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Retailing in India has been one of the most dynamic and fast paced industries. Origins of retailing in India can be traced back to the emergence of kirana and mom & pop stores, but with Indian economy getting liberalized in early 1990s, many indigenous franchise stores propped up. Due to the sharp rise and changing consumption pattern of Indian consumers, share of organized segment is growing rapidly. While traditional formats or unorganized retail formats continue to dominate the retail market, organized retail is growing at a faster pace and eating up into traditional retail. This study aims to understand consumer’s perception towards organized retail stores by reviewing the related literatures and the study pursued in PCMC area. It helps to understand the rudimentary aspects of consumer buying behavior towards organized retail stores in PCMC area. The result indicated that there are six factors i.e. Easily Accessible, Quality stock, Comfort Zone, Infrastructure, Quality time, Add on services or facilities, Variety which affects the customer perception towards organized retail store.

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