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The main objective of the study is to give investors a basic idea of investing into the banking sector and encourage them to invest in those areas where they can maximize the return on their capital. The research provided an interesting insight into awareness about the securities in banking sector.This study helps us to understand how to maximize the returns and to minimize the risks involved in it.The scope of this project is limited to only one sector i.e. Banking sector. Also, the paper is concerned with only four banks among the major players in the Banking sector i.e. ICICI bank, State Bank India bank, Bank of India, Punjab National Bank. If the person invests in equity then it provides maximum returns to the investor as compared to other avenues of investment.But while making an investment in equity, investor has to study them carefully. And this can be done through analyzing of equity. The research has been based on secondary data analysis. The study has been exploratory as it aims at examining the secondary data for analyzing the previous researches that have been done in the area of technical and fundamental analysis of stocks.

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