In Ancient India: A Religious and Spiritual Perspective

3397-3406 Dr Rajeev Pratap

Reinventing Gandhian Philosophy: Present Day Crisis and It's Solution Through Gandhian Philosophy Addressing Selected Contemporary Crises Through Gandhian Philosophy

3407-3422 Eeshu Saxena

Studies on Phytochemical and Antibacterial Activity of Ethanolic Extracts of Allium Cepa L., Mentha Arensis L., and Mirabilis Jalapa L.

3423-3430 Aathira K, Monisha L, Nandhini S, Gomathi V, Subhashini S, R. Sakthivel

Effect of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salute) on Physical Health of Adolescent Students: A Study

3431-3457 Dr Sarita Sharma

A Study on Performance Evaluation of Hdfc Mutual Funds In India

3458-3466 M. Jayalakshmi, Dr.V. Palanichamy

Green Products and Its Usage: Analytical Study With Respect To Consumers of Bangalore Urban

3467-3474 Dr R. A. RATHI

Study on Interrelationship Among Online Consumer Using Spy Software

3475-3481 Dr. S. ABDUL SALAM

Consumer Preference and Satisfaction on Instant Food Products In Tiruchirappalli District

3482-3487 Dr. E. Mubarak Ali, Dr. S. BASHEER AHAMED

A Study on Policy Holder Satisfaction In Life Insurance Corporation of India With Spical Refrence To Mayiladuthurai Baranch Nagapattinam District


A Comparative Study on The Job Satisfaction Among The Higher Secondary School Teachers


Factors Influencing Behaviour’s of Students In Higher Educational Institutions Towards Online Shopping In Tiruchirappalli District

3501-3508 Dr.T. Unnamalai

Potantial of Village Tourism Inkozhikode District


Investors Satisfaction Towards Lic Policies In Tirunelveli


Empirical Analysis of Customer Satisfaction Towards Online Food Portals


Students Awareness of Industrial Linkages Among The Universities


Green Initiatives In Human Resource Management Practices With Reference To Information Technology Sector


Impact of Gst on Buying Attitudes of Fmcg In Trichy City Gst and Its Impact of Buying Attitudes of Fmcg In Trichy City

3549-3554 Dr. K. Vijayakumar, R. Nijanthan

Capital Adequacy Ratio as Performance Indicator of Banking - An Analytical Study of Selected Indian Commercial Banks.

3555-3560 M.M. Chitra, Dr. M. Syed Ibrahim

Green Consumption – For Sustainable Growth


Influence of Advertisements In Consumer Buying Behaviour

3568-3574 Dr. B. HANNAH

Retail In India – Challenges and Opportunities

3575-3582 Dr.E.Mubarak Ali, Dr.G.Hadi Mohamed

An Effectiveness of Teacher’s Perception Regarding The Stress Factors

3583-3590 D. RAMYA, Dr. N. SAVITHRI

Bitcoins In India – An Overview


Green Marketing: Consumer Awareness of Green Products In India

3600-3604 Dr. R. KANNAPPA, B. REVATHI

A Study on Service Quality and Loyalty of Guests Who Stayed At Star Hotels, Kodaikanal

3605-3609 Dr. L. ASID AHAMED

Consumer Perception Towards Junk Food

3610-3614 D. INDUMATHI, Dr. S. SHAMEEM

Priority Sector Lendings By Indian Commercial Banks-An Analytical Study


Customer Preference Towards Direct To Home (Dth) Services with Reference To Tiruchirappalli district


A Study on Barriers In Adoption of Mobile Banking Services In Tiruchirapalli City

3626-3631 Dr. Y. MOYDHEEN SHA

Work Culture of Milk Producers


A Study on Financial Performance of Uralungal Labour Contract Co-Operative Society (Ulccs) Ltd


A Study on Cotton Growers Satisfaction Towards Vijay Fertilizer In Perambalur District


Beneficiaries’ Satisfaction Level In Direct Benefit Transfer Schemes Under Financial Inclusion: A Study In Coimbatore District of Tamil Nadu

3651-3657 Dr.N.Sakthivel , R.Mayilsamy

A Study on Element of Transactional Leadership Trait Influence In Organisational Citizenship Behaviour.


A Study on Customer Grievances Through Online Shopping With Reference To Coimbatore City

3663-3666 C.NANDHINI, Dr. S. KOTHAI

A Study on Exports and Production of Textile Industries In India


A Study on Customer Satisfaction Towards Mobile Banking.

3675-3682 Dr. B. ARTHI, E. KAVITHA

Block Chain Technology In Indian Banking Sector


Customer Buying Behaviour and Satisfaction Level Towards Modern Shopping Malls In Tiruchirappalli City


Opportunities and Challenges of Steel Authority of India Limited In The Changing Indian Scenario


Customer Perception and Satisfaction Towards Chiti Fund In Kerala State Financial Enterprise Special Reference In Trissur District

3703-3708 Dr. E. Mubarak Ali, Baiju Mukkadakkattil

A Study on The Influence of School Organizational Climate and Attitude of Teachers

3709-3712 Dr. A. Khaleelur Rahman, P. Ashraf

A Study on Effectiveness of Digital Transactions Using Mobile Applications

3713-3720 Dr. V. Josephine Lourdes De Rose, Ms. S. J. Sureya

Mutual Fund Investors Preference Among Investors In Trichy District

3721-3728 Dr. V. Parameswari, Dr. S. K. Sukhuna

A Study on Financial Policy Towards Agriculture

3729-3740 N. Jothi, Dr.V. Mathuravalli

A Study on Consumer Perception Towards Online Shopping With Special Reference Towards Tiruchirappalli City

3741-3750 C. Veeralakshmi, K. Sathya

Work Life Balance of Selected Public Sector Bank Women Employees In Tiruchirappalli

3751-3761 Dr. M. Sirajudeen, A. Mohamed Sirajudeen

A Study on Customers’ Satisfaction Towards Health Insurance In Trichirappalli City

3762-3767 Dr. K.Vijaya kumar, N. Sabrin

A Study on Challenges Faced By Customers Ordering Food on Swiggy With Reference To Coimbatore City

3768-3771 Marlyn Rose. A

A Study on Working Capital Management With Special Reference To Maruti Suzuki India Limited

3772-3777 Dr. K. Sumithra

Being Agile In Dynamic Business Environment

3778-3783 Dr. K. Abdus Samad, A. S. Mubarak

Customers’ Attitude Towards Online Advertising

3784-3789 Dr. E. Mubarak Ali, Dr. N. Mohamed Siddiq

A Study on Consumer Behaviour Towards Online Shopping In Thiruchirappalli

3790-3796 Dr. M. Neela, P.Yugashree

A Study on Evaluation of School Management and Job Satisfaction of The Faculty Members

3797-3803 Dr. M. Sirajudeen, M. Sulaiman

Determinants of Capital Structure of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation

3804-3811 Dr. J. Tamilselvi

Preventing Gender Based Violence Using Technology

3812-3817 C.E. JAYANTHI

Analysis of Indian Rivers Water Quality

3818-3822 Abishek S, Karthick S

An Inquiry Into The Reasons For Gender Inequalities

3823-3826 Dr. P. SUBRAMANIAN, Dr. V.GIRIJA

Role of Education in Sustainable Development

3827-3837 Dr. Amita Kumari

A Study on Gender Based Discrimination in Corporate Sectors

3838-3846 A.Punitha

Women in Public Spaces and Social Change: A Criminological Perspective

3847-3856 Dr. Syed Umarhathab

Attitude of Prospective Teachers Towards Women Empowerment


Forms, Effects, Prevention and Elimination of Violence Against Women – An Overview

3865-3870 Dr.R.JEYANTHI , HARINI.C

Automobile Pollution Forecasting, Fuel Economy Trends

3871-3873 Karthick S , Abishek S

Situational Crime Prevention Strategies In The Organizations Towards Women Security and Safety

