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India has one billion plus population with almost 50% women. One of the important factors for India’s astounding growth has been its educated youth. Studies on the Indian economy predict   that the phenomenal growth rate of Indian economy will be boosted by the educated youth in future. Even though India has almost 250 million women in the working age group very few reach the top in Indian organizations. Though the percentage of working women is increasing gradually, it is saddening to find most of them at the lower or middle levels in the organizations. In the Indian corporate sector, women occupy only 3% of the managerial positions. Indian banking sector has witnessed explosive growth and expansion ever since the economic reforms was launched nearly two decades ago. Due to this, lot of opportunities has been created for women to find employment in the banking sector. The general pattern of women’s employment in this sector has shown that there has been a sort of opposition invisible glass ceiling against women acquiring the top management positions in banking.

The current study is exploratory in nature and aims to identify whether gender biasness via glass ceiling per se exist or it is an age old myth which is attempted to be explored by interacting with women who have been placed in various positions in the banking sector It also aims to find out the factors preventing their growth and to suggest suitable measures to facilitate their growth, thereby, empowering them.

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