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Stores sell hundreds and thousands of merchandise daily and consumers are consuming this merchandise at the cost of their income. It is usually seen that buyers purchase products which they have not planned and this phenomenon of unplanned purchasing is termed as impulse buying. This paper determines the relationship between independent variables which are demographic factors (such as disposable income and age etc.) on the impulse buying behavior. This study attempts to explore the association exist between the variables involved. The paper consists of theoretical and research aspects. With respect to the subject matter, research goals as well as previous findings and primary research results, corresponding hypothesis were set and mainly confirmed. Inter variables association charts and chi-square test has been performed to test the hypothesis. The major findings of the study demonstrated an overall weak association of the set of independent variables with the dependent variables. The paper also summarized research limitations as well as the work contribution and future research guidelines. This study reported new evidences in the field of impulse buying behavior of consumers pertaining to the organized retail shops of the PCMC area & Pune city.        

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