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D Mart is a successful chain of super markets spread across western and southern India. It is the successful story of retail entrepreneurship of Mr.Radhakishan Damani. He is an astute investor at bourses. He stood tall and respected with his success in Indian stock market. Later in the year 2000, he decided to enter retail business and started a company called Avenue supermarkets Private limited. He opened his first store in Powai region of Mumbai in the year 2002. He and his team are very careful, slow and steady in understanding, starting and growing the business. He planned meticulously and implemented perfectly. His strategy is daily savings and daily low prices. It took 15 years to increase number of stores to 131. But the magnitude of business and profits he made with these stores is astonishing. This paper traces the growth and performance of D Mart and tries decode its retail strategy behind this huge success.

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