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Digital media has brought a revolutionary change  in every sector. It has brought a big change in communication  and information process.  The world has transitioned into a digital environment . in today’s competitive world every business need to access mass  population  through different forms of digital marketing .Digital marketing is 21st century tool of marketing.  Retail industry is changing tremendously and social media is playing a huge role  by bringing new online buying experiences. Social media has become more popular and now it’s a part of everyone’s life. It helps to connect easily from various different sector which was not possible in earlier days. And because of its popularity online marketers are using social media as their platform . Objective of this  study aims to examine the influence of social media on the e-purchase and to find how it impacts youth’s  buying behaviour and purchase intention.  This study will help the future e-commerce managers to understand the prospective of the youth about the effect of social media in their businesses.


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