National Seminar on Threats, Abuses, Flirting, and Trolling: Gender Inequity in Social Media Voice Forums

Sub-Category: Interdisciplinary


To analyze vitality and responsibility of social media

To discuss # (Hash-tag) activism bringing women’s issues to the forefront

To tackle violence against women through social media tools

To generate Public accountability towards gender equality

To discuss portrayal of women on social media

To make community aware of the threats to women in changing nature of media

To investigate reasons for low participation of women in media forums

To study discrimination and abuse of women on the public platforms

To give women place and voice in the larger media community

To exterminate the barriers that keep women away from mainstream



The seminar shall

Bring about the strategies to Women’s empowerment

Have remedial measures to Censorship and harassment of women on social platforms

Help increase women's capacity to participate in decision making and leadership

Up-root the dominance of men over women in social media

Put an end to Under-representation and misrepresentation of women

Sensitize the society aware Sexual harassment of women

Help provide path to women to the mainstream





 Subthemes of the Seminar:

  • Catfishing and Cyberbullying
  • Gender and Cyberbullying Targets
  • Cyberbullying and Gender Issues
  • Cyber-extortion, Sextortion and Blackmail
  • Impact of Gender on Social Media Image
  • Gender Inequality Memes
  • Social Media, Gender, and the Future
  • Cyberbullying on College Campus
  • Online Dating and Relationships
  • Harassment and Misogyny on Dating Sites
  • Crossing Lines in Cyber Relationships
  • Social Media and Insecurity in Relationships
  • Teens, Technology and Relationships
  • Flirting and Emotional Cheating on Social Media
  • Internet harassment and Online Threats Targeting Women
  • Economic Inequality and Female Sexualization on Social Media
  • Coaches, Student Athletes, and the Misuse of Social Media
  • Anti-Cyber bullying Laws in India
  • Legal Rights against Cyberbullying
  • #Me Too Campaign
  • Anti-Trolling Campaigns
  • Psychology of Internet Trolls
  • Psychology of Dating in the Techno-sexual Era
  • Psychological Abuse in the Context of Social Media
  • Digital Feminism
  • Feminist Activism on Social Media
  • Reviving Feminism through Social Media
  • Feminism and Social Media: Threats and Opportunities
  • Transgender Surveillance and Violence on Social Media
  • Transgender issues on Social media
  • Transphobic Violence on Social Networking Sites
  • Gender Inequality in Internet Pornography
  • Porn and Social Media
  • Youth, Pornography and the Internet
  • Mansplaining, Thinspiration, Fitspiration, Bonespiration, Anorexia
  • Social Comparison and Body Image on Social Media
  • Sexuality in Internet Gaming
  • Web Series and Women
  • Porn and Social Media
  • Youth, Pornography and the Internet


Address: Railway Station Road, Aurangabad (Maharashtra) 431005

Date of the Seminar: 24/1/2020

Venue: Rabindranath Tagore Auditorium, Deogiri College, Aurangabad

Published: Jan 30, 2020

Cyber Crimes and Discrimination Against Women: An Appraisal in the Context of Social Media through a Gender Perspective

1-8 Dr. Ashok Wadje

Bold is Not Always Beautiful: Commodification of Women in Web Series Sacred Games