3874-3879 Ravichandran D, T. Abdul Aziz Sheron, Dr. Syed Umarhathab

Punishment For Rape- A Perceptual Study Among The Students of Law In Tirunelveli District

3880-3890 Esakki A, T. Abdul Aziz Sheron , Dr. Syed Umarhathab

Emerging Issues Among Adolescent Girls: Ways To Mitigate Stress And Improve Mental Health

3891-3897 R.Balasubramanian, Dr. M. Manivannan

Integrating Gender Violence Prevention Using Technologies

3898-3907 N. Jayavardhini, Dr.R. Jayaprabha

Awareness on Women’s Education Among Prospective Teacher’s


Self Awareness: An Analysis of Primary School Teachers

3914-3920 Dr.K.Prema, Dr.V.Naresh kumar

Preventing Gender Based Violence Using Technology

3921-3928 Dr. V. Girija, C.Geetha

Prevention and Safety Measures on Gender Issues

3929-3934 Mrs. A. Nancy Rajathi

Patriarchal Cyber Bullying: Does The Jurisdiction Help To Prevent?

3935-3939 NitinSrinivas. J

Role of Teachers In Promoting Gender Awareness In The Classroom

3940-3948 J. Lizzie, M.P. Rama Priya

Apps and Tools To Prevent Gender Based Violence


An Analysis of Domestic Violence Against Adult and Adolescent Femalesin Semi – Urban Area of Kanchipuram District.

3957-3961 S. Varshavardhini , S.Poonghuzhali, Dr.V. Girija

Domestic Violence Against Women


Portable Apps For Her Wellbeing: Inside and Outside India

3968-3973 Privietha P

International Convention on Gender Justice

3974-3983 S.KALPANA

Prevention and Safety Measures on Gender Based Violence

3984-3991 Dr.T. Komalavalli

Awareness of The Prevalance of Domestic Violence Act For The Victims of Gender Based Violence

3992-3997 Dr. V. Girija.

An Analysis on Gender –Based Violence- Issues, Measures and Prevention

3998-4003 Dr.K. Devisri

Gender Justice Case Study on Gender Justice and Femicide

4004-4011 Manjula Balachandran

Gender Equality Education and Female Protection Through The Teaching of Justice Literature In Schools


Penalty For Femicide In Past and Present India A Historical Perspective

4016-4022 Dr. K. VENGATESAN , S. MARS

Effect of Gender Based Discrimination

4023-4030 Dr.S. Karthiyayini

Case Studies on Gender Violence and Femicide

4031-4036 Dr.R.K.P. Kaliammal

An Analatical Study on Gender Based Right To Privacy In India

4037-4044 K.Sofiya, V.Vijayashri

Twinkle Women Stars In The Ancient Indian Sky of Gender Disparity During The Cōḻa Period: A Historical Perspective

4045-4052 Dr. K. VENGATESAN

Woman and The Media – Gender Based Discrimination

4053-4059 P. Ananda Rani, Dr. V. Girija

Prioritizing Rural Girls Education:Ways To Mitigate Gender Based Discrimination

4060-4065 T.Yagnamoorthy , Dr.K. Katturajan

Violence Against Women: An Overview

4066-4070 M. KARTHIKA

Strategies of Gender-Neutral Classroom of Adolescents

4071-4076 S. Rajamanickavasagan, Dr. A. Punitha Mary

Savitribai Jyotirao Phule, Dr B.R.Ambedkar, Thanthai Periyar: Crusaders and Architechts of Modern India

4077-4084 P.Nallamuthu

The Role of Women In Space Technology and Space Law-A Special Reference To Eilene Galloway

4085-4093 V.Backiam, Dr.D.Uma Maheswari

Status of Women In Indian Society


Sybaritic Espying Nature of Women In Martha Quest By Doris Lessing

4100-4108 T. Amisha Priya, Dr.B. Manivannan

Teacher's Role In Child Protection

4109-4115 Dr. G. THAMILVANAN

Study on Role of Teachers In Creating Awareness of Women Rights and Self Protection Among Girl Students

4116-4126 Mr. H. Mohammed Aslam, Dr.P. FelviaShanthiin

Legal Framework and Gender Justice

4127-4136 A. SUGANTHINI

Delayed Justices With Special Reference To Rape Cases In India – A Critical Analysis


Gender Justice – Role of Feminist Jurisprudence

4145-4152 By N. Umachitra

Gender Bias and Female Discrimination in India

4153-4158 J. Ambethkar

A Study on The Importance of Policy and Legislative Impact Assessment To Achieve Gender Justice

4159-4165 S.Mano, R.Gayathri

Influence of Gender Challenges and It’s Consequences In Women Sports

4166-4177 N. Sundar Raj

Women’s Educational Development and Human Values


A Study of Violence on Girl Child


Do School Satisfaction, Sense of Safety and Psychological Counselling Needs Influence The Academic Achievement Among The Students At The Secondary Level.

4190-4201 Dr. K. SHEEBA

Women Safety At Workplace: Legal Scenario

4202-4216 Dr.Dilshad Shaik, PSS Gowrishangar

An Analysis of Women Safety Apps Among Smart Phone Users

4217-4224 Dr.R Jeyanthi

Domestic and Public Violence


A Study of Cognitive orientation towards Politics among the college students of Pulwama District of Jammu and Kashmir

4231-4249 Dr. Nazim Mohi Ud Din Wani, Dr. Neelam Pandey

Politics and Aesthetics of Bharatanatyam in Dance like a man

4250-4260 Dr R Devanand

Cost Management Practices in Selected Steel Companies in BSE


Crimes against Wildlife


Jallianwala Bagh Massacre: A Critical Analysis

4278-4288 Som Nat Sharma

Improving the Services of Primary Health Centre using mCARE Technology to Reduce Infant and Maternal mortality Rate in Rural Area

4289-4300 Dr.N. Tajunisha

Women Entrepreneurs Skill Development in India

4301-4311 Dr.HARISH .N.

Representing The Muffled Voices In The Plays of Manjula Padmanabhan and Dina Mehta

4312-4319 Samiksha Sharma

Customers’ Perception Towards Services Provided By Public and Private Sector Banks In Villupuram District

4320-4330 Dr. D KARTHIKEYAN

A Study on Quality of Management Education In Mumbai

4331-4342 Prof. (Dr.) Sandeep Nemlekar , Prof. (Dr.) Kamlesh Tiku , Prof. (Dr.) Siddhi Jagdale

Demerger; A Corporate Reconstruction Tool and Its Taxation Implication


Literary Adaptation on Screen: The Hours

4367-4373 Jugabrat Choudhury

A Study of Stress of Anxiety and Adjustment level of Working Women in North Bihar

4374-4385 Dr. Priyanka Kumari

Public Participation In Policy Formulation Process

4386-4391 Supriya

The Fema Versus The Fera: A Comparative Analysis

4392-4397 Anurag Agrawal

Women &Crime: The Rising of New Branch In Criminology

4398-4404 Dr. Kranti Deshmukh

A Study on Work-Life Balance Among Ites employees With Special Reference To Coimbatore District of Tamilnadu

4405-4418 Dr. E.T. Lokganathan, Mrs.C. Pramila

Social Security Vis-À-Vis Human Rights: A Legal Perspective

4419-4426 Sonia Rani

A Study on Customer Satisfaction on Dth Service Providers

4427-4441 Dr.D. Padma, M. Nithya

Role of Globalization and Its Impact on Mass Media

4442-4453 Dr. Balbinder Singh

Theoretical Framework on Importance of Article 356 In Indian Constitution

4454-4461 Sushila, Dr. Surender Kumar

Comparison of Shoulder Strength Between Basketball Players of Technical and Non-Technical Universities of Haryana State

4462-4465 Anurag

Effect of Yoga on Selected Strength Variables Among Cricket Players

4466-4471 Dr.S.RAJA

Influence of Strength Training on Speed and Strength Among Under Graduate Students

4472-4477 Dr.S.R.V. RAVINDRAN

Effect of Physical Activity Programme on ADHD Symptoms in Moderate Mentally Retarded Children

4478-4483 Dr.Kishor Kumar.B.S

Migration from legacy ILS to Koha: Different approaches to the Indian context.

