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Come. Make in India!” with those words Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Make in India Program in his Independence Day speech from the Red fort on 25 September 2014. This slogan caught public attention nationally and internationally.

As the swadeshi movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi which focused on using our own country’s products and boycotting the British products which would lead to an increase in the country’s GDP. Make in India was launched with somewhat same motive, but this included inviting other countries to setup their manufacturing firms in India and to excite them with dedicated investments into manufacturing. Its main objective is job creation and skill enhancement around 25 sectors and to transform India into a global design and manufacturing hub.

My Research paper is focused on the IT Sector because it is one of the major contributors in Make in India Initiative which serves as the Infrastructural base, that IT sector provides to the other business sectors. IT is being used in everyone’s daily life rather it be an individual or any organization regarding any sectors with a good IT base no organization will be able to survive in this competitive world. Let it be a crucial task or any simple task most of the time we require an internet connection which is only possible via an IT implementation.

This initiative enables India to do the business with an ease and with all the employability increase along with FDI and GDP boost that our country is gaining. In this paper a subtle attempt has been made to analyse the contribution made by the IT sector in order to increase the overall development of the nation and the awareness among the citizens regarding this campaign.

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