9-13 Dr. Ajay Sahebrao Deshmukh , Dr. Shankar Ambadas Gavali

Internet, Pornography and Youth

14-18 Dr. Abhay M Patil

Online Dating Sites and Women Trolling

19-23 Dr.KalyanShidram Kokane

A Study of Marginalized Characters in Vijay Tendulkar’s A Friend’s Story

24-32 Dr. G. M. Patil , Alaa H. A. Alhamss

Effect on Personality of Social Media among Female College Students

33-37 Dr. S. J. Quadri , Dr.Kalpana Mansub Mote

Social Media and the Generation Today

38-44 Dr. Pradnyashailee Bhagwan Sawai

Gender Sensitization and Sexuality Education: A Dire Need of the Time

45-53 Dr. Navle Balaji Anandrao

Digital Feminism, Cyber Bullying and Gender Issues

54-60 Dr. Khan Shaista Talat

Me Too Campaign: A Sexual Assault Awareness

61-64 Dr.Gadekar K.K

Cyber Bullying and Gender Inequity in Digital Spaces

65-69 Dr. Pravin Sonune

Problems of Working Women

70-76 Adv. Kothimbire Meera Balbhim

Cyber bullying: Traditional Violence Extended into Modern Violence

77-80 Dr.Kastikar Anuja Anantrao, Dr Sasane Sangeeta Supdaji

Indian Society: Domestic Violence and Need of Woman Empowerment

81-85 Dr. G.M. Patil , Mr. Ramesh Kachrulal Lahoti

Social Media and Safety of Women

86-92 Dr. Shesham Rajesh , Mr. M.S. Bhatane

Digital Evidence Vis-a-Vis Judicial Response

93-106 Dinesh B. Kolte

Neuroticism and Self Esteem Predictors of Facebook Addiction

107-109 Ms. Anuradha U Bhusaree

How Future Lies in Uncertainty?

110-116 Mr. Shewale Vishnu Gangadhar

Discursively: Social Media’s Role in Gender Inequality

117-121 Ms. Kirti Prakash Sangole

Me Too Campaign

122-127 Dr. Savita Madhavrao Gire

Exploring Gender Inequality in Tara and Bravely Fought the Queen of Mahesh Dattani: A Critical Study

128-130 Dr. Santosh Chouthaiwale, Mr. Shrikant Jitendra Jadhav

Impacts of Social Media on Sports Culture

131-135 Dr. Feroj Banebhai Sayyed

Images of Women in Media

136-139 Dr.Mahananda Chandrakant Dalvi

Social Media Addiction

140-144 Bharaswadkar Mugdha

Use and Misuse of Social Media among Younger Generation

145-148 Dr. Nilima P. Kale

Women Empowerment and Social Media: Issues and Challenges

149-153 Pallavi Suresh Ragde

Women and Online Harassment: Causes and Solutions

154-163 Yahya Ali Saleh Al-Quhali

Anti Cyber Bullying Laws in India

164-170 Dr. Trupti Jadhav

Me Too Campaign : A Fourth Wave of Feminism Leading to Self-Dignity

171-174 Varsha Dhongade – Jabade

Gender Inequity: A Social Media Metrics

175-179 Prof. Dr. Ravi Prakash Chapke

Social Media and Indian Women

180-187 Dr. Vandana M. Mahure

Gender Inequality and Role of Literature: A Retrospect

188-192 Dr. Nagnath Totawad

Media Women and Betty Friedan

193-197 Prof. Dr. Nanda Kadam Deshmukh , Ms. M.D. Gore

Social Media, Nature and Culture of Violence against Women

198-204 Dr. Dhanajay Raibole

Anti-Cyber Bullying Legislation in India

205-211 Dr. Shilparani S. Dongre

Harassment of Women in Different Service Sector

212-217 Dr. Sanjay Ratnaparkh

A Study of Women’s Deceit by the Internet

218-220 Chitralekha Vitthalrao More

Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place

221-226 Dr. Korde Rajabhau Chhaganrao

The Absentia of Woman on Facebook in India: A Disappearance of Rights

227-233 Mr. Abdul Rahman Abdo Shawqi Hasan Subih

Digital Feminism

234-236 PranitaBansilal Satdive

Trolling of Women on Social Media: Some Reflections

237-241 Dr. Deshmukh Nanda C , Dr. Pravin Sonune

Portrayal of Women in Web Series

242-245 Dr. T. M. Inamdar

A study of Woman’s Body, an Object as Portrayed in Imtiaz Dharker’s Poems in ‘I Speak for the Devil’

246-249 Dr. K. H. Pawar, Ms. Vrushali. R. Mhatre

Social Media as Fourth Wave of Feminism to Empowerment of Women

250-255 Mr. Sanjay Madhukar Karanjkar

The Role and Responsibility of Education in Emerging of Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe Women in Rural Area in Nanded District – A Study