4484-4499 Vimal Kumar V.

Gauging Website Attributes and Its Impact on Women Online Purchase Pattern

4500-4509 Komal Rani, Dr. Anjali Ahuja

Social Media and Society :An analysis

4510-4516 Dr.Neeraj Kumar Rai

Role of Business Incubators In Budding Entrepreneurs and Creating New Business In Tamilnadu

4517-4522 B.Menaka , C. Parkavi

A Study on Consumer Statisfaction Towards Coco-Cola Company With Reference To Chennai

4523-4531 S.ASHWIN

A Study on Financial Performance of Selected Public Sector and Private Sector Banks In India

4532-4543 MANJULA.V

An Analysis on Child Abuse and Neglect By Parents and Caregivers

4544-4549 Dr. R Khanchana

Performance Evaluation of SBI Focused Equity Fund: An Empirical Study

4550-4559 Dr.Sathish P, Janani Ravinagarajan , Dr.Chandrakala G

Global Marketing In India- Opportunities and Challenges

4560-4570 Sam Paul.B , Dr.Radha Ganesh Kumar

Application of An Artificial Neural Network In The Prediction of Leprosy In Anti-Leprosy Vaccination Trial

4571-4582 Dr.A. Venmani, Dr.R. Ramakrishnan

A Study of Customer Opinion on Medical Stores In Bhuvanagiri Town Chidambaram District

4583-4592 T.GOKUL

A Study on Job Satisfaction of Insurance Employees With Special Reference To Insurance Companies In Chennai

4593-4604 V. Sathyavathi

Analyzing The Factors Affecting Employee Retention In IT Organizations At STPI Nagpur

4605-4622 Dr. Pallavi Badre

‘Akoopar – The Infinite’ By Dhruv Bhatt: Depiction of Women Characters For Sustainable Cultural Heritage

4623-4630 Mansi Joshi, (Dr.) Ami Umakant Upadhyay

An Analytical Study of Factors Motivating Salaried Class Employees For Payment of Taxes.

4631-4642 Dr. Anagha Bhope Bopde

The Digital Mutual Fund Distribution Revolution: Opportunity Through Change

4643-4650 Rakhi Agarwal, Dr. Ritwik Sahai Bisariya

A Study on Factors Related To Work-Family Conflicts: With Special Reference To Working Women

4651-4660 Shweta Singh, Dr. Kanchan Lata Sinha

Artificial Intelligence: A Digital Transformation Tool in Entertainment and Media Industry

4661-4675 Mr. Ravindar Meena, Ms. Priyanka Jingar, Dr. Sachin Gupta

Studies of Indoor Mite Fauna From Punjab (India)

4676-4692 Harwinder Kaur, Madhu Bala, Navpreet Kaur

Eating-out Motivations of Indian Consumers

4693-4705 Mrs. Nithya Raguprasadh, Dr. T. Frank Sunil Justus, Dr. S. Prem Kumar

Impact on Efficiency of Personnel Management Practices In Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation Invillupuram District

4706-4716 G.MANOJ, Dr.I. NARSIS

Internet Addiction as an Emerging Disorder: A Systematic Review

4717-4730 C. P. Khokhar, Abhinav Gaur

Analyzing The Role of Monetary Reward on Motivation of Employees In Retail Sectors

4731-4744 Nidhi Pandey

Workplace Incivility, Job Performance and Turnover Intention among Employees Working in Corporate Sector

4745-4754 Ravi Rathee, Shalini Singh

Sexual Politics in Theyyam

4755-4759 Dr. Priyalekha. N S

Bereavement During Menopause : Twisting The Knife

4760-4765 Tyagi Sonica , Khan M.Ataur Rahman

Walt Whitman-the Prophet of Body and the Soul with reference to Song of Myself

4766-4771 Dr. Dushyant Nimavat

Bibliometric Analysis of Research Contribution on Health Information Systems

4772-4785 Ishfaq Ahmad Palla, Abid Hussain Bhat, Waseem Majid Khan

A Study of Coconut Cultivation and Marketing Problems in Coimbatore District


Automatic Ticket, Elections and Democraacy in Nigeria


An Exploratory study on - How customers’ choice depends on marketing strategies of selected home appliances


A Critical Perspective of Customer Relationship Management on Customer Gratification

4825-4833 Dr. S. Raja Sharmila

E-Governance in Jammu Kashmir with special reference to e-governance project (Khidmat Center) and its Dares:

4834-4841 Shakeel Ahmed

Disaster Data Collection and Detection Based on Optimized Energy Based Clustering Protocol (OECP) In Wireless Sensor Networks

4842-4851 Mrs.D. Dhatchayni , Dr.D. Anitha

Tracing the Growth of Western Education in Naga Hills during British Rule: An Empirical Study

4852-4864 Dr.Chungmeijai Mathew MK

Mobile Banking: A Tool for Digital India

4865-4871 Anu. G.S , Dr. Soju.S

Ancient Indian Perspective on Environment

4872-4881 Dr. Anup Kumar Dey

Determinants of Investment Decision in Residential Property - An Empirical Analysis: Evidence from Kolkata, India

4882-4896 Dr. Sudin Bag, Dr. Nilanjan Ray, Dr. Biswajit Roy

Assessment Prevalence and Types of Refractive Error among School Children in Thiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu

4897-4916 Salah Ahmed Moussa, Dr jaya Devendra

Social Media and Society: An analysis

4917-4923 Dr.Neeraj Kumar Rai

Comparative Study on E-Banking Services between Nationalized and Private Banks in Dindigul District

4924-4931 C. Muthuraj, Dr.T. Gayathri

Parental Communication with Adolescent Girls: A Social Work Perspective

4932-4941 Smt. Suma K G, Dr. Ganadhar B.Sonar

National Skill Training Institute for Women in Trivandrum: A Boon to Skill Development towards Entrepreneurship

4942-4950 Thasneem S. S.

Encountering Ethics, Economics and Ecology in Gift in Green

4951-4960 Dr. Soumya Murukesh

Screening of Multi Drug Resistant Opportunistic Pathogen of Enterobacteriaceae From General Medicalese

4961-4976 T. Vinodh kumar, G. Ramanathan, Kaviyarasan

A Study of Chemical Characteristic of Pravara River, In Different Sites – Ahmednagar District, Maharastra , India.

