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Retail industry is currently the happening sector of the Indian economy. Attracting entrepreneurs, investors as well as real estate owners & builders. It also generates huge employment as it will expand across the country at a massive scale. Private-label brands are those products which are fully owned, controlled and sold exclusively by the retailers (also known as In – House Brands, dealer’s store brands or retailer’s brands).Private Labels are a win-win solution for retailers and customers in the current retail market structure as retailers gets better bargaining power from their vendors which results better margins and control over their products & customers gets a wider range, better quality and good prices for the products. So retailers need to focus more on the development of private label business to gain customer confidence. One major advantage to the retailers in India, and which works in favor of private labels, comes from the fact that Indian consumers are less brand conscious and more quality and freshness conscious. With the increasing growth of the organized retail sector, private labels or store brands are also increasingly accepted by the Indian organized retail market. So now it is highly required to work on effectives of promotional strategies as product will only be sold in your stores, limiting customer access to it. Certainly limited availability could also be an advantage, giving customers a reason to come back and buy from store. The purpose of this paper is to effective repositioning of private labels & based on primary & secondary research methods.

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