Role of Social Media with reference to Digital Marketing

  • Dr. Sheena Abraham


In todays world, people are working 24 by 7 and always engage in their professional commitment and behind earning livelihood. They prefer to get solution to all their needs in small magic box i.e mobile or
from virtual world i.e internet. Consumers are constantly searching for companies who can deliver quality product and services whenever needed, within specific time. Earlier, consumer used to get product information through television and print advertisement. Now a day, with the advent of technology, people
are using internet to connect with the outside world through social media and spend hours in social media, it has become a part of everyone daily activities. Because of which the companies are using this platform as a mode of advertising and marketing their products. All the activities, updates, likes, dislikes,
views and clicks in the social media by the consumer is been analyzed. According to the analysis of the users visit, the advertisements for the specific user in social media pop up. This paper identifies the form of advertisement for which consumer gets attracted. It also analyses the reason of conversion from social
media user to consumer of the product advertised, after following the advertisement through social media.
Keywords: Social Media, Digital Marketing, Digital Footprint, Social media Advertisement.

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