To Study Issues and Impact of Brain Drain on Society at Large

  • Dr. Indrarani Yashwant Ausare


Employees are the assets of the organisation. They contribute their skill, expertise towards achieving goals of the organisation. But if their talent is not valued in terms of monetary
& Non-Monetary gains they migrate to other countries where they find secured, happy, satisfied, rewarded, opportunity for extra earnings, good working conditions. The present paper is an
attempt to analyse the issues and impact of Brain Drain on society at large. The author aims to find out the ground realities of the above and give valuable suggestions to corporate executives. Such
as how to retain their employees, what motivational steps can be taken so that they can devote their expertise towards our nation. Efforts should be taken to make optimum utilization of the vast knowledge for the development of the society at large.
The need of the hour is to assure employees with stability of job, healthy work environment, bright future and quality life. Further India has highly qualified doctors, engineers, nurses, lawyers but they migrate to foreign countries. Almost 175 million people of the world's
population are employed in other countries because of the modern amenities, intellectual freedom, stable politically and good monetary gains. Through this research author aims to study impact of
Brain Drain. It has become challenge for Indian government to accommodate talented graduates as the economic conditions and policies of our country are not stable. Further understanding and
measuring the real value of intellectual capital which is intangible requires strategic foresight.
This study is descriptive in nature. Considerable amount of literature review has helped author to find Research gap and scope for further study. It is based on secondary data. Human
capital should therefore be managed for development of our society. Through this study attempt has been made to control labour turnover and attract talented human resources to serve our
motherland. The young generation should take honor in participating in progress of our country selflessly. Without involvement of top officials it is not possible to attain the goals of any
organisation. In the coming years along with technology competent employees will be needed hence Management & policy makers must take care of this valuable asset & consider them as
partner of the industry.

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