Special Issue on “Decolonising Social Work Education and Practice”

Special Issue Editor:

Dr. F. Carter Premraj

Editorial Members

Dr. A. Relton

Dr. A. Umesh Samuel Jebaseelan

Dr. B. Arunkumar

Ms. Reena Rebellow

Dr. T. Giftson

Dr. M. Daniel Solomon

Dr. Sam Deva  Asir .R.M.

Dr. E. Edwin Franklin Samuel

Dr. M. Gabriel

Ms. V. Buelah Nesa Priya

About the Special Issue:

This Special Issue is about Decolonising Social Work Education and Practice in India - an International Perspective. Decolonizing Professional Social Work involves Identifying and Reclaiming Indigenous beliefs and practices, and to improve Social Work Practice. Decolonizing Social Work Education and Practice, challenges the profession to take a new path and explores how social workers around the world are adapting social work methods to make it locally relevant.

The articles published in this Special Issue is an outcome of the International Conference on “Decolonising Social Work Education and Practice”, organized by the Department of Social Work, Bishop Heber College, Tiruchirappalli on 17 February 2020. This conference addresses the significant gap in Social Work Education & Practice and provides platform for Indigenous and Community based Practitioners as well as Social Work Educators to share their expertise and Scientific Outcomes on Indigenising Social Work Practice and Education.


We thank the members of Faculty and Students, Department of Social Work, Bishop Heber College, (Autonomous), Tiruchirappalli, TN, India.


The author(s) of each article appearing in this Special Issue is/are solely responsible for the content thereof. The opinions expressed in this Special Issue are those of the authors. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the Editors or the publisher.

Published: Feb 10, 2020

Parenting Style and Child Development among Gypsies in Tirupattur District

1-11 Angeline Sylvia, Paul Raj S

Study on the Eleventh Hour Committal of Every Academic Institution to Surge for a Wholesome Education

12-20 Anitha P., Umesh Samuel A

Progenitors Social Maturity Is A Hereculean Locus Of Control In The Making Of A Lucrative Adult Hood – A Mixed Method Analysis

21-25 Anitha P., Umesh Samuel A.

An Insight Into Faith-Based practices In Professional Social Work With Special Reference To Pranic Healing

26-29 Ashwini Veronica. S, Umesh Samuel A.

A Study on Adjustmental Problems Of Women School Teachers At Musiri, Tiruchirappalli

30-34 Daisy Rani V., Anitha P

Occupational Stress among Special Educators of Children with Intellectual Disability

35-43 Dhinesh Babu C, Arunkumar B

A Study on Academic, Social and Emotional Problems of First Year Students in their Transition Period

44-49 Divya K, Vidhya S.

Social Work Education And Practice - Indigenous Perspective

50-52 Fleming Mathews, Pallavi R

A Study on the Empowerment and Livelihood of Rural Women

53-58 Josephine Jeba.J

Interventions in Promoting the Mental Health of Adolescence-A review

59-66 Kalaiyarasan M, Dr. Daniel Solomon M

A Study on Family Environment of The Wives of Alcohol Dependent Persons And Non-Alcohol Dependent Persons

67-72 Niranjana Anthonisamy, Kalpana J

A Study on Marital Adjustment of the Wives of Alcohol Dependent Persons And Non-Alcohol Dependent Persons

73-78 Niranjana Anthonisamy , Kalpana J

Promoting Psychological Wellbeing Among Women Living With HIV/AIDS (Wlha) In Puducherry: An Indigeneous Approach

79-97 Laisamma A.M. , ArunkumarB

Global Prevalance And Life Expectancy Of Individual With Cerebral Palsy

98-100 Lidia Susan S, Sam Deva Asir R.M

Parental Problems and Attitudes towards Children with Cerebral Palsy – An Observational Study

101-104 Lidia Susan S, Sam Deva Asir R.M

Indigenous Social Work Practice – A Need For Promoting Child Rights Knowledge Among School Teachers

105-113 Lilly Pushpam S, Daniel Solomon

Social Support Among Single Parent Children At Tiruchirappalli District

114-120 Madhavan V, Arunkumar B

A study on Anxiety among Institutionalized Adolescents in Madurai District, Tamil Nadu

121-129 Mathiyalagan Martin R, Maheswari K

A Study on The Fear of Childbirth Among The Pregnant Women And A Group Work As A Tool To Overcome It

130-134 Alban Nishanth Lalu G. F. , Mythili Devi P.

