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Published: Jan 2, 2020

Heat Radiation on the Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Utisols of Obigbo in the Niger Delta

4-6 Akaeze Onyema Onyekachukwu

Evaluation of Bacterial Contamination on Local and Imported Mutton in Meat Markets in Benghazi - Libya

7-9 Bakkar Ali Haj-Saeed

Ecological Activism and Earthcentric Psyche in Edward Abbey's Fire on the Mountain and Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Dreams

10-29 Rayees Ahmad Bhat

Relation Between The divergence of a recurrence relation sequence and coefficient of Recurrence Relation

30-34 Mannu Arya, Vipin Verma

The Importance of Folk- Arts in the Traditional Forms of Bhav- Praksan

35-39 Amita Shukla

Pāramitā in the Day to Day Life

40-46 Nguyen Thi Hoa

Tribes under the shield of Indian Constitution

47-51 N. Bhagya Lakshmi

Indian Scope of Heritage Walk as a Tourism Product

52-58 R. Seshagiri Rao, B. Kumar

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan

59-63 D. Ashalatha

Educational Development Programmes and New Education Policy-2019 Skill Development Programmes-Rural and Urban

64-67 Santhi Boddeda

A Conceptual Study on Opportunities and Challenges of Indian Rural Markets in Digital Era

68-73 K.V. Nagaraj, S.Surya Prakash

Digital Education System in India

74-78 Sowmya Jakkampudi

Quality of Life in Parents of Children with Developmental Disabilities

79-82 D Rajyalakshmis

Assessment of Satisfaction Levels of Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana Scheme- A Study in Visakha Patnamcity Andhra Pradesh

83-89 B Anitha

Adolescent Girl: Pathetic Plight Persists

90-95 B V L A Manga

Performance of Solar Panel Scheme – A Study in Andhra Pradesh

96-101 A. Mary Vijaya Ratna

Skill India Programme Of Government of India – Relavence and Scope in Block Printing

102-105 N. Nivya

Indian Constitution an Embodiment of Social Justice


Education and Economic Development in India

114-117 S.Sita Rama Murty

Fish-borne Zoonotic Diseases Are Risk to Public Health. Present Status of Fish Disease Management Programmes in India –Review

118-123 P. Rosina George, E. Harini

Skill Development Programme in Urban Areas: Success Factors

124-126 S. Deepthi, P. Veena Spandana

A Study on Opportunities and Challenges of Adopting Digital Wallet in India

127-136 K. Gowri Shankar, P. Raju

IaaS infrastructure through Cloud and it’s challenges faced in I.T industry

137-141 R. Padmavathy, V. Sree Rekha

Marketing Problem Faced by Entrepreneurs: A Case Study with Special Reference to Poultry Farmers (i.e., Broiler Industry) in Burgur Taluk, Krishnagiri District.

142-148 A. S. Nagalatha

A Study on E-Literacy among Working Women - With Reference to North Chennai City

158-163 V. Krishna Kumari

Enhancement of Emotional Intelligence of Teachers

164-167 B. Berty Roy

A Study on Employee Engagement with Reference to Police Department in Chennai

149-157 A. S. Nagalatha

Convergence of Financial services in Modern Banking

168-190 T. Velmurugan

Influence of Gender on Coping Strategies – A Study on Work Family Conflict among Police

191-198 R.Rajini kanth

Development of Agriculture Marketing and Opportunities in Rural Area

199-209 G. S. Kamble

Performance of the Skill Development Institutions in Visakhapatnam: Trainer Perspective

210-213 N. Jyothi, V. Bala

Sustainable Green Human Resource Practices in Present Scenario of Indian Industries

214-224 Kartikey Bhardwaj, Pramod Gupta

A Snapshot of Indian Msme Industry and Impact of Technology on Msme Sector

225-237 Bhuwan Gupta, Meenakshi Bindal, Rajesh Sharma

Banks and Rural Industrialization

238-249 RAJESH KUMAR, Pramod Gupta, Bhuwan Gupta

Performance of the Skill Develpoment Institutions in Visakhapatnam: Trainer Perspective

250-255 N. Jyothi, V. Bala

Public Health Policies of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana – Issues and Challenges

256-262 K. Nageswararao, M.V.L. Bhanumurthy

Status of Mudra Yojana in the State of Andhra Pradesh

263-267 V. Aswini, Kamakula N. Murthy

Assessment of awareness about PM-SYM Pension Scheme-A study on Un-organised workers in Visakhapatnam city

