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Human beings are necessarily driven by an innate urge to grow and there is no denying the fact. In the same context, investment of money and to see it grow is the basic human need which is vividly demonstrated at several occasions such as meetings, get together, informal chats and the like. However, several studies have been conducted by researchers to understand the influence of several factors which contribute to variations in the investment patterns. In particular, researchers have focused on issues such role of emotions, rationalization, global environment, changes in government policies and the like.  The study conducted by authors, focuses on demographic factors comprising of conversations linked to investment between students, teachers and working people. The research methodology that is deployed is based on grounded theory approach by Corbin and Strauss. The data was collected by means of Google forms and was analyzed by using data mining techniques. The sample size chosen was to the tune of 228 and included respondents mainly from NCR regions. The findings indicate that conversations (which are themselves based on demography) are an influencing pattern amongst the students but in the case of working people it is the rationalistic approach which impacts the investment pattern.

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