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Women empowerment means making an environment where women are can communicate confidently with the outside world and shine as equals in the society. Women are the pillars of the society, if they are empowered then the whole world is empowered.  In today’s world we can say that women are the harbingers of change. Women empowerment is making the women business owners. The instrument for developing women empowerment is through women entrepreneurship The Government of India is transforming Home maker to entrepreneur through MSME. To communicate and run the business successfully one of the powerful medium is by using English language. This paper aims at studying the use of English to empower Women Entrepreneurs to achieve Women Empowerment. This study is an attempt to find out if the Women Entrepreneurs can expand their business with the skills of  English language such as speaking, reading and writing not only in their daily business but also over social media. Key Words: Women empowerment, Women Entrepreneurs, Use of English Language, Social Media.

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