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In this modern era the business dynamics is shifted to the quality and it depends on pattern of thoughts put for developing the business model. For any business to keep an eye over the quality of systems is must. Quality Audit plays a vital role in changing the pattern of thoughts to run the business. Quality Audits are check on taking business to the next level. To create a quality environment and culture in businesses the quality audits give assurance of well-designed systems and adherence to the set standards. This research paper is based on the studying the importance of the Quality Audit in quality improvement in the systems of Ekart Logistics, Nashik. It explains that Quality is the result of organizational efforts rather than an individual one. It means to ensure quality each and every member in the organization should be committed to it. Main objective of the research is to study the Non – Conformances generated in the hub and to perform a root-cause-analysis for the same. And it was observed that less sense of belongingness and ownership led to more number of non-conformances. This embosses the idea that quality can be improved by changing the pattern of thoughts among the auditors and employees which can be done through an effective Quality Audit System.


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