4977-4988 Dr. Gadekar Deepak Janardhan

Role of Human Rights Non-Governmental Organizations In Promotion and Protection of Human Rights In Kashmir Region

4989-5000 Tajamul Maqbool

Declining Ground Water Level in Haryana: A Challenge

5001-5013 Seema Redhu, Dr. Rekha Israni

Shashi Tharoor’s Riot: Perspectives on History, Politics and Culture

5014-5019 Dr. Kamlesh

Principles and Applications of Green Chemistry: An Overview

5020-5028 Monika Jaglan, Dr. Rekha Israni

Physical Fitness Variables Helpful In Identification of Talent Among Youth In Alpine Skiing

5029-5038 Showkat Bashir , G. Vinod Kumar, Jaseemul Rashid

Crm In Retail Sector: Business Analysis and Future Outlay

5039-5049 Tapesh Dubey, Dr Lokeshver Singh Jodhana

Quality Work Life Balance:Theoretical Framework


A Comparative Study of Factors of Perceived Usefulness and Perceived Ease of Use of Customers of Public and Private Sector Banks

5060-5069 Deepak Shrivastava, Apurva Shrivastava , Gyan Prakash

The Makadwala Community: Truth Behind The Stigma of Criminality In India

5070-5082 Shree.Sandeep Krishana Patil

Information Technology on Human Resource Function Transformation In Selected Automobile Companies


Assessment of Brand Loyalty Among Indian Consumers

5089-5097 Dr. Ganesh R

A Study on Sales Analysis of Kerala Khadi and Village Industries Board

5098-5104 ARCHANA M

Relation between Environment and Forms of Settlement : A Systematic Geographical study of Old Shahabad District of Bihar

5105-5112 Dr. Lalit Sagar, Indrajeet Narayan

Prevalence of Nigrosporaspores Over Sunflower Fields

5113-5118 Pathare G.M

An Overview of Problems Faced By Women Domestic Workers In India

5119-5123 Dr.N.Sayira Banu

Dependence of Kerala Government Exchequer on Liquor Market

5124-5135 Manju rajan

Motivation - An Intelligent Way For The Inspiration of Insurance Company Officers

5136-5145 Dr. G. Balachandar, Prof. Dr. N. Panchanatham

Teachers’ Perspectives on Transforming For Sustainable Development In Education

5146-5151 P. Sujatha, Dr. C.Mahimai Arul Ignatius

A Study on Consumers Satisfaction Towards Online Marketing on Durable Goods In Kovilpatti Taluk, Thoothukudi District

5152-5157 Dr. K. Mariappan, J. Anand

A Study on Sustainability of Women Entrepreneurs In Beauty Industry

5158-5164 Mary Anugraga. A

A Study on Customer Perception In Digital Marketing With Household Articles In Tirunelveli City

5165-5170 Dr. A. Aruna Devi, S.Selvakumari

Role of Human Resource Management In An Organisation

5171-5176 Dr A. Aruna Devi, P. Nandhini

A Study on Changing Business Scenario and Corporate Governance In Tirunelveli District

5177-5180 Dr. A. Aruna Devi, M.DEENA

A Study on Recruitment and Selection Process Among The Recruiters In Selected Human Resource Service Consultancies In Chennai

5181-5189 Dr. I. Azma, Dr. P. Kannadas

Consumer Purchase Decision and Satisfaction of Digital Marketing In India

5190-5194 M. Narayanan, Dr. B. Raja

Growth Framework For Innovative Entrepreneurship – With Specal Reference For Women Entrepreneur

5195-5204 Dr. T. Venkatesan, Dr. S. Pasupathi

Crucial Change of Indian Banking System – With Special Reference To Public Sector Banks

5205-5212 Dr. T. Venkatesan, Dr. S. Chandrasekaran

Impact of Tourism Industry

5213-5218 Dr.J. Malarvizhi, M. Bala Subbulakshmi

Green Consumerism: Moral Motivations To A Sustainable Future

5219-5225 Dr.K.Bala Sathya

Challenges Faced By The Muslim Women Entrepreneurs: A Study With Special Reference To Tirunelveli District

5226-5231 M. Fathima Farhana, Dr. S. David Appathurai

Recent Changing Scenario In Indian Banking Sector

5232-5240 Dr. S. Chandrasekaran, Sri. M. Narayanan

A Study on Entrepreneurship In Changing Economic Scenario In Tirunelveli City

5241-5246 G. Aarthi, Dr. V. Sangeetha

A Study on Student Attitudes Towards Social Media In Tuticorin Dist

5247-5252 G.Karthik, Dr. M. Murugeswari

The Problems Faced By The Patients While Availing Hospitals Services In Tirunelveli District

5253-5264 S. Glady Eswara Raj, Dr. S. Mabel Latha Rani

Marketing Strategies For Business Enhancement

5265-5270 Dr. J. Malarvizhi, K. Nivetha

A Study on Entrepreneurship In Changing Economic Scenario

5271-5274 Dr.N. Kamala, M. Maheswari

Current Scenario of Unorganised Sector With Special Reference To Rural Entreprenuers In Tirunelveli District

5275-5302 C. Jeya Gowri, Dr. S. Dani Roman Singh

A Study on Customers’ Behaviour Towards Bsnl and Jio

5303-5307 N. Mariammal

A Study on Students Perception Towards Make In India Concept In Thoothukudi District

5308-5312 P. Kaleeshwari

A Study on Consumer Awareness and Usage of E-Banking Services With Special Reference To Thoothukudi District

5313-5319 P.Rajeswari, Dr. M. Murugeswari

Buying Pattern Behaviour of Women Customers In Online Shopping:With Special Reference To Tirunelveli District

5320-5326 K. Packialakshmi, Dr.S.David Appathurai

Job Satisfaction of Private Bank Employees With Special Reference To Tuticorin District

5327-5332 M. Rajalakshmi, Dr.R.R.Santhi Salomi

A Study on Customers Perception Towards The Usage of Ktm Bikes In Thoothukudi District

5333-5341 A.Priyanka, Dr.B. Ponnuthai

Consumers Purchase Intentions Towards Energy-Efficient Appliances: An Empirical Study Based on Technology Acceptance Model and Theory of Planned Behaviour In Tirunelveli.

5342-5347 M. Siva Bharathy

A Study on Role of Human Resource Management In Industries In Tirunelveli City

5348-5354 S.Johitha Shiyamli, Dr. N. Kamala

Customers Perception Towards Online Banking In Tenkasi District

5355-5359 S.Veni, A.Krishna Kumar

Job Satisfaction of Employees Working In Esic With Special Reference To Thoothukudi and Tirunelveli

5360-5367 K. Maria Snobiya, Dr. B. Ponnuthai

A Study on Work-Life Balance of Self Finacing Professors In Colleges In Thoothukudi

5368-5376 Dr. A. Saleth Mary Vetriselvi

Impact of Shopping Mall on Unorganised Retailing A Study With Special Reference To Thoothukudi Dist

5377-5382 Dr.K. Mariappan, Mrs.S. Maheswari

Role of Institutional Credit For Agriculture Development In Kovilpatti Taluk, Thoothukudi District

5383-5389 Dr.K. Mariappan, Mrs.S. Manjula

Impact of Tourism Centers - A Special Reference To Tirunelveli District

5390-5397 Dr.K. Mariappan, Miss.S. Praba

Consumer Behaviour of Fmcg Products – An Empirical Study

5398-5401 Dr.P.Kalpan devi, Ms.S. Sivanandhini

A Study on Consumer Perception Towards Maruti Suzuki Cars In Tirunelveli District

5402-5411 Dr.(Smt)N. Kamala, Smt.S.Arumuga Selvi

A Study on The Factors Influencing Hrm Practices In Manufacturing Industries In Tirunelveli City

5412-5417 Dr. N. Kamala, M. Chandra

B2c Digital Shopping – Structuralequation Modeling Analysis

5418-5421 M.Sharmila Devi

A Study on Customer Satisfaction Towards Tvs Scooty Zest 110 In Thanjavur District

5422-5427 R. Radhka, Dr. N. Manickkavasakam

An Economic Analysis Internal Labour Migration In India

5428-5434 P. Kavitha, Dr. A. Valliammai

Evaluating The Need For Smart Cities

5435-5439 Dr. S. Jaber Asan

Use of E-Resources Among The Research Scholars of St. Joseph’s College, Trichirappalli: A Study

5440-5446 Dr. S. Srinivasaragavan, Dr. N. Prasanna Kumari, Mr. M. Duraimurugan

Job Satisfaction among Hospital Employees of J&K: A Comparison of Medical and Para Medical Staff.

