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White collar crimes are nonviolent acts conducted by people having a high social status and also have a reputed position in their occupation. The greed is the ultimate cause of white collar crimes which has a far higher impact over the conventional crimes. Along with the growing and changing technology these types of crimes are on the rise. Dynamism in the structures of the organizations often creates a gap which triggers the white collar crimes. The organizations need to be cautious and vigilant with their employees and allocate appropriate authorities to them.The challenge facing researchers is to develop an accepted definitions of White Collar Crime.  Internal investigation would ensure a check and detect fraud and misconduct of a person involved in wrongful acts. The victims of the white collar are difficult to identify, one scam has a large impact over all the stakeholders of the organization, it destroys the organizations, devastate families by wiping out their life savings, or cost investors billions of dollars. This Research paper talks on white collar crime, its characteristics, motives and triggers. Researcher tries to relate the concept in Indian context.

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