268-277 P . Jayalakshmi, Sr. Shyji, P. K. Jayalakshmi, K. Sujatha

An Innovation in Banking Techniques for the Indian Mass

278-281 G. K. Khorgade

An Empirical Study on Factors Motivating the Young Generation to Adopt Online Banking Services in Visakhapatnam City

282-293 S. Madhavi Latha, N.V.S. Anil Kumar

Employees Perception of Hrd Climate on Select Garment Companies in Tiruppur District – An Empirical Study

294-303 R. Venkatesh, K.Srivignesh Kumar

Crowdfunding in India – An Overview

304-312 Ram Singh, Rohit Bansal, Asif Pervez

Women and their identity in integrative vision of Anne Tyler

321-327 Sheikh Mehraj Uddin

Tourism Potentials in Tamil Nadu

328-334 D. Gayathri

Cultural History of Sangam Age

335-345 K. Kumaran

Caste Discrimination, Poverty and Exploitation in Sharan Kumar Limbale's the Outcaste: Akkarmashi

346-350 Ram kumar

Today in this era of globalization we have access to vast amount of information at our fingertips. But what is the importance of such information which cannot be utilized to its full extent for teaching, learning and research purpose. There are strict cop

351-361 Manish Bhatnagar, Pragati Bhatnaga

Role of Emotional Intelligence as a tool in the management of “Orthorexia Nervosa” (Eating Disorder)#

362-375 Jagbir Singh Kadyan, R.N Srivastava

Dominance of Anthropometric Measurement among Contact and Non-Contact Game Players in Punjab

376-380 Aruna Rani

Practice Policy to Extend Dogri Folk Music for India

381-387 Kulwinder Singh, mr Saguna

The Power of Positive Visualization in Management

388-395 Kirandeep Singh

Effect Of Anxiey Manaeging Stretegies Programme On Sports Competition Anxiey Of Male Hockey Players

396-400 Surinder Kumar, Harmanpreet Kaur

Effect of Plyometric Training on Body Composition of Male Volleyball Players

401-405 Harmanpreet Kaur, Dharmendra Singh Rawat

A Study of Achievement Motivation between Elite Hockey Players and Intermediate Hockey Players

406-410 Mohd. Tanveer Khan

A test of mediated mediation model for adjustment issues of an organisational migrants in relation to stress, social support and self-esteem

411-417 Neha Vats

The Role of School Inspection in Improving the Quality of Education in Secondary Schools in Malawi: The Case of South East Education Division

418-430 Edna Deliwe Msungu, Vijay Kumar

Inclusive Education and Teachers: An Attitudinal Study of Teachers

431-436 Harish Mittu, Sonam Zangmo

Comparative Analysis of the Training Programme between First Four Position Holder's and Non Position Holder's Men North Zone Intervarsity Level Volleyball Players of India

437-446 Sonu Kumar, Pradeep Kumar

Role of ICT in Teaching and Learning of Punjabi Literature

447-451 Ms Seema, Noorina Islam

Human Rights of Transgenders in India: A Critical Appraisal With Reference to the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2019

452-457 Ajaymeet Singh, Chander Parkash Singh, Greeshma Saju

Investment in Education of Women and Sustainable Development

458-463 Anant Faujdar

Cross Border Insolvency: An Analysis

464-469 Arshi Pal Kaur, Bineet Singh

Critical Analysis of Section 377- Unnatural Offences

470-476 Bhavyya Sharma

Total Quality Management: Concept, Constructs & Models

477-485 Penjani Nyirenda, Dinesh Kumar

Coping Strategies and Self Concept of Students: A Review of Literature

486-494 Anshu Narad, Wongani Raxon Mchizi

Canvas of Globalization: Khabar ikk Pind di (In the context of the novel by Pargat Satauj)

495-501 Harjot Kaur

Role of yoga practices in academics’ performance

502-511 Satish Kumar

Status of Early Childhood Care and Education in India

512-520 Manisha Sharma

Peer Victimization among Children with Special Needs: A Review Paper

521-526 Navdeep Singh Raji, Gurshaan Kaur Sidhu

Reawakening the spirit of Street Games in India.

