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Globalized era is a true eye opener of emerging business world.  Here, world has become a single place for business and big business houses are using this advantage extremely into their favor, however small firms are finding it as one of the major challenges. Increasing number of MNCs is creating a threat to even the survival of MSMEs. MSMEs are in different dilemma of facing several challenges presently. As globalization has opened the door for big firms same as small firms can also access the wide international market by coming together and making a cluster. MSMEs by making cluster can strengthen their bargaining power in international market and confront the challenges. The objective of this study is to work upon a viable solution to confront various challenges before MSMEs by internationalizing them. 100 MSMEs were selected randomly for the purpose of satisfying the minimum requirement of data. Data is analyzed with the help of Chi square test and hypothesis is tested to discuss the findings and conclusion.


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