Theoretical Implication of Vandalism In Schools

135-138 Padmanaban P, Carter Premraj F

Group-Based Intervention On Social Anxiety And Thanatophobia In Vettiyans , Chennai, Tamil Nadu

139-146 Vijayalakshmi.U, Preenu Ashok, Rubini V.E

Internet Addiction Among College Students

147-152 Preji P Daniel, Dr. J. O. Jeryda Gnanajane Eljo

Knowledge about Health Hazards Among College Sudents In Excessive Usage Of Mobile Phones

153-158 K. Rahmath Nisha , Dr. J. O. Jeryda Gnanajane Eljo

Mental Health Among Adolescents

159-166 PL. Rani, Dr G.Mettilda Buvaneswari

Water, Sanitation And Hygiene Facilities At Tiruchirappalli Central Bus Stand: A Descriptive

167-171 Ruban Devamani J.V, Arunkumar B

Mental Health of Women Police Personnel – A Study at Madurai District

172-179 Dr.S. Sangeeta

Social Work Education in Israel: A Comprehensive Review of Literature

180-185 Mary Jessy Rani, Shravanthi Rekha

Socio-Economic Status and Life Satisfaction Of Urban Older Persons

186-191 Sivapriya A, Maheswari K.

Burnout Among Psychiatric Counsellors

192-199 Smilyne Miracle.G, Dr. J. O. Jeryda Gnanajane Eljo

Assessment of Happiness and Social Well-Being of College Students

200-205 Paul Raj S. , Sumi Joseph

A Fundamental Study on Youth and Education With Reference to Collegiate of Education

206-210 M.Thendral M, Carter Premraj F.

Role of Govt & Non-Govt Structures in building Social Capital for Sustainability

211-215 Vender Vendan R, Sangeeta S

Development Of Social Work Education In The Arab Countries

216-220 Venkatesan. S, Mary Jessi Rani. P

Unfolding the long established teaching profession to an enterprising pursuit with adequate competency – A drive from the conventional to a contemporary land

221-226 Denish Dhivyan G, Fennala Agnes Iylin D

Are the Victims Of CSA in Schools Trapped In A Bermuda Triangle Of Victimisation

227-235 Nirmala Rani.U, Dr.Manimekalai N , Madhuvanthi.R

The impact of Decolonization of Social Work Practices that revolutionizes and transfigures Rural and Urban Change in Asia: Dwindling behind and catching up

236-249 Dr. R. Sivarethinamohan , Dr. S. Sujatha

A Study on the Impact of Social Media and Youths at Present

250-255 J. Angelin Chitra, Dr A. Umesh Samuel Jebaseelan

The Impact of Social Media on Sexting among Youth Along With Their Emotional Wellbeing

256-260 J. Angelin Chitra, Dr A. Umesh Samuel Jebaseelan

A Study on Problems Faced By Married Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

261-267 Hema. S, M. Priyadharshini

General Well-Being Among Female College Going Students, Dharmapuri

268-273 B. Kayiphro Lydia, Robert Ramesh Babu. P, Sushmita Kerketta

Disaster Risk Reduction and Social Resilience

274-276 Dr. A. Sylvia Daisy

Social Work Education in India- Challenges and Possibilities

277-281 S A Vigneshwaran, Rahana S R, Saket Vats

A Conceptual Analyses Of Decolonization Of Social Work Education In India

282-285 Dr.E.Edwin Franklin Samuel

All AboutPhubbing -The Exigent Controversy of Digressions Among The Adolescent Population Dwelling in An Urban Slum

286-289 Ms.Netali Nambigai, Dr.P. Anitha

Evolution of Trends and Practices of Social Work Education in Relations to India

290-294 Jennifer Sonya Rani D.J., Dr. Mary Jessi Rani

Role Conflict Hampering Talent Management Practices among the Women Teachers in Bishop Heber College (Autonomous) Tiruchirappalli

295-301 Dr. D. Fennala Agnes Iylin

Inference on Decolonizing Sustainable Development Goal with special reference to Goal 2:2

302-304 Beulah Nesa Priya.V , Dr.F.Carter Premraj

Factors Influencing Internet Addiction Among College Students

305-307 Diana priyadharsini, Dr. A. Umesh Samuel Jebaseelan

Achievement Motivation Among College Students In Trichy District

308-312 Diana priyadharsini, Dr. A. Umesh Samuel Jebaseelan

Emotional Intelligence in the World of Extremes - A Conceptual Study

313-315 Ranjitha Bernice G, Dr. A. Umesh Samuel Jebaseelan

Emotional Intelligence is Key to Successful Leadership - A Conceptual Stud

316-318 Ranjitha Bernice G., Dr. A. Umesh Samuel Jebaseelan

Attitude Towards Pre-Marital Sex Among Youth

319-325 Asha.A, Dr.J.O.Jeryda Gnanajane Eljo

Accountability and Credibility of Non Governmental Organisation in Tiruchirappalli - An Exploratory Study

326-331 Antony Joseph Prabakar, Giftson T.

A Comparative Study on Ethical Values As Perceived By Adolescents

332-336 Joyce Jeyarani S.,, Umesh Samuel Jebaseelan A