527-535 Neelam Sharma

Student Centered Learning: A New Approach to Learning

536-543 Nimisha Beri

The Intangible Cultural Heritage of Bhutan: Historical Study of Traditional Sports

544-550 Manu Sharma, Sangay Phuntsho

The Entry of Idioms and Proverbs in Dialect Dictionaries of Punjabi Language

551-556 Harjinder Singh, Harjot Kaur

Criminalisation of Drug Use: Legal Issues and Effects

557-563 Rifat Khan, Jane Eyre Mathew

Determning the Province of Anticipatory Bail

564-570 Rupendra Singh, Kanchal Gupta

Right to sleep viz-a-viz Right to use loudspeakers

571-577 Neeru Mittal

Juvenile Delinquency in India: A social legal change

578-584 Rajesh Singh

Gender Dimensional Analysis of Constructivist Learning Environment Construct in Secondary School Students from Muslim Minority Community

585-592 Hureen Wasifa Siddiqui, Rajib Chakraborty, Vijay Kumar Chechi

The impact of Mobile Phones and Cartoons on Children’s Personality

593-598 Rupinder kaur, Harjot Kaur

Being Lgbt in India: Some Home Truths

599-607 Sachin Bharti

Mental Privacy as a Fundamental Right: An Analysis

608-614 Showkat Ahmad Wani

Environmental Laws in India: Efficacy and Enforceability

615-623 Showkat Ahmad Wani, Kajal Choudhery

Inter-Relation between Law and Society- A Critique

624-629 Varinder Kaur

Sacred Groves of Meghalaya: Environmental Challenges and Remedies for Conservation

630-639 Manvendra Singh, Manisha Choudhary

Bullying Among Adolescents: A Review

640-648 Nimisha Beri

The Rise of Asian Dragon and Lion

649-656 Manisha Sharma, Ritu Raj Kumar Sharma

Spiritual Intelligence and Academic Achievement among Somalia Students In Relation to Srteam and Age

657-666 Sonia Sharma, Ibhram Curden

Family Environment among Male and Female College Students: A Comparative Study

667-676 Aliya Majeed, Preeti Bala

Work Place Deviant Behaviours among Senior Secondary School Teachers of Punjab

677-685 ms Malti, Navdeep Singh Raji

A Study on Progression and Downtrend of Real Estate Sector’s Development Phases in India

686-693 K. Veeramani, D. Kesavan, K. Malarvizhi

Geospatial Technologies to Assess Agriculture Suitability for Development Planning

694-702 Vinod V. Pawar

Geospatial Technologies to Assess Agriculture Suitability for Development Planning

694-702 Vinod V. Pawar

Alienation, Internet Addiction and Birth Order as the Main Determinants of Anxiety among Undergraduate Students

703-718 Hemant Lata Sharma, Suresh Kumar

Social Issues and Clashes of Culture in the Novels of Bharthi Mukherjee - A Postcolonial Study.

719-724 Muzafar ahmad pandit, Priyanka Singh

The Magical World of ‘Gunia’: A Case of Traditional Healers among the Baiga Tribe

725-735 Rahul Patel, Mahesh Chandra Pal

Relationship between Self-Disclosure and Marriage Satisfaction in Early Adult Wowen of Married Wedding through the Ta’aruf Process

736-740 Kristina Damayanti, Yoseph Jangkung

Comparative study of Effectiveness, Progress & Impact of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) on Rohtak District of Haryana & Baghpat District of Uttar- Pradesh

741-748 Deepak Dixit, C.S.Mukesh Kumar Sharma

Statistical Analysis of Growth of Aquaculture in Andhra Pradesh, India

749-762 Srinivasa Rao. Pasala

A study on marketing strategies with 4P concept of Granite sellers in Coimbatore

763-772 S. Ramachandran, V. Latha

Consumer Buying Behaviour with Special Reference to Ponnu Super Market at Avadi

773-784 S. Prabakaran, U Parthiban

A study on stress management among the engineering students with reference to Coimbatore

785-797 C. Subha, Mohammed Ali

An Analysis of Impact of E-Commerce on Business Value and Marketing in Life Insurance Sector with Reference to Pune Region

798-808 Rajesh R. Gawali

Analysis of Financial Soundness of Selected Public Sector Undertaking Companies: - Application of Altmaz Z score Model

809-824 Chetana M. Soni, Chetan V. Dubey

A Study on Causes of Credit Rationing by Banks on SMEs in Himachal Pradesh

825-849 Virender Singh Thakur, Shashi Shekhar

Impact of Consumer Awareness and Perception of Buying Green Products with Reference to Tripper District

