Implementation of IoT in agriculture industry

  • Ashwini Chavan
  • Pradeep Shitole
  • Nitin Bhopatkar
  • Ragini Tandekar


Agriculture is a major field for the economic development of any country like India. Agriculture in India is done using a primitive method. The fact that most Indian farmers lack
proper knowledge of farming that makes it more difficult. Most of Agriculture activities are done on predications. This fails many times. Farmers have to bear huge losses.

Agriculture is the main occupation in India. Nearby 60 % of the Indian economy depends on it. Inefficient farming leads to a decrease in crop output requiring huge manpower. Many
farmers commit suicide due to the above big problems. As they talk, the number of companies enables to help their IoT (Internet of Things) ideas. And as a result, we hear about new ideas
and solutions that are already solving business challenges with M2M (Machine to Machine) communication. This is the project from the motivation of the farmers working in the
farmlands are solely dependent on the rains and bore wells for irrigation of their land. According to some reports in the recent times, the farmers have been using irrigation
techniques through the manual control in which the farmers irrigate the land at regular intervals by turning the water-pump ON/OFF when required. So by the use of our system, it gets automatic.

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