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Emotional Intelligence’ (EI) is the ability restrain negative feelings. EI is a social intelligence that enables people to recognize their own and other people’s emotions. Over the last decade, EI has shown significant interest from academics and HR practitioners throughout the World. Salovey and Mayer (1990), EI includes an “ability to monitor one’s own and others feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them and to use this information to guide one’s thinking and actions”. Stress is a destructive physical, mental and emotional reaction which can be controlled by EI competencies. The EI individuals can be able to handle the stress effectively without any panic and reacting carefully. Unlike academic intelligence, Intelligent Quotient (IQ), EI can be taught and learned. EI intelligence is an important at work place because people who scare highest on Emotional Quotient measures rise to the top of their Corporations. With this back-drop, in this paper, an endeavour has been made to analyse the bank women employees managing of their life with jobs.

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