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Purpose-Generation Y has grown with a significant impact of technology and a good exposure through longer full time education. Thus they hold unique characteristics which influence important job outcomes. Human Resource Management personnel face a challenge managing these Generation Y. This paper seeks to identify citizenship traits in Generation Y with reference to a moderating role of job crafting and career anchor.

Design/methodology/approach – The study collected and analyzed the responses from 110 IT professionals (59 Generation Y and 51 Generation X, 67 Female and 43 Male) working in various international companies in Pune.

Findings – Generation Y IT professionals showed less positive OCB traits compared to Generation X in the workforce. Job crafting or align job content with Generation Y‘s career interests have a positive impact on OCB. Generation Y involved in job crafting for structural and social resources are more likely to exhibit OCB.

Research limitations/implications – The study provides valuable inputs regarding career development factors and motivation practices for Generation Y.

Originality/value – This research is an effort to study the influence of job design and career anchor on citizenship behaviors in Generation Y. The inputs gained from the study add a substantial value to the studies of OCB.

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