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          Employee engagement is the growing concept in hotel industry where intangible skills of employees are most important and of greater demand as the customer experience and perception is largely dependent on it. The present study primarily focuses on the degree of employee engagement working in Indian hotels and measuring the customer experience of visiting hotel and using services. The subjective comparison approach is utilized in present study because it will demonstrate decision making process of customers which equates with social exchange theory of employee engagement. An engaged employee is more highly to improve customer satisfaction and service level. Primary data is collected from surveying questionnaire of 150 employees and customers from star rating hotels in Agra. The outcome of paper outlines descriptive, pre-requisite and inferential analysis of employee engagement and customer satisfaction.  Majority of the customers are positively agreed with the services they received from the hotel especially regarding reservations and room cleanliness. It was remarkable to note that employees seemed to have same engagement level regardless of the nature of hotel they are employed with.


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