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          In today’s big data era, where the world is moving towards digitization, in a developing country like India, central and state governments are steadily moving towards digitizing all the government departments, scheme and services. Significant investments have been made in technology advancements in governance through Indian initiatives such as the National e-Governance Plan, Digital India and the Smart Cities Mission. Big data is a potential tool to transform traditional governance into smart governance. Use of E-governance application has increased due to awareness of people and availability of emerging network access. As a result data is getting added and size of these data is increasing exponentially day after day. Using Big Data Analysis, both service provider and citizens availing services will be benefited. It will help Government in making better decisions and people in getting timely and reliable information.

This paper focuses on the impact of big data analysis for the E-governance and to do analysis of big data and its predictive nature which results into the better perception of the Plans to be implemented in the future. This paper further will discuss the implementation of big data for smart governance and its significant role in timely, error-free, appropriate and cost-effective service delivery to people which leads to the sustainable economic development of our country.


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