256-260 Janardhantol bajikhade , Dr. Sunita Y. Patil

The Concept of Resistance and Representation in Chaman Nahal’s Azadi

261-265 Dr. S. C. Vyawahare , Yewle Sunita Uttamrao

Gita Hariharan’s Thousand Faces of Night: A Critique on Women and Marginality

266-270 J. D. Pardeshi

The Issues of Women Violence in Vijay Tendulkar´S Selected Dramas

271-274 Jayshri R Chopade

Women Perspective in Henrik Ibsen´S Selected Dramas

275-278 Jayshri R Chopad

Body Image Concern: Social Media and Adolescents

279-288 Dr.Chetana V. Donglikar

Sociological Study of Women's Land Ownership in Madasangvi Village at Nashik District

289-295 Shri. D. H Shinde

Digital Feminism: To Unravel Female Issues to Bust Her Status in Global Era

296-298 Dr.Kastikar Anuja Anantrao , Dr Sasane Sangeeta Supdaji

Cyber Bullying an Overview

299-302 Dr. Vijay P. Pagore

Psychology behind Mansplaining and its Effects

303-308 Mr. Prashant Bahirao , Dr. Pravin Sonune

समाजमाध्य़म आणि तृतीयपंथीयांच्या समस्या

309-322 डॉ. श्रीमती शोभा आबासाहेब मधाळे

वेब सिरीज मधील स्त्री चित्रण

323-330 डॉ. सविता खोकले

मी टू अभियान आणि बॉलीवूड – एक चिकित्‍सक अभ्‍यास

331-335 डॉ.राखी सिद्राम सलगर

साहित्यातील लैंगिंक असमानता : एक अध्य़यन

336-339 डॉ. सविता वावगे

मी टू मोहीमेचा विकास व सदयस्थिती

340-348 प्रा. डॉ. शैला सारंग

Social Media and the Generation Today

349-355 Dr. Pradnyashailee Bhagwan Sawai

“समाज माध्यमातील स्त्री चित्रण”

356-360 डॉ. कमलकिशोर बा.इंगोले

स्वामी रामानंद तिर्थ़ मराठवाडा विदयपीठ, नांदेड

361-366 कदम गणेश पुंडलिकराव

#मी टू अभियान

367-370 मनिषा तुकाराम खंडागळे

वेब मालिकांमधील स्त्रीचित्रण

367-370 डॉ.गणेश मदनराव शिंदे

प्रसार माध्य़म आणि स्त्री मुक्तिवाद

371-375 प्रा. वैशाली बागुल

लैंगिक असामानता (स्त्री कामगार)

376-380 रुबीना सिददीकी

सामाजिक माध्यमाचा स्त्रियांवर होणारा परिणाम व त्यादवारे होणारे लैंगिक अत्याचर आणि त्यावरील उपाय

381-388 शिवाजी काशिनाथ गायकवाड

समाज माध्यम आणि स्त्रियांवरील मानसिक व भावनिक अत्याचार

389-394 अर्चना रामचंद्र चव्हाण

“सामाजिक माध्यमों मे आर्थिक असमानता और महिलाओं का लैंगिक शोषण”

395-399 प्रा.डॉ. जाधव अर्जुन रतन

युवा अश्लीलता और इंटरनेट

400-404 प्रा.डॉ. कुसुम राणा

Gender Sensitization and Sexuality Education: A Dire Need of the Time

405-413 Dr. Navle Balaji Anandrao

इंटरनेट और कामवासना

414-419 प्रा.डॉ. एम.बी. बिराजदार

नारी का बदलता स्वरूप और मिडिया

420-425 डॉ. चावडा रंजना यदुनंदन

“संस्कृति, संस्कार और मीडिया”

426-430 डॉ. सानप शाम बबनराव

समाज माध्यमों से टूटा : मानव से मानव का रिश्ता

431-435 डॉ. विनोद श्रीराम जाधव

भारतीय समाज में तृतीयपंथीयों की समस्याएँ

436-445 श्रीमती रकटे ज्योती भाऊसाहेब

Comparision Of Personality Traits of Judo Players and Non-Judo Players of Aurangabad

446-449 Dr. Shekhar N. Shirsath

समाजमाध्यमे, आभासी जीवन आणि महिला

450-455 प्रा. संदीप चौधरी

Academic Status of the Parents of Trekkers of Aurangabad District

456-461 Mr. Rahul Shridhar Ahire

Feminine Gender in Indian Women Novelists

462-471 Dr. Shyam Avinash Kulkarni