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The outsourcing of third party logistics has become regular practices of various companies. Logistics and supply chain management are used to become successful Business Model in India. The Third Party logistics Market in India can be divided in to segments on the basis of logistics function. Third Party Logistic functions refers transportation, warehousing, freight forwarding and value added services. With the advent Information Technology, the effectiveness and efficiency of a third party logistic system increased multifold in terms of business quality, volume of business and service orientation.


This article presents and examines the role of third party logistics (3PL) in agriculture cold supply chain in India. It gives detailed view and analyze regarding the importance of 3PL in agriculture sector. On the basis of literature review, researcher identified the various attributes which impact third party logistics on Agriculture Cold supply chain. The article move around to establish a role and relationship with 3PLs in agricultural filed in terms of cold supply chain to achieve goals like –quality service, Cost, Customer Satisfaction.

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