5447-5454 Dr Parvez Abdullah, Ms Sabeha Mufti

Preventive and Control Programme of Leprosy In Tamil Nadu After Independence


Role of Banks In Promoting Entrepreneurship Through Financing The Small and Medium Enterprises

5474-5500 Rachana Saxena, Chandrani Ganguly

Impact of Psychological Empowerment on Job Satisfaction ( A Case Study Of IT Companies In Mysore Districts )

5501-5508 Archana.M.V, Dr.B. Nagaraju

Place Branding; Future Prospects of Tourism and Foreign Investment

5509-5517 Ajeesh V, Dr. K S Chandrasekar

Emotional Intelligence and Demographic Variables: A Study on Banking Sector

5518-5525 Neha Choudhary, Prof. S.P.S. Bhadu

3 Pl Market In India: Opportunities and Challenges

5526-5540 Subroto Ganguly

Role of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (Msmes) In Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

5541-5552 Prof. Shalini Dubey, Nidhi Verma

A Teacher’s Role In English Language Teaching (Elt)

5553-5557 Dr. M. Sundram

An Ethnographic Reading of Rajam Krishnan’s When The Kurinji Blooms

5558-5563 Dr.R. Priya

Social and Cuitural Exploitation In Ngugi Wa Thiong’o’s A Grain of Wheat

5564-5568 Ms . V. Anushya devi

Feminist Literary Activism In Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah

5569-5573 S.Thasleema Yasmin

Developing Reading Skills of Arts and Science College Students of Tiruchirapalli

5574-5582 V.Vijay Harish

Identity Crisis of Life Evolved Through Illegal Sex and Sexual Violence In Anita Nair’s Select Works

5583-5587 Dr.C. Chellappan, Dr. V. Nagarajan

The Theme of Spirituality in Gita Mehta’s A River Sutra

5588-5593 Dr.C.S. Jeyaraman

Global Power or Babel Tower?—Evaluating America Against Its Linguistic Backdrop

5594-5603 Dr. M. Rajendra Pandian

Kazuo Ishiguro’s PaleView of Hills: An Epitome of Hypermnesia

5604-5608 Jadeeda Saleem

Erosion of Values In American Society As Portrayed In David Mamet’s American Buffalo

5609-5615 R. Sellaraj Manuneethi

Myth Symbolizing Feminine World In Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s The Palace of Illusions

5616-5619 S. MASIMALAR

Negotiating Space: Mapping Dalit Assertion

5620-5628 C. Joel Gnanadoss Timothy

Delineation of Religion in Gita Mehta’s A River Sutra

5629-5631 B.Priyanka

Techniques For Developing Listening Skills of Higher Secondary School Teachers of Virudunagar District

5632-5638 S.M. Kanmani

Teaching Poetry To Pen New Poems

5639-5643 Dr. V. P. RATHI

The Theme of Cross-Cultural Conflicts In Jhabvala’s A New Dominion

5644-5648 D. Suruthi

TBLT For Teaching Poetry At The Tertiary Level

5649-5654 Dr.K. Maheswari

The Picturesque of Indian Family Life In Ruth Prawer Jhabvala’s The Householder

5655-5661 Ms. M. Backialakshmi

The Concept of Science Fiction (SF) in Indian English Literature in Future

5662-5668 Dr. L. Thimmesha

Introducing Nigel Tranter's “The Bruce Trilogy” and Kalki's “Ponniyin Selvan”- A Comparative View

5669-5672 M. Vinoth Kumar

Women in Vijay Tendulkar Select Plays

5673-5676 V. Karthiyayenee , Dr. C. Chitra

Wanja: A Representative of Post Independent African Womanhood

5677-5680 S.K.Gowri Sankar

The Vocational Implementation and Analysis of Computing Software For The Department of Mathematics

5681-5685 Banda Srinivasrao

A Study of Students and Teachers Views Towards Grading System of Evaluation In Urban & Rural Higher Secondary Schools

5686-5703 Sonia Gupta, Deepak Kumar

Study of Learning and Thinking Styles In Relation To Their Anxiety Among Secondary School Students

5704-5719 Dr. Naresh kumar, Deepak Kumar

Queer Studies

5720-5724 Dr.P.Felvia Shanthi

Mind The Gap - Psychosocial Problems of M2f Transgenders

5725-5732 B.GoldenKisha, Dr.P.Felvia Shanthi

Gender Violence- Reconceptualizing Sexual Harassment at Work Place

5733-5747 Dr. D. Bhuvaneswari

Child Marriage Is A Social Evil


A Study of Issues and Directions: Operations Management of Logistics and Supply Chain”

5754-5769 Prof.(Dr.) Milind Audumbar Kulkarni, Dr.Dilip Nana Aher

Customers’ Perception on Organised Retail Outlets - With Special Reference To South Tamil Nadu


A Study of Farmers’ Attitude and Intention To Cultivate Tomato For Sustainable Development

5777-5787 Dr. Y.S. IRINE JIJI

A Study on The Impact of Organizational Climate on Employee Engagement In Banking Sector

5788-5793 Dr. PRIYA

Strategies of Recruitment and Selection: A Study of the Influence on Performance with Respect to Textile Business

5794-5803 Dr. R. Rajini Kanth

Artificial Intelligence Impact on HR Practices in Various Sectors in India

5804-5814 K. Prabakaran

Variance Explained by Perceived Risk in Mobile Banking

5815-5827 DR.T. VELMURUGAN

Knowledge and Practices of Minimum Birth Intervals: a case study of Rural Mothers of Sandur, Ballari, Karnataka

5828-5836 Mr. Laxman Toli

A Study on the Perception of Customers towards Use of Digital Payment as a Mode for Online Shopping

5837-5849 RINU RAJU

A Study on Balancing The Generational Diversity In The Workplace - With Special Reference To Arts and Science Colleges In Kancheepuram District

5850-5856 Dr. D. SHANTHI

An Empirical Study on Mobilewallets - With Special Reference To Chennai City


A Study on Socio-Economic Conditions of Women Entrepreneurs In Kanyakumari District

5867-5872 Dr.R.R. PREETHI

Synergetic Effect of Gluconacetobacterdiazotrophicus and Glomus Fasciculatum on The Control of Colletotrichumfalcatum In The Cultivation of Sugarcane

5873-5877 Dr. V. PRABUDOSS

Knowledge Level of Recommended Precision Farming Practices Among Tomato Growers


An In-Depth Study on Cultural Care Practices Followed In Hospitals


Effect of Store Atmospherics on Consumer Emotions


An Exploration on Driving Forces Leading To Nurses At-trition At Home Healthcare Services


Potentiatiation of Coriadrum Sativum on The Revesal of Diabetic Nephropathyi Stz-Induced Diabetic Rats

5914-5924 Dr. B. DEEPA

Perception of Borrowers and Bank Employees Towards Repayment of Education Loan

5925-5931 Prof. ASHWITHA

An Overview on Emotional Exhaustion Among Dual Earner Couples In Cuddalore District

5932-5937 Dr. J. JAYAVEL

Impact of Mobile Commerce on Customers’ Purchase Decision - With Reference To Retail Sector In Bangalore

5938-5949 Dr. K.N. KALAIVANI

Job Satisfaction in Banking Sector: A Comparative Study of Public and Private sector banks

5950-5957 Manisha Devi, Dr Parul Khanna, Dr Shagun Ahuja

Working Capital Problems of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (Msms) In India.