850-855 K.Sathish kumar, C.Selva kumar

An Investigation on drivers of employee engagement in select organizations from Service Sector, Bangalore

856-867 Vrinda Viswanath Nair, Shikha Ojha

“Customer Preferences towards Township Project for Selection ofFlat in PCMCArea”

868-874 Pratap Pawar, Amit Arun Medhekar

Historical Development of Vajrayana Buddhism in Bhutan

875-883 Manu Sharma, Karma Zam

Laughter A Day Keeps Doctor Away! Is It? “Efficacy of Laughter-Yoga on Mind and Body”

884-889 Harshita Ahuja, Komal Rai, Sangeeta Khullar

Children with Hyperactivity: Intervention based on Scheduled Activities

890-894 Ansarullah Tantry, Aahana Saha

Gender Role in Well-Being of People of Kashmir

895-897 Ansarullah Tantry

Death Anxiety as related to Resilience among patients with Coronary Heart Disease

898-902 Jahangeer Majeed, Manish Kumar Verma, Maqsood Ahmad

Religiosity among Old Age People

903-906 Jahangeer Majeed, Pankaj Singh

Forced Labour (Begar) and its impact upon the people of Kashmir During the Dogra period (1846-1947)

907-912 Mohammad Iqbal Dar

Growth of Urban Centres and Villages along the Riverine Systems of Ancient Assam and Bengal

913-921 Saikhom Ronel Singh

Beliefs and Practices with the Advent of Vaishnavism among Schedule Caste Population in Imphal East District of Manipur

922-940 Sarangthem Pushparani Devi, P. Durga Rao

Delayed Age At Marriage Among Muslim Communities With Reference To Anantnag District of Kashmir.

941-947 Ms. Jyoti, Ronaq Naseem

Tibetan Nomadic Exile Life in Leh-Ladakh of India

948-953 Tsering Dolden, P. Durga Rao

Socio- Political challenges of energy security: Comparative analysis of India and China

954-959 Kumar Anand, Ahrar Ahmad Lone

Functions of ASHAs in Health Care: A Study in Rural Areas of Phagwara Tehsil in Kapurthala District, Punjab

960-964 Ms. Jyoti, P. Durga Rao

Housing, Sanitation Conditions and Housing Amenities in Anoopgarh Village (Jind District), Haryana

965-977 Anand Kumar, Sahab Deen, Ms. Poonam

Impacts of Mining on Forest Resources of India

978-986 Ripudaman Singh, Tuntufye Teleza Mboma

India - China War: Deteriorating Conditions

987-993 Hemraj Badhwal

Is There Any China Threat

994-1001 Hemraj Badhwal

Levels of Attainment in Higher Education: A Spatio-Temporal Analysis in India

1002-1017 Sahab Deen, Gurveek Singh Maan

Socio-Economic Impacts on Tree Planting and Survival: A Spatial Reference to Lilongwe District in Malawi

1018-1031 Ripudaman Singh

Social formations of Bengal and North East India during the Medieval Period

1032-1040 Saikhom Ronel Singh

The untold story of Partition in East India: A study of the narratives on the other side of the fence

1041-1046 Rohi Rajbar

Story-Telling Art: An Eternal Convention of India

1047-1054 S. K Sarkar

Bahmani sultanate-Their contribution to art and architecture

1055-1064 Vishweshwari Tiwari

Islamic Architectural influence on Hindu temples in the areas of Gulbarga, Bidar and Bijapur was studied. The paper tries to examine. For the purposes of the study the first two capital cities of Bahamani kingdom namely Gulbarga and Bidar have been chosen

1055-1064 Vishweshwari Tiwari

Musical Heritage of the Adi Granth: Stylistic and Iconographic Analysis of the Ragamala paintings

1065-1075 Manavpreet Kaur Arora

Major trends and innovations in the history of Indian printmaking from before independence to present times

1076-1091 Prasad Kumar Swain, Rohita Sharma

Patina Techniques: An Experimental Approach towards Irons Sculptures

1092-1101 Pulkit Jawa

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s half of a Yellow Sun: A Postcolonial Study

1102-1114 Ajoy Batta, Aisha Mustapha Muhammad

Inequalities and Discrimination: A Study of Easterine Iralu’s A Terrible Matriarchy

