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The author have selected this Topic since she is doing her studies in her  Ph.D. Topic some part of studies can be helpful for the Research paper as it’s based on Grape farming & she has  done some research work in this area some part of it has helped her to form this topic. Author have in mind towards the studies to understand sustainability of farmers & what percentage of total population in that region is actually helping in employment generation. She have already done some study in viticulture & though to enhance the study in this area further. Her area of study of grape farming of the world, of the country & of the State. She has focused on what is grape farming, how the process happens, how many people are required during the process, what are the technologies used by the farmers, what percentage is exported, how much revenue is generated specifically from Nasik region towards contribution in our National GDP. What are the hurdles faced by the farmers in Maharashtra because of global warming rather volatile whether. Is it really helping the farmers for sustainability, what else they do other than this season of grape farming. & the importance of Grape farming.

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