5958-5971 Dr. M. Selvaraj, M. Abirami

A Study on Role of Technology on Improvement of Consumerism

5972-5984 Mr. Prasanna, Dr. Raju.V

A Study on Customer Satisfaction Towards Service Quality of Home Appliances In Tiruttani

5985-5989 Dr. S. PADMANABAN

Women Empowerment Through Csr In India


Women Entrepreneurship and Rural Development


A Study on Consumers Behaviour of Retail Jewell Store Choice With Reference To Madurai City

6007-6016 DR.A. RAMYA

Financial Security


Impacts of Globalization on Consumerism Practices: A Study

6026-6031 Dr.V. Nirmala Devi, Thomas Tracy

A Study on Women Customers Attitude Towards Online Shopping In Vaniyambadi Town, Vellore District

6032-6039 N. KARPAGAM, Dr. T. BHARATHI

Impact of Gst on Indian Economy


Gender Inequality Index –Conceptual Analysis


Indicators For Assessing Women Empowerment - A Study

6063-6073 Dr. R. Unnamalai

Economic Contribution of Malik Ambar in Deccan

6074-6078 Dr. K.M. Ambade

Data Intensive Applications and Challenges : A Survey on Map Reduce

6079-6087 R.N. Panda, Dr Sabyasachi Pattnaik

Geographic Study of Factors Affecting Population Distribution In Katihar District

6088-6094 Dr. GAURAV KUMAR

Sex and Violence in Two Virgins

6095-6101 Ms. Varsha

A Review on Anaerobic Chambers

6102-6115 Souvik Tewari, Ranajit Kumar Khalua

Impact of Formal Adaptation Strategies on Livelihood and Disaster Risk Reduction: Study on Marine Fishing Communities In Kerala

6116-6138 Feba David

Status of Water supply & Sanitation of Slum Dwellers: A Case study of Balurghat Municipality, West Bengal

6139-6151 Md. Hajiqul Alam , Dr. Sharat Chandra

Human Development Stages From Infancy to Late Adulthood: Case study


Psychological Well-Being Among Adolescents: A Differential Study

6184-6206 Dr. Nimisha Beri, Tanvi Pathak

Millennials and Consumerism- An Empirical Study

6207-6224 Mr. Suman Kumar Rath, Ms. Sumashankari S, Ms. Sunidhi Sonthalia, Ms. Supraja S

A New Era of Cashless Economy and Its Impact on Indian Economy


Dr.B.R.AMBEDKAR Views on Dalith Women Empowerment

6237-6244 Dr.Ramesh.M.N

Private and Public: Exploring ‘Sense of Absence’ in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Novel The Remains of the Day

6245-6251 Harit Kumar

An Introduction To Intellectual Property Rights and Their Importance In Indian Context

6252-6256 Tushar Kadian

Cultural Activism in The Scent of Pepper by Kavery Nambisan

6257-6263 Veena Rani, Dr. Sudhir Kumar

World of Fantasy: A Psychoanalytical Study of Shirley Jackson’s Haunting of Hill House and Hangsman

6264-6270 Mithlesh, Dr. Sudhir Kumar

A Study On Surrogacy In India

6271-6281 RAVINA YADAV

Influence of Resistance Training on Endurance Among Under Graduate Students

6282-6286 Dr.S.R.V. RAVINDRAN

A Study on Production and Marketing of Poultry Products In - Namakkal District

6287-6294 S. Dhanaselvi, Dr.T. Gayathri

Yoga and Pranayama Is A New Life Style and Science For Good Health of School Students

6295-6302 Sajeesh K C

A Study on The Employability of Library Science With Special Reference To Kerala

6303-6309 Dr. KR. Senthil kumar

Composite Runge – Kutta Method Fourth Order For Based on Variety of Means By Using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Differential Equations

6310-6330 Dr.M. Mary Jansi Rani, K.Jamshida

Numerical Solutions For Solving Fivps Using Third Order Runge–Kutta Method Based on Variety of Means

6331-6343 Dr.M. Mary Jansi Rani, K.Jamshida

A Study on Investors’ Satisfaction Towards Small Savings In India With Reference To Alappuzha District, Kerala


A Study on Digital Financial Trnsations Performed By Citizens of Visakhapatnam City


Examination of Chemicals Used In Trap Cases


Dimensions of Customer Relationship Management In Enhancing Customer Satisfaction –An Empirical Study

6384-6399 Jalaja, Dr. R Prakash Babu

Quality of Work Life Leads To Career Contentment With Superior Allusion To Women Teachers– An Empirical Study

6400-6408 Mrs. E.Keren Judi, Dr. S. David Amirtha Rajan, Dr. S. Bala Jeshurun

Democratic Decentralization Panchayati Raj and 73rd Constitutional Amendment (WEST BENGAL)


A Study on The Operational efficiency of Selected Indian Iron and Steel Industries a Post Merger Performance Analysis


Understanding The Role of Job Satisfaction For An Employee In Terms of Job Performance

6426-6434 Trishna Upadhyay, Dr. Manoj Awasthi

User Perception of Digital Libraries In India: Problems & Prospects

6435-6443 Dr. Bharti

Impact of Domestic Violence on Socioeconomic Background With Respect To Legal Measures

6444-6452 Rita Yadav, Dr. Somlata Sharma

A Study on Business Opportunities In Exim Bank

6453-6457 J.Sathish Kumar, K.Dhiptha Dharshini, S. Madhumitha

Consumer Behaviour on Aavin Milk Products In Chennai City

6458-6470 J.Sathish Kumar, K.Manoj, R.G. Dillibabu

A Study on Impact of Gst on Media And Entertainment Industry In Chennai City

6471-6476 J.Sathish Kumar, Dr. A. Krishnan

E-HRM Systems- An Overview

6477-6485 Vinodhini.R, Venkatesh.R, Anandhi.K

Sales People Innovativeness on Customer Knowledge Management For Increasing Sales Performance In Organic Food Products

6486-6499 Balaji KC, Dr.K. Sathyanarayan

A Study on Customer Satisfaction of Apple I – Phone With Special Reference To Perambalur District

6500-6509 Mr. BALA MURUGAN

Digital Marketing and The Impacts of Social Media Marketing


Emerging Trends In Commerce and Management Digital Marketing

6518-6523 Dr.V.DEEPA , ANIRUDH C

Management of Non- Performing Assets With Reference To Asset Quality In Public Sector Banks

6524-6531 Dr Subramanian, D. Yamuna

Green Entrepreneurship In Organic Farming


Impact of Advertisement on Over The Counter (OTC) Medicines

6539-6548 G.Abarna , Dr.R. Shanthi

Eco-Friendly Entrepreneur- A Beacon Light To Green India; Dream India

6549-6554 Dr.R.Meenakshi Devi

Employee Stress Management In Dongwoo Surface Tech India Pvt. Ltd (Tamilnadu)”

6555-6564 Dr.J.Suresh, Mr.K. Malarventhan

Financial Inclusion Financial Literacy For Farmers In India

6565-6572 DR.VL. RAJU

Customers Preference Towards Online Shopping

6573-6582 Mrs. R. Kavitha

A Study on Popularity of Online Payment In Chennai City

6583-6586 Ms.R. Revathi, Ms.Fathima Banu

Adoption of E -Commerce Practices among The Farmers in Trichy District

6587-6596 D.Rengaraj , Dr.N.S. Shibu

Adoption of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) For Agriculture In India

6597-6604 D.Rengaraj

Consumer Brand Preference For Consumer Durable Goods With Reference Puducherry District

6605-6615 K. Veerappan

A Study on Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction With Special Reference To Sugar Industry In Perambalur District

6616-6626 Dr. M. Vaneedharan

A Study on Stress Among Women Entrepreneurs In Tiruchirappalli District


Sustainable Development of Coal Mining In Asia-Pacific

6639-6656 Pabitra Singh

Impact of FDI on Employment Growth In Service Sector of India

6657-6676 Dr Yogita Varshney

Antecedents of Customer Satisfaction In Retail Store

6677-6686 Sitender Rathi

A Brief Study on Cyber Crime & Cyber Law’s of India


Evaluation The Policies of Women Empowerment At Grass Root Level In India (With Special Reference To Jaipur In Rajasthan)

6697-6706 Dr. Rita Jain

Interpretation of Reality Through Third Theatre: A Sociological Study of The Badalsircar’sstale News

6707-6714 Kamal Kumar

Debris of Survival: A Structural Analysis of Tess Of The d’Urbervilles By Thomas Hardy

6715-6722 MohdSarfraz Lone

Case History

6723-6726 Aatish

Kidnapping: A Social and Criminal Trauma of Victim

6727-6729 Poonam

The Existing Trepidation of Micro financing : Revisiting Manipur

6730-6736 Dr. Ksh. Narayan Singh , Vimol Prakalpong

Study of Consumer Behaviour Model and Goodness of Fit In Online Retail

6737-6748 Subasish Mohanty, Prof. B Ramesh, Dr. Manasvi Kamat

The Impact of Consumer Decision In Online Food Services In Special Reference To Chennai

6749-6758 Dr.Murugan Ramu, Dr.Agusthiyar Ramu

Planning and Stability of Economic Growth In India: Some Insights From India, China, Japan, USSR

6759-6785 Harmanender Singh

Taxonomic Study of Insect Pests of Brassica sp. of Narajole and Its Adjoining Area, Paschim Midnapore District, West Bengal, India

6786-6793 Ranajit Kumar Khalua

Internet Banking Services of The Deaf People

6794-6801 K.P. SIMNA, Dr.V. SATHIYA

Antecedents of Work Stress In Recruiters


Green Supply Chain Management

6809-6816 Dr. B. SARANYA

Impact on Psychological Stress at Work Place Among The School Teachers In Tiruchirappalli Corporation

6817-6826 D.RAMYA, Dr. N. SAVITHRI

A Study on The Challenges of Banking Services

6827-6832 Dr. T.S. ARCHANA

Prospects and Challenges of Rural Women Entrepreneurship Development In Kozhikkode District

6833-6840 Dr.P KANNAN, Mrs Aneesath.M

Emerging Trend In Human Resource Management Employee Engagement Stratergy

6841-6847 V.Smitha

Attitude of Male and Female Government School Teachers of Gurgaon District towards Teaching ICT

6848-6852 Dr. Deepa Rani

Tourism Rejuvenation Through Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana(Hriday): A Case Study of Ghats (River Fronts) Of Varanasi

6853-6874 SujayVikram Singh, Rajeev Ranjan

Comparison of Aerobic training Between Circuit Training on Anaerobic Power Among Polytechnic College Men

6875-6879 S. Nagarajan, Dr.D. Devaki

Effect of Yogic Training and Flexibility Training on Anxiety Among Players and Atheletes

6880-6885 P.S.Vinoth kumar, Dr.D. Devaki

Esl In India: A Psycholinguistic Approach

6886-6900 KS Kapaliswaran, Dr S. Joseph Arul Jayraj

Impact of Neelakurinji on Tourism In Kerala : With Special Reference To Eravikulam National Park (Munnar)


The Challenge of English Orthography To Indian Learners

6909-6920 KS Kapaliswaran, Dr S. Joseph Arul Jayraj

Panchayat Election In Jammu and Kashmir 2011: A Case Study In Kulgam District

6921-6929 Arif Ahmad Nengroo

Effect of Yogic Practice on Selected Physiological and Psychological Variables Among Physically Challenged Male Children’s

6930-6933 Dr.P. KUMARAVELU

A Study on Investment and Dicision Analysis at Edelweiss Industries Pvt. Ltd.Hyderabad.


A Study on Security Analysis With Special Reference To Indainbulls


A Study on Technical Analysis at Ventura Securities


A Conceptual Framework of Employee Engagement on Generational Differences


Employment and Income Opportunity In Cashew Sector In India

6980-6988 Dr. B. MANIVANNAN

Entrepreneurship Development Through Agricultural Products – With Special Reference To Cardamom

6989-6997 Dr. P. SELVAMANI

Global Warming

6998-7004 Dr. S. SHANTHI

A Study on Production and Marketing of Mango In Salem District of Tamil Nadu


Effect of Service Satisfaction For Customers Based on Their Income - With Reference To General Insurance Policy


A Study on Factors Influencing of Children Buying Behaviour


Factors Influencing The Teenagers In Buying Two-Wheelers


Consumer Behaviour Towards Fast Moving Consumer Goods In Erode District, Tamil Nadu

7031-7039 Dr. C. PALANICHAMY

A Comparative Study on The Financial Performance of Leading Textile Companies In India

7040-7044 K.A. THANUJA

Customers’ Preference Towards Nature’s Basket Organic Products - With Reference To Bengaluru City

7045-7050 Dr. SARANYA S

Achievement Motivation - A Key Element In Entrepreneurship Development Among Women Micro Entrepreneurs


A Study on Work Life Balance Among Women Employees In Selected Service Sectors In Madurai District

7061-7069 Dr. I. AZMA, Dr. P. KANNADAS

An Impact of Health Expenditure on Indian Economic Growth


Financial Services of Icici Bank During Post A Total Melt down Critique


A Study on Customer Satisfaction of Hygienic of Star Hotels With Reference To Star Hotel In Madurai

7086-7096 K.P. Karthilingam

A Study on Organic Consumers Awareness and Attitude of Organic Vegetables At Tirupur

7097-7105 M.S. Kavitha

Agricultural Marketing In Tamilnadu-A Current Scenario

7106-7120 Dr.N. Palanivelu, J.Anupriya

Effect of Inverted Yoga on The Stress Management of College Students

7121-7125 Sajeesh K. C.

Impact of Yogasana and Pranayama on Selected Vo2 Max and Muscular Endurance Among School Boys

7126-7129 Dr.P. PREMNATH

Effects of Varied Frequences of Plyometric Training on Selected Strength Paramters of College Men

7130-7134 Dr.P. KUMARAVELU

A Study on Customer Opinion Towards Health Care Products In Digital Mode

7135-7140 K Subaniya Sarah

An Empirical Study Towards Relationship Between Gender and Sales Promotion

7141-7145 K Subaniya Sarah, Leena Jenefa

Utilization of Technology in Rural Development

7146-7155 Dr. Laxman Lal Salvi, Mr. Shravan Kumar

Aesthetics of Indian Culture in Amit Chaudhuri’s Works-I

7156-7165 Dr. Vivek

A Study of The Epigraphical Evidences of Bhumidana Made By Gurjara-Pratihara Kings

7166-7170 Dr. Rajeev Pratap

Views and Perspectives of Gandhiji on Religion and World Peace

7171-7179 Artham Sajeev

Effect of Conventional Resistance Training and Ballistic Training on Selected Body Composition and Strength Parameters

7180-7191 Dr.P. KUMARAVELU

Current Issues In Indian Economy In Goods and Service Tax (Gst)

7192-7199 S.VIDHYA

A Study on Awareness Level and Factors Influencing Investor’s Decision in Commodity Market


A Role of Economic Growth and Issues For Goods and Service Tax In India

7210-7217 Dr. S. Chandrasekaran , Sri. M. Narayanan

Human Resource Management Practices with Knowledge Management Implementation On Hospitals In Trichirappalli City

7218-7227 M.Chitra Devi, Dr.S. Elango

A Study on Work Life Balance of Employees Working In The Hospitality Industry – Chennai

7228-7235 S.DEEPIKA , Dr. S. ELANGO

Work Life Balance – The Need of The Hour

7236-7242 S.DEEPIKA, Dr. S. ELANGO

A Study on Employees Opinion Towards The Existing Performance Appraisal Method of Lanson Toyota

7243-7254 Dr. M. RENU

A Study on Consumers Awareness Towards Organic Food Products In Tiruchirapalli

7255-7261 M G Jeyalakshmi , Dr B. Arthi

Urbanization: An Emerging Issue In India

7262-7270 V. Kaleeswari, Dr.S.Gana Prakesh

Lifetime Maximization In Sensor Networks For Rare-Event Detection Using Optimal Sleep Scheduling


An Economic Analysis of Health and Hygiene Among The Tribal Women In Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu

7281-7287 Dr.T. Mallika, Dr.B. Neppolian

A Study on Financial Performance Analysis of Sbi and Hdfc Banks – A Comparative Study

7288-7294 B. Menaka , Dr. R. Kannappa

Current Issues & Challenges of Indian Economy

7295-7307 Dr.G. Suresh

Attrition and Retention of Employees In Indian It Sector

7308-7314 Muthamilarasu, Dr.D.Christy Selvarani

A Study on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Schemes In India


Tracking Gdp Graph To Decode The India’s Slow Down


A Study on Employees’ Perception on E-Banking Services In Madurai Region

7328-7332 Dr. B. Raja, Dr.S. Chandrasekaran

Green Marketing: Awareness of Green Products By Consumers In India.

7333-7339 B. REVATHI, Dr. R. KANNAPPA

Financial Statement Analysis of Sail With Regard To Indian Economy


Methods of Measuring National Income

7353-7360 DR. M. SENTHIL KUMAR

Enhanced Stutus and Political Participation of Tribal Women In Panchayat Raj System

7361-7366 Hanumanthappa.B, Dr. Sunitha.V. Ganiger

Does Agriculture Production Matter For Economic Growth?Empirical Evidence From India

7367-7373 Dr. Sachin N. Mehta

Evaluation of Training and Development of Secondary School Teachers: With Reference To Haryana State

7374-7384 Mrs Sangeeta

Effectiveness of Simulation In Teacher Education: With Reference To Private Schools In Haryana

7385-7395 Ms Jeevan Saini

Jagjivan Ram and Freedom Movement in Bihar

7396-7408 Ajeet Kumar

Study of Achievement Motivation In Relation To Mental Health of Adolescents

7409-7422 Sonia Mahi

Stylistic Analysis of The Auto-Biography of Bill Clinton “My Life”

7423-7433 Dr. Yogesh Ramdas Gangurde

Green Accounting (A Vital Part of Accounting System)

7434-7442 Neetu Singh

Proposed Solutions For Diophantine Equation 8^x+113^y=z^2

7443-7449 Ankit

Financial Planning and Investment Decision Leads Performance

7450-7458 JYOTI SHARMA

Cultural Translation of Text with Images In Kocharethi: The Araya Woman By Narayan

7459-7465 Krishnendu. K, Dr. Roweena B D’couto

Psychological Impacts Experienced By Low Vision Learners In Acquiring and Learning Language

7466-7472 Dr. Roweena B D’couto, Mukintha Priyadarsini. S

The Inevitability of Equitable Health Rights of Newborn Child towards the attainment of Right to Survival: the Indian Scenario

7473-7490 Jyotsna Raj

Working and Living Conditions of Women Domestic Workers in India

7491-7495 Dr.N.Sayira Banu

Unawareness of Unorganized labourers Towards Banking Services In Assam -A Study Made In Kamrup Metro District

7496-7503 Sangita Das

Study of Religious Value among Violent and Non-violent Male Offenders

7504-7507 Pundlik Vitthal Rasal

Role of Financial System In The Economic Development of A Country With Special Reference To Indian Economy

7508-7518 ANJANA M

Impact on Usage of Atm Card Among Debit Card With Reference To Kanchipuram District

7519-7528 V S Jayarani, R Sharmila devi

Dowry: As A Social Evil With Special Reference To Dowry Prohibition Act 1961-A View

7529-7535 Dr. D. Bindu Ramani

Constitutional Guarantee For Indian Women In Post Independent India – A Historical View

7536-7541 Dr. K. Anbarasu

Household Consumption of Solar Energy In Chennai

7542-7550 Dr. C. Joy Sheryl

Governance of Employee Safety In Healthcare Institutions

7551-7557 B. UmaShankari

Women Health Problems - Focusing on Indian Scenario

7558-7565 J.Sumathi, Dr.P. Anbalagan

An Impact of Online Sources Towards Purchase Decision of Consumers with Special Reference At Kanchipuram District

7566-7577 P. Hemaltha, M Saranya

Health and Nutritional Status of Women In Vellore District - A Study

7578-7589 J.Sumathi, Dr.Anbalagan

Impact of Communication Blockade on E-Governance In Jammu and Kashmir and It Challenges:

7590-7596 Shakeel Ahmed

Filtering Unwanted Spam Messages From Osn User Walls – A Survey


Impact of Demonetisation on Indian Economy

7605-7612 SUSHILA

A Society without Gender Discrimination

7613-7619 MANISHA LAL

The Effect of Om Chanting and Bhramri Pranayama on The Children’s Academic Anxiety and Stress Level

7620-7629 Vipinkumar Rathore, Kuldeep Singh

A Study on Role of Human Resource Management System In Private Engineering Institutes In India

7630-7635 Dr. A. N. Sarda

A Detailed Study of Advertising Agency Business In India

7636-7640 Dr. Mukul A. Burghate

Study on Various Issues Related To Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC)

7641-7647 Raj Kumar

Geo-Political Development of Rajasthan: A Case Study of New Proposed District Beware

7648-7659 Shrawan Gour, Monika Kannan

Syed Sulaiman Nadvi’s Speculative Approach In Quranic Comprehension and Contribution: An Overview

7660-7676 Atif Imran

Development and Validation of Astanga Yoga Scale For Wellness of Adolescents

7677-7695 Sadhna Dadhore, Paran Gowda

Transgender Right and Status In India – A Study

7696-7702 Dr. S. Subash Chandra Bose

Open Source and Proprietary Library Automation Software Packages: A Study

7703-7714 Pranjal Deka

From Cartoons To Sports: Effects of Sports Activities on Cartoon-Addicted Children

7715-7720 R. JAYAPRAKASH

Krishak Mukti Sangarm Samiti and Its Role Over The Peasant Movement In Assam

7721-7733 Kaushik Chetia

The Cultural Turn In Translation Studies


A Study on Online Shopping Behavior in Kolkata, West Bengal

7738-7751 Dr. Nilanjan Ray, Ms Tanisha Mukherjee, Dr. Sudin Bag

A Study on Effect of Information Technology and E Commerce on The Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises

7752-7755 Prashant Dupare

Study on Detecting Protocol Errors Using Particle Swarm Optimization With Different Techniques

7756-7766 H K Shankarananda, Dr.Chandramouli H, Dr. Vinod Moreshwar Vaze

Comparison of Heat Distribution In Cylinder Head With Variable Fin Thickness In Aluminium and Magnesium Alloys Using Fem

7767-7775 Chandra Sekhar G, Dr. S.Chakradhara Goud

Global Governance, Globalisation and Immigration: Mapping Citizenship.


Development of User Modelling Using Ontologies

7793-7799 Ramanathan Veeraiyan, Sivakumar Ramakrishnan

A Study of HR Factors Relationship And Its Impact on Employee Retention- A Case Study of Varun Beverages Limited, Guwahati, Assam

7800-7821 Mr Subhadeep Mukherjee, Ms. Shahria Ahmed

Customer Perception Towards Mobile Banking Services In Warangal Urban District of Telangana State – An Empirical Study

7822-7832 Dr. Shathaboina Raju

Recent Trend of Human Capital Management in Banks

7833-7839 Mr. Sudarshan Chaddha, Dr. Fehmina Khalique, Dr. Daleep Parimoo

A Study of Continuous Improvement on Faculty Development In Higher Education

7840-7848 Asha .N, Rameshwari Ramachandra

Beyond Identity: The Protean “Bangladeshis” In The North East of India

7849-7860 Dr. Sravani Biswas

The Experiential Opposition Between Love and Happiness In Ivan Klima's Novel Love and Garbage

7861-7872 Arindam Nandi, Sunanda Ray