1115-1124 Ajoy Batta, Chonglung M Phom

Suppression of Women in Surfacing by Margaret Atwood

1125-1135 Digvijay Pandya, Dr. Sunayana

Demoralization and Dehumanization of African Race: A Study of Toni Morrison’s Beloved

1136-1142 Gowher Ahmad Naik

Depersonalization and Dehumanization of Dalits: A Study of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s Select Works

1143-1150 Gowher Ahmad Naik, Diksha Gupta

Sick and Wounded: A Comparative Study of the Novels of Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner and Virginia Woolf

1151-1163 J P Aggarwal, Harinder Kaur

Post-Derridean View: A Study of the Selected Writings of Richard Rorty

1176-1183 J.P. Agarwal, Sunita Rani

Cultural Hegemony and the Patriarchal Society: A Study of and the Mountains Echoed

1184-1192 Sanjay Prasad Pandey, Hanifa Omar

Errors and Error Corrections: Common Mistakes in Bhutanese Spoken English

1193-1201 Sanjay Prasad Pandey, Jurmi Lotay

Challenges of Afghan High School Students in Speaking English: A Study of Sar-e-pul Province

1202-1216 Pavitar Parkash Singh, Razia Sadri

Transnational Crime and Role of Information Technology

1217-1222 Dr. Sunayana

Postmodern Determinism and the Jerzy Kosinski’s Novel Pinball

1223-1227 Pavitar Prakash Singh, Muzafar Ahmad Bhat

Transcendentalism and Existentialism: An Analytical Study of John Krakauer’s Into the Wild

1228-1233 Ravi Bhatt, Tenzin Tashi

History of Feminism in India: Exploring Dalit Perspective

1234-1243 Santosh Kumar

Adsorption Potential on the Removal of Cr (VI) On Kaolinite Clay by Equilibrium Studies from Wastewater

1244-1252 Ajmat Ali, Dhanesh Singh, Priyanka Rathore

Buyer Behaviour of Imitation Jewellery among College Students in Tirunelveli Municipal Corporation, Tamil Nadu

1253-1263 Felcita Zahira Fernando, A. Hamil

Consumption and Expenditure Pattern of Cooking Energy a Case of South Indian Sub-Urban

1264-1273 G.Sathis Kumar

Musical Instruments of the Zeliangrongs of Northeast India with Special Reference to Khong (Drum) and Its Significance

1274-1282 Kamei Budha Kabui, Oinam Ranjit Singh

Exposition of Human Lives through Butterfly images in the Select Fiction of Adriana Lisboa

1283-1286 G.B. Mary Berifin, J. Chitta

Teacher’s Attitude towards Nurturing Creativity: Development and Validation of the Scale

1287-1318 Swati Gupta

Memory as Tool for Identity Formation in Sunetra Gupta’s Memories of Rain

1319-1326 S. Devika

Article title: A comparison between the Perception of Indian and Foreign healthcare consumers of Ayurveda

1327-1337 P. Suhail, Y. Srinivasulu

Prediction of Customers Satisfaction on Retail Silk Saree Store Attributes In Kanchipuram

1338-1345 Kathirvel Babu. C, R. Rajan Babu

Variations in the time taken by Barn Owl (Tyto alba) to regurgitate pellets in Nagapattinam District, Southern India

1346-1354 Kaliamoorthy, R., Nagarajan, R.

Socio-Economic Conditions and Problems of Women Entrepreneurs in Kanniyakumari District

1355-1372 E. Abi Tharshini, Mathanraj. T

Special Economic Zone in India: An Analysis of Export Performance

1373-1382 Pabitra Singh

A Study on Buddhist Heritage Sites in Odisha - A Marketing Approach

1383-1395 Harkirat Bains, Mou Roy

Features of Renal Hemodynamics in Patients with 2-Type Diabetes with Diabetic Nephropathy.

