A study of branding strategy with reference to Indian pharmaceutical sector.

  • Dr. M.S.Dhanawade


Purpose – The motivation behind this paper is to address how the idea of marking exists in the pharmaceutical segment and Indian market specifically; and second, how this marking procedure may be
changed to advance the promoting of marked generics in India.

Plan/system/approach – The investigation was led utilizing subjective meetings with two arrangements of respondents in Kolkata city, India: initial, 20 ranking directors of five prestigious Indian pharmaceutical
organizations and second, 20 doctors of two classifications. Examples of concordance for the creator coder sets were tried by utilizing Cohen's kappa.

Discoveries – This examination researched the connections between five unique parameters considered answerable for improving the brand familiarity with pharmaceuticals. Out of these five parameters, the
creators have distinguished that "significance of clients' discernments and need accomplishment" prompts the improvement of a situating articulation to impart the brand's useful qualities and brand character; and
"significance of pharma brand age in brand mindfulness" builds up the relationship of brand age with brand review and correspondence in brand review. A high estimation of Cohen's kappa has assisted with
setting up the subjective request of the ebb and flow inquire about.
Down to earth suggestions – The creators have recommended that through the said five parameters, the pharmaceutical marking strategy may be adjusted to improve the advertising of marked generics in India. A
vital far reaching model that has been developed would provide a guidance for marking in the pharmaceutical business.
Innovation/esteem – This exploration work has reached out earlier pharmaceutical marking research by conceptualizing the marking methodology as a brand mindfulness device, in another region called marked
conventional medications in India.

Keywords: Pharmaceuticals industry, India, Consumer conduct, Pharmaceutical showcasing, Brand mindfulness, Branding, Opinion pioneers, Need accomplishment, Branded generics Paper type Conceptual

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