Setting Barrier to Removable Drive through Password Protection for Data Security

  • S. K. Kharade
  • K. G. Kharade
  • R. K. Kamat
  • V. S. Kumbhar


In the computational world all kind of communication is now using USB as it is globally recognized hardware standard of communication. Removable devices are very useful portable
storage devices which are generally used for transferring computer data from one computer to another. Commonly removable devices are used to store a variety of information, some of
which are greatly important. It has become inevitable to secure our computer system from unauthorized individuals which may steal our personal data. This can happen by connecting
any external storage device, thus we need to take proper precautions to protect data. With the requirement to guard important data present on the computer systems Removable Device
Locker came into reality. It is inimitable type of system which is developed to secure the significant data in the computers. Using this system, user can restrict unauthorized access of removable devices. If the system administrator disables the device manager’s universal serial
bus controller’s settings manually; even novice computer user can enable the above settings and can start accessing target machine. Instead of assembling USB settings manually Removable Device Locker can be used. The main idea of this application is to enable or
disable the access of removable device to computer system.

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