1396-1401 Jabbarov Ozimboy Otaxonovich

Using Reading Logs for Efl Students

1402-1409 Lazokat Dadaboyeva

Developing Intercultural Comptences through Multimedia Tools in Efl Classroom

1410-1415 Obilov Muzaffar

The Impact of Heavy Metals on Dairy Products on Human Health

1416-1421 Eshniyazova Zamira Orinbaevna

Regional Disparity and Convergence in India in the New Economic Policy Era

1422-1431 Nitin D. Ade, Manojkumar P. Devne

Religious Customs of the Nayars in Kanyakumari Distgrict - A Study

1432-1439 S. Tamilponni

Working Environment in Mitsubishi Heavy Industries India Precision Tools Limited Ranipet

1440-1454 C. Sathiyamoorthy

Personality development in Indian philosophical perspective

1455-1460 Sandeep Kumar Pandey, Prachi Goswami

Becoming Madame Mao: Politics of Autonomy

1461-1468 Divya Johnson

A Study on Promotional Strategies Adopted By Street Vendors That Influence the Consumer's Buying Behaviour in Tirunelveli

1469-1476 P. Anis Priya, P. Geetha

Color and its importance in Toni Morrison’s “Beloved”

1477-1483 Mukhtar Ahmad Ganie, G. S. Gautam

Lok Sabha Election 2014 and People’s Participation.

1484-1489 Tariq Ahmad Sheikh

The Adoption and Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Indian powered banking sector.

1490-1496 Harshali B. Gomase, Pravin R. Rathod

Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhaya views on Individual and Society

1497-1504 Gopal Krishan, Gurpreet Singh Uppal

Customer Expectation and Satisfaction towards Hygiene Hatrick through Mission Happinessin Pantaloons Store

1505-1521 Yachna Ramesh Gharde, Seema Choure, Khalil Ahmad

Analysis of Individual Investors Behaviour towards Mutual Fund as an Investment Tool in Pune City

1522-1532 Ashwini Shankar Kadam, Nilesh Tejrao Kate, Pradip Sanatkumar Padhye

Rural Development Programmes in Bihar: Consequences Ahead For Environment & Climatic Change

1533-1554 Sunita Roy

Stochastic Stock Price Prediction Model

1555-1566 Bhupender Kumar Som, Himanshu Goel, Sunny Seth

A Study of E-technology used in small town with special reference to Paytm

1567-1574 Khalil Ahmad, Sunny Sanjeev Masih

Cash to Cashless Economy: Paradism Shift in Consumer Behaviour

1575-1598 Tanya Sharma

Effectiveness of Yoga Education on Stress Management of Management Professionals- A comparison between Manufacturing and Service Industries

1599-1608 Rajendra Kumar, Somya Choubey

An Economic Analysis of Cut Flower Industry in India

1609-1624 L. Balamurugan

Amending Powers of Parliament and Fundamental Rights

1625-1635 Amiya Kumar

“A Comparative Study of Self- Concept and Academic Achievement of the Students Studying In Governmented and Self Financing High Schools”

1636-1640 Satendra Kumar

A comparative analysis of the Ladakhi-Balti version and the Eastern-Tibetan version of the Gesar Epic.

1641-1648 Disket Angmo

Effectiveness of Yoga Education on Stress Management of Management Professionals- A comparison between Manufacturing and Service Industries

1649-1658 Rajendra Kumar, Somya Choubey

A Study on Home Delievery System Adopted In Retail Outlets with Special Refernce to Arcot Taluk

1659-1673 T.Senthilra jeswari, D.Senthil kumar

Impact of Training Programs on the Performance of Employees of the Banking Sector: A Review

1674-1686 Manuja Garg, Sanjeev bansal

Impact of socioeconomic characteristics on determinants influencing overall usage behavior of PMJDY financial inclusion program in India

1687-1713 R. Magesh Kumar

Gothic Realism in Short Stories of Alice Munro

1714-1718 Virendra Singh, S.A. Hamid

Effect of Stress Management Techniques on Working Women's Performance in Muzaffarpur District

1719-1728 Priyanka Kumari

Forced Entrepreneurs: Does Access To Finance Really Matter?

1729-1741 Kavita Sangolagi, Mallikarjun Alagawadi

Role of Mobile Financial Services in building Financial Capability of Consumers

1742-1754 Tandraleem Kashyap, Pompi Haloi, Ratan Borman

An Anylsis of E- Governance and Higher Education in India

1755-1761 M.N. Ramesh

Ethical climate: A concise study of Literature

1762-1774 Manisha Paliwal, Prapti Dhanshetti

Methods of IPR Valuation in Merger & Acquisition in India

1775-1785 Shreyas Vyas, Anil Upadhyay

Supply Chain Management: A Case of Dairy Industry in Gujarat

1786-1793 ms Vandana, Kunal Sinha

New lighting on the adoption of GST on the textile and clothing industry in India

1794-1802 Arun Gautam, Rohit Bansal

Effect of Internet Addiction and Parental education on Loneliness of Adolescents

1803-1811 Abhinav Gaur, C.P. Khokhar

Identity as a Survival Strategy in Reyna Grande’s Across a Hundred Mountains

1812-1819 Anju Frank, J. Chitta

A Case Study on Skill India: An Approach towards Better Tomorrow

1820-1832 Debarun Chakraborty, Soumya Kanti Dhara

Impact of Internet Enabled Language Lab in Learning Language Skills

1833-1837 V. Kavitha

A Study On Purchase Traits of Consumer Towars Branded and Loose Spices in Anantapur

1838-1853 Shabber Ahamed K, B.C. Lakshamanna

A Study of Impact of Motivation on Employee Performance in It Sector In Pune

1854-1876 Laxmidhar Biswal, Vijay Nimbalkar, Vijay Joshi

“A Study on Best Practices for Employee Retention and Commitment”

1877-1892 Milind Audumbar Kulkarni, Anand Ashok Kothelkar

“Impact of Best Human Resources Practices for ensuring Employees Retention in IT Sector”

1893-1898 Sheela N. Hundekari, Bharat Sankaye

Sustainability Branding at Mondelez International

1899-1907 Gaganpreet Kaur Ahluwalia, Sachin Patil

Sustainability and quality as an indicator of consumer attitude towards the green product

1908-1924 Nabila Ansari, Santosh Kanojeya, Divya Pant, Shagun Tyagi

Role of Common Service Centers in Curbing the Digital Divide: A Study with Special Reference to e-governance project (Akshaya e-Kendras), Kerala

1925-1937 Vijaya.S. Uthaman

Factors Affecting Awareness Level of Farmers about Crop Insurance: A Case Study

1938-1949 Bharathi Devi Anchula, Jalandharachari. A.S, Naveen. Palle

Is Working Capital Really Working in the Indian Cement Industry

1950-1959 Ramesh S. Kookda, Anita Shukla

Online Business: A Challenge or an Avenue

1960-1967 Bhumi Shah, Gaurav Lodha

Woman Participation in Politics: Patterns of the Political Position of Women in the Slums of Ludhiana

1968-1980 Prabhpreet Singh, mr Lovekush

Amazon Skillfully Positioned to Disrupt In-Store Retail? The Case of Amazon Go….

1981-1991 Anil Varma

A Study on Socio-Economic Conditions of Women Cashew Workers in Thiruvattar Block of Kanyakumari District

1992-1997 M. Thirumathi, C. Mathimitha, A. Asok

Simulations as a Physics Teaching Tool

1998-2002 V. Umalakshmi

A Study of Attitude among Senior Secondary School Teachers towards Teaching Profession In Relation to Their Gender and Locality

2003-2021 Parmeela Devi, Ms. Meenakshi

Technology's Role in the Classroom and Effect on Student Learning

2022-2035 Ms. Meenakshi, Parmeela Devi

An Analytical Study of Financial Administration of Municipal Councils in Gondia District (Period: 2000-01 to 2010-11)

2036-2046 Rajesh M. Bansod

Study of Consumer behaviour towards online food delivery

2047-2058 Rahul Gupta, Sanjoy Roy, Karan Kumar, Chirag Arora

Bharati Mukherjee’s postmodern concept of diaspora in the era of globalization.

2059-2065 Rajib Bhaumik

The Significance of Psychological Empowerment of Women

2066-2069 P. V. Rasal

Status of Primary Health Care in Rural Punjab: A Study of Chak Mukand Village

2070-2074 Mahikdeep Singh

Participation and Benefit Sharing in Joint Forest Management of Afforestation Project in Dindigul District

2075-2094 Dr.C. Ramesh

Cost of Higher Education in Vaitheeswaran Koil Town, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu

2095-2107 Dr. R. Babybowna

Rural Livelihoods Diversification and Its Contribution of Rural Development in Reddiyarchatram Block, Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu

2108-2121 Dr. P. Murugesan

Influence of Socio-Economic Status on Paddy Production in Keerapalayam Block, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu

2122-2135 Dr. V. Kumar

Learning To Unlearn- A New Pedagogy

2136-2140 NASEERALI.M.K.

Concept And Issues Of Virtual Education

2141-2144